A character created by Promestein.

A human child, raised by her aunt after the deaths of her mother and abusive father. Taught martial arts by her aunt, Ling developed an interest in them and eventually began to devote herself to becoming as strong as she could be. And that turns out to be very, very strong.

Appearance / Personality

Ling is a short, red-headed girl with dark, reddish brown eyes. Her hair is short, messy, and cut roughly at around chin level. Despite her small stature - she's barely 5 feet - she is very muscular. Ling has a preference for simple clothes that don't limit her field of movement, typically wearing tank tops, baggy pants, and combat boots.

Ling is quiet, anti-social, and aggressive. She has a very short temper and rarely shows her emotions beyond her own irritation and anger. She's sarcastic, rude, and tactless, as well as quite dense and oblivious. She has little skill in social situations, but doesn't really care either, and tends to say whatever's on her mind without a second thought. Despite this, she's incredibly loyal to her friends and is very aggressive when it comes to their protection.

Personal Statistics

Name: Ling Fei Hung

Origin: Starcross

Gender: Female

Classification: Human

Age: 17

Date of Birth: April 14th

Height: 5'0

Weight: Around 130 lbs

Likes: Seafood, squid, outside, fighting games, martial arts

Dislikes: Fire, gross food

Affiliation: Mostly herself

Combat Statistics

Tier: Unknown

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Blood magic, fire manipulation, can transform into a dragon

Attack Potency: Unknown

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Not very book-smart, but very experienced and clever in combat situations.

Weaknesses: Ling is very short-tempered, and her technique suffers when her rage worsens. Her fire magic is fuelled by her own oxygen supply and using it is quite dangerous to her, and can have potentially lethal side-effects.




Magic: The act of using one's understanding and willpower to direct the power of Fantasy. Due to the nature of her martial arts training, Ling has a developed, if incomplete, understanding of magic, mostly magic of the body and spirit. Her magic is more focused on the self. Ling’s magic grants her many abilities, including a significant portion of her superhuman abilities, and her grasp on magic improves over time.

It sustains a near-constant, 360° magical image of her surroundings that is far more reliable than her eyes and much harder to circumvent. It also allows her easily sustained, near-effortless flight. It also grants her her most formidable defense - the Absolute Barrier, a magical field surrounding her body that prevents external manipulation of her atoms, cells, and mind. Although it takes her some time before she’s able to manifest a barrier THAT powerful.

Bloody Ripple: Ling’s main magic, taught to her by Cuifen. By storing magical energy in her blood, Ling can energize it to increase her physical and magical capabilities. This gives her a red aura that is basically formed from her boiled blood, which is as painful as it sounds. Ling can boil her blood over into magical energy and project it from her body in the form of energy, such as beams, blasts, and barriers. She can also use it to heal her own wounds, although only to a limited extent. She can only manipulate her own blood, and she obviously only has so much blood to burn.

Fire Magic: Ling’s back-up magic, exclusively used as a last resort. Much to her own distaste and terror, Ling has a natural affinity for fire magic, although her grip on it is weak and often unnecessarily self-destructive. As opposed to more controlled fire users, Ling’s fire is fuelled by the oxygen in her body, and extended use of it can badly injure her. In addition, she doesn’t have much resistance to fire or heat. For the most part, her fire-based attacks are based around inhaling as much air as possible, before exhaling and combusting it to form a powerful burst of fire breath. She can project fire from her hands, although this is considerably more difficult for her.

Dragon Form: A magical transformation, poorly understood, yet developed, by Ling, that can only be accessed in times of intense emotion and duress. The process of the transformation is quite painful - Ling grows the antlers, claws, teeth, and tail representative of a dragon, and her blood begins to boil over due to the intensity of her magic.

In terms of power, the transformation grants Ling significantly increase magical and physical capabilities, as well as a newly replenished source of energy. Despite this, the boiling of her blood rapidly and painfully consumes what energy she has, and her emotions are typically very much out of control, causing her skill to deteriorate.


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