Parysyte is an alien parasite from an unknown planet in space, that attacked a helpless Earth between dimensions, with no superhumans of any sort to protect it. Parysyte started out by a multi-celled, aomeba-like organism, that attatched to any living being, covering it in pulsating crimson "veins," that reperesent it's cellular structure. Once it has absorbed one being completely, which takes several days, it can fuse with another. This second being is slowly absorbed into the body of the first, a process that takes several days, and during which time the body of the being being absorbed hangs awkwardly out of the original host.

Once both have been absorbed, it can move on to another. Every time it absorbs a new being, it's power is exponentially increaced, that is, the first time it grabbed a human, it turned out about 1.5 times stronger than a human, but the second human he absorbed added about the power of 2 humans, the third was 3, and the fourth was 4.5, exponentially until he had absorbed most of that Earth's 5 billion people, and only about 95,000 remained. The more he absorbed, the more he grew, until he could easily absorb many people at once.

Appearance and Personality

The Parysite appears as a disgusting almagam of everything it has ever absorbed, which, at first, made it appear like an average human with pale skin and red streaks going up and down it's body, but once humans were no longer readily avalible, it moved on to animals, giving it an incredibly grotesque appearance, sporting fur, fangs, horns, feathers, wings, and dozens of other assorted biological features, at least 95 yards tall.

It seems to have no personality whatsoever, existing solely to eat and expand.


Tier: Unknown exactly, somewhere from 7-A to 6-A.

Name: Unknown, known by the media as "Parysyte" while it still existed.

Gender: NA

Age: Unknown, arrived on the Earth 8.5 years ago.

Origin: Some universe paralell to the Superiors

Classification: Alien Parasite

Attack Potency: Unknown, apparently has the combined strength of several trillion humans.

Speed: Around 80 MPH at max

Lifting Strength: The combined strength of over 50 trillion human beings at least.

Striking Strength: See above.

Durability: Unknown, Island Level at least, tanked much of the world's nuclear arsenal, as well as hits from Hulk and Thor, but one extremely powerful curse from Dr. Strange killed it.

Stamina: Unknown, nigh-infinite

Range: Length of several hundred foot tendrils.

Standard Equipment: NA

Intelligence: Unknown, animalistic, but was quite crafty in his strategy early on.

Weaknesses: The hellfire that Dr. Strange conjured was enough to kill it rather easily. Unknown.

Powers and Abilities: Parasitic Empowerment, Superhuman Physical Charictaristics.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: It just slinks around, grabbing things with it's tendrils and pulling them in to absorb them.

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