You're comparing him to me? I had heard of the foolishness of men but never had I bothered with your kind. The difference between him and I is that while he could punch someone and wipe them out, I could flick someone and wipe out their entire race. And that's being generous.
~ Lord Zeth to Maria regarding the massive difference in power between himself and Aikkon.


Just as every higher Multiverse has its Celestial and every lower Multiverse has its Omni-king, every Universal Constellation has its God of Destruction.

Tasked with presiding over these Constellations, maintaining peace and the delicate balance of creation and destruction, Lord Zeth is the God of Destruction of one of the infinte Universal Constellations under the rule of Dexous. Alongside his attendant and Martial Arts instructor, Veques, Zeth is easily among the most powerful combatants in his Constellation, surpassed only by Veques.

He has taken a great interest in the Henshin King, Yasai and his long-time rival, Aikkon. Lord Zeth is nearing the end of his tenure as God of Destruction. If he cannot find a suitable replacement, he will be erased by Dexous. If he can, then he is free to live a life a of peace and have some sort of pride in previous life he lead.

Appearance and Personality

A 5'5'' deity that takes the appearance of a green creature that seems to resemble a humanoid lizard, with the exception of his face which is surprisingly human. He typically wears a very large and grandiose robe when not battling and a specially made Gi for combat. His Gi is primarily green with a red undershirt with red, fingerless gloves and red boots. The robe Lord Zeth wears is made from many valuable materials from different Universes. The material he wears from Universe 15 is a large diamond from Earth.

Lord Zeth can be described as selfish, rude, arrogant and almost always angry. He has an extreme temper, and once destroyed 30 Universes after losing 3 consecutive games of chess, although he did bring them back. He vents out this anger by destroying worlds, Galaxies and even entire Universes. He loves food, and will sometimes destroy worlds because he doesn't like their foods. However, he has also lent his assistance to planets that has foods he likes, specifically Earth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-C | 2-B

Name: Zeth

Origin: Dragon Soul

Age: Unknown, has been a God of Destruction for hundreds-of-millions of years

Gender: Male

Classification: Deity, Martial Artist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristicsmaster martial artist, True FlightEnergy Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Immortality (Types 1, 4 and 8), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Space-Time Manipulation, Reality Warping (casually overwrote Xain's warping of Universe 16), Matter Manipulation (macro-quantum), Aura (explosive and overwhelming), Existence Erasure via Void Manipulation (literally converts things into nothingness), Soul Manipulation (can tear people's souls from their bodies and effortlessly recreate them), Magic (type 2 - also grants Death Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation [of the fire, electricity, water and earth varieties] and Weather Manipulation), Time Travel and Time Stop, Danmaku, Acausality, Invulnerability by Intangibility, Sealing (into preexisting objects), Explosion Manipulation, Durability Negation (via Intangible attacks, existence erasure, matter manipulation and soul manipulation), can slow down regenerative healing effects, Holy Manipulation (by virtue of his position as a deity - grants Light Manipulation and Healing), Portal Creation (can travel between Multiverses using this skill), Darkness Manipulation (embodies the concept of Darkness in all of his Universal Constellation), Clairvoyance and Precognition (long-term), Power Nullification (via physical contact), Astral Projection, Gravity Manipulation (can increase or decrease the effects of gravity thousands of times over with ease), Forcefield Creation and Attack Reflection (via his Godly Shield technique), Creation (was said to have recreated many of his Constellation's Universes in the past), Telekinesis and Telepathy, resists all of the techniques he is skilled in, can damage intangible entities, Time Paradox Immunity | All of the above to a far greater extent, additional Type 9 Immortality, Mid-Godly Regeneration, Non-Corporeal

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Universe level (Far more powerful than Kinraal, another God of Destruction who presides over and can effortlessly destroy a Constellation containing hundreds of space-time continuums. One of the strongest Gods of Destruction in the Multiverse.) | Multiverse level (Any God of Destruction can effortlessly destroy their own Universal Constellations at full power, which contain countless interpretations of 20 space-time continuums, all of which exist in different plains of realities and behave and essentially are entirely different Universes)

Speed: Immeasurable (beyond 3-Dimensional travel, like his mentor, blitzed Xain when he went all out.)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (beyond 3-Dimensional concepts of mass)

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Universal | Multiversal

Durability: At least Multi-Universe level (can withstand and even shrugged-off his own attacks), regeneration and healing makes him hard to kill | Multiversal (can withstand at least his own attacks)

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Multi-Universal | Multiversal

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Extremely High. Lord Zeth has been a God of Destruction for millions of years, as such he has amassed a vast repertoire of abilities, is among the most skilled combatants of his Universal Constellation and possesses a wealth of combat experience.

Weaknesses: Is extremely arrogant, frequently underestimating his opponents, which resulted in him losing his body to Xain and failing to notice the sharp growth of Aikkon's and Yasai's power, which would eventually come to challenge his own

Note: Restrained | Full Power

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

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