Ninja is the main protagonist of the Flash game NINJA Brawl.

He comes from a village that is suddenly attacked by the Sensei's forces, and after fighting a horde of ninjas and samurai - and rescuing his fellow townspeople - he departs on a journey to find and kill the Sensei, to put a stop on his malignant plans.

Appearance and Personality

Altough the Ninja is pretty ambiguous (The player can decide the appearance of the ninja), the "unique" ninja sprite depicts a average-sized caucasian man, that wears a brown robe, brown cowl, brown pants, black boots and mask.

His personality is also ambiguous, something very common to most Flash game protagonists. What can be said about him is that he is very determined, courageous and ruthless, slaying every and any enemy on his path without mercy, and he doesn't flees.

The Ninja killing another ninja.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 9-B to 9-A

Name: Unknown; Famously known as Ninja.

Origin: NINJA Brawl.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown.

Classification: Human warrior.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Durability, Reflexes, Stamina and Speed, Resistant to Fire and Disease, Willpower, skilled weapon-user.

Attack Potency: Street+ Level normally; Wall+ Level with his bombs (Normally, can casually cause severe damage to heavily armored samurai)

Speed: Athlete Human Level w/ Superhuman/Faster Than Eye reactions/combat speed. (Runs faster than most people; Able to deflect shuriken with normal sword blows)

Lifting Strength: Average Human.

Striking Strength: Class H - Higher with his weapons, up to High Class KJ with his bombs.

Durability: Low Room Level (Survived being hit by many bombs).

Stamina: Peak Human to Low Superhuman (Fought against whole groups of ninjas, samurai, rogues, onis & etc. without stopping)

Range: Several meters with his shuriken.

Standard Equipment: A ninja-tö (Short ninja sword), shuriken, bombs, health potions.

Intelligence: Average; Experient in combat, skilled swordsman, skilled staff user, skilled sai user, skilled at using shurikens and bombs.

Weaknesses: None notable.


- Overwhelmed people who were much stronger and durable than him.

- Killed The Beast; A demonic creature that spat fire.

- Killed the Swamp Beast.

- Managed to kill the Sensei, the commander of the armies that invaded the homelands.

- Deflected shuriken with his sword.

- Dodged bombs and fireballs.

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