Omega is an object in the verse of Uni and is the creation of John-Zander


Omega is a long ship being 100 Kilometers in length it is the biggest ship and Uni. Its main weapon is the Indus rail-gun, a rail-gun capable of destroying stars and planets with ease


Tier: 6-B with secondary weapons, 4-B with main weapon

Origin: Uni

Classification: UNI Dreadnought-Class Capital Ship

Size: 100 Kilometer Length (100,000 Meters, 62.5 Miles)

Designed by: The United One, Larcus A.I., Marlas Nightly

Wielders: The United One, Larcus A.I., Axis

Attack Potency: Country Level with its secondary weapons (obliterated a country sized area in one barrage), Solar System level with its main cannon (can obliterate planets and even the biggest stars with ease, as well as even entire Solar Systems)

Lifting Strength: Low Class T Its Cargo Capacity is 50 Trillion kilograms or 50 Billion metric tons

Striking Strength: Class NJ by ramming

Speed: Relativistic+ Combat Speed of 85% Lightspeed (Can Be FTL+ But wont have access to the main weapon), Massively FTL+ Travel Speed at 800,000X the speed of light in warp, Main weapon projectile speed measured at FTL+, Secondary weapon projectile speed measured at Low FTL

Durability: Solar System Level (Can take a maximum power solar shot from itself.)

Stamina: Can last 1,000,000 Years without having to refuel with constant use

Range: Secondary weapons range is measured at 5AU. Main weapon range is measured at 100AU.

Weaknesses: Big target, The more powerful the target the longer it takes to charge the main weapon.


Indus Rail-gun: The Main Weapon. A extremely powerful rail-gun that can destroy planets, stars, and even solar systems. Its length is Half of the Ship