A Greek king blessed by the gods with both immortality and the ability to transform anything that touched his fingers or palms into gold, Midas realized that the ability was a double-edged sword, forcing him to constantly wear gloves of fine thread to insure that he didn't transform his friends, family, and food into gold. Midas lived years in isolation, Midas saw his loved ones die before him as he never aged a year. Going insane and power-mad, he attempted to conquor all of the South East Sector, perhaps all of the Adventure. He was killed by Theseus, thanks to his attempts to hire centaurs to assist in his hostile takeover of the world.

Tier: 9-A

Name: Midas, King Midas, The Golden Psychopath

Gender: Male

Age: Well over 200 years old

Origin: The Adventure (South East Sector)

Classification: Divinely empowered king

Attack Potency: Room Level+ (attacks bypass durability, managed to turn the Thread into gold, and even kill an elder dragon by transforming it to gold. His abilities proved useless, however, against the incredible magic of Murdoc or even the relatively weak powers of Merlin the Magician.)

Speed: Superhuman, perhaps approaching Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (unfortunately, anything he tries to lift has a tendency to turn to gold and get a lot heavier unless he is wearing his gloves.)

Striking Strength: Room Class

Durability: Small Building Level, perhaps Building Level. (Actually purposefuly transmuted some of his own flesh and blood to gold so he could enchant it. Had the unintended side-effect of wiping much of his memory and making him even more insane.)

Stamina: Nigh-infinite. Honestly, only needs to take a break from fighting for a few seconds every few hours to drink some water, and a couple minutes every couple of days to eat.

Range: Melee, perhaps ten yards with Fireball and Golden Fireball. Golden Thunder is around LoS, a little less.

Standard Equipment: Assorted armor and weapons (Obviously all made of gold)

Intelligence: Above average, completely insane

Weaknesses: Insane, if he touches his own skin with his fingertips he will turn himself to gold, time it takes to transform an object completely to gold increases based on object's durability, his transformation of objects to gold is technichally only an illusion, and can be reversed by magic, his solar plexus is a weak point, the place where the Heart of Gold was introduced into his body. It would really suck if somebody shot some kind of string in there...

Powers and Abilities: Contact-based alchemy, limited transformative alchemy, limited long-ranged alchemy, limited use of magic, superhuman physical characteristics, Midas Touch, immortality, electricity manipulation, fire manipulation.