The proclaimed sleeping dragon.


Masaki Kurijoro is an intellectual individual that battles with large criminal gangs within the city she lives within. She is a night-time vigilante.


Not much is known of Masaki's background. As of yet, nobody knows anything about her.

She is a vigilante and computer technician whom is responsible for hacking into other systems from governments, special forces and gangs that threaten control of the city. It is known that her identity as a vigilante is separate than that of her social identity, she tells no one and takes her secrets to the grave.


Silent and deadly, Masaki Kurijoro is not the talkative type, nor is she very sociable in the first place. Keeping close friends at arm's length, she has a small group of individuals of which she trusts, however, friends is as far as she will keep them. Independent and steadfast, Masaki personally cares for the citizens within the city and those close to her, even while she shields her emotions and expression from most, she considers her daily interactions with her eccentric individuals as something to keep her from going insane.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-C | High 8-C

Name: Masaki Kurijoro | Kongming

Gender: Female

Origin: Ex Nihilo

Age: 23

Classification: Human

Attack Potency: Street Level (Able to take out a group of gang members at once.)  | Large Building Level when using Kwan Dao (Force of the blade can take out skyscrapers.)

Speed: Supersonic (Raced against a hijacked fighter jet which was going at 1,000 miles per hour.) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Quadruple digits; able to fight and travel at such high speeds, leaving entire city-blocks in destruction.)

Lifting Strength: Above average human (Lifted and threw a washing machine at Jojisho.)

Striking Strength: Class H (Gave an MMA fighter a casual punch which almost made him faint.) | Class KJ (Two punches took down a temple wall.)

Durability: Peak Human Level | Small Building Level (Able to take a TNT explosion.)

Stamina: Extremely high superhuman, stayed up for three nights straight to plan the destruction of two gangs.

Range: Normal human melee | Extended with Kwan Dao.

Standard Equipment : Kwan Dao. | Laptop | Satchel (Has many items in them, such as a medkit, knives, darts, poison.)

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, able to predict the future using signs and omens. She is equivalent to that of Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms and being a huge Three Kingdoms fan, she utilizes strategies from its text very well, to the point of which she makes new strategies from them, whether it be from inspiration or mid-battle. Her mind is her greatest weapon to summon.

Weaknesses: None notable.

Powers and Abilities:

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Mind of Valor: allows her to perceive information at greater speeds and lengths, it also will allow her to store much more information than the normal human brain. This keeps her from going insane and protects her from psychic attacks and illusions. It also allows her a memory bank of infinite knowledge, meaning she can collect any amount of knowledge without restriction, though, in return it will cause her extreme fits of pain once a month, which is an external show of her body and brain adapting to the large amount of knowledge she constantly collects.

Memory Dump: When grasping hold of an opponent's head, Masaki can place a very large amount of knowledge into their head. This can be used offensively or to pass information to another.

To be used offensively, Masaki usually will grab onto an opponent's head and transfer all the information that is to be known in the universe into the person's brain, which will cause them immediate death unless they can survive it under unnatural circumstances. Another technique she uses is the reverse, in which she will learn of a person's history by using this ability when she has a hold of the opponent. Though, using this places a great strain on her own mind, which causes migraines several minutes afterwards.

On the other hand, she can also do the same method to tell somebody something or literally give them the information they wish to know.


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Key: Normal | Kwan Dao Activation

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