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Born in the time of the new millennium, Patrick Walker was a boy who had a bright future ahead of him. Always with an imaginative mind, the boy was in constant high spirits, dreaming of wanting to meet new people and worlds beyond the earth as well as possessing would-be superpowers that any kid his age would have wanted to have. Though others around him had such thoughts, none could compare to the surreal-ness of the boys desires and had thus even avoided him at times...except for one young Aaron Myers. The young Myers took an interest of the kid, finding his active and imaginative mind to be "amazing" and "cool" to hear about, as he too also had such thoughts at time. And it was through here, along with how both can take on the odds of anything that may get to them in opposition, did they become long-life friends with a bond that will never break no matter what.

Fast forward to the modern day year of 2017, and these two have become quite peculiar in their hometown as well as few other parts of the world. Skydiving, racing, cooking, modeling even, all these that the two friends did together on making the best of their life...only for it to come down short on them as, while they could still do the things they've done as many times as needed, there was still that life-long desire to heading out to other worlds and meeting new people and seeing new areas. Both boys desires couldn't have gotten any better for them, as they came to realize that it would be nothing more than a long, but fleeting dream that will pass them in time.

However, their desires would be met when, while on a day walk and jog after school, a mysterious dark beast came down in the city they were in. Wrecking havoc and would have possibly killed any civilians had it not spot Aaron and Patrick's presence, to which it proceeded to chase them across town before finally cornering them in an alleyway. It was close to killing them until Aaron and Patricks powers manifested, the teens having been able to somewhat barely avoid death by battling it but was still inferior to it as a whole. Death would have been laid upon them were it not for the timely arrival of a man in strange robes and a royal-like crown coming to slay the beast and saving the two teens lives.

It was shortly after that, along with having to stay out of sight for a while did the teens learn that some "anomalies" were occurring throughout the multiverse (one that took them a while to get used to knowing in their minds) as well as the fact that they were among two of many heroes that were destined to stopping it.

Here, their journey started to becoming heroes and guardians of the multiverse...and it's neighboring worlds. But said same event will be one that will test each young boy's will and challenges, those being what will define them later on to be both the greatest and tragic heroes of their time and beyond.



Patrick Walker is a young looking male with light skin and standing out at a height of 6'00. He has brown, unkempt spiky hair that slicks backed out, with a few thick strands of hair hanging out from the left side of his face.

In terms of clothing, Patrick tends to wearing clothing of mixing that of a "cool guy look with eccentric feeling". He is normally seen in a white t-shirt with a black sleeveless vest over it (sometimes wearing a blue checkered, short-sleeve collar button up shirt). For the lower body, he couples that with a pair of dark khakis and a pair of dark blue shoes with a metal toe cap at the end of them. To complete the look, he has a watch and, what's his most significant feature, a pair of white lens sunglasses that cover over his eyes that he wears all the time to "cover away from the sunlight...and of people he doesn't know".

Dark Side (Vampire Form)/"Orpheus"

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Wolf Form

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Hybrid Form

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Personal Statistics

Name: Patrick Jason Walker, "J. Walker" (Used as a minor pun/joke due to his name using in initial form as sounding as if he jaywalks...which is partially true sometimes), Patrick Sandalio (Technically real name as Walker is a fake name that his father took for him), The White Knight of the Northern Winds, The Dark Prince of the Night

Origins: Exceed

Gender: Male

Classification: Human/Vampire/Lycan Hybrid, Demigod, Multiversal Hero and Traveler | God

Age: 14-16 (Beginning Arc), 16-18 (Middle Arc), 19-22 (End Arc), 30+ (End of Series)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Date of Birth: February 20th, 2000

  • Zodiac: Pisces

Birthplace: San Diego, California

Weight: 81 kg

Height: 182 cm

Likes: Hanging, training, and messing around with Aaron and Michael, traveling to new universes and seeing new places and people, family, tea (iced tea and green tea his most faved drinks), dancing and music, testing his limits of strength to protect others and fight worthwhile opponents, his "guardian angels" (ex. his servants, Jonathan Myers, Aaron Myers, etc.)

Dislikes: Disloyalty, things that may ruin him on a "personal level", seeing his friends and loved ones being hurt in any way, Xero, "Returning to Zero", being the only one who can "remember all" (though in the last billions or so loops, he made himself forget about it all afterwards to escape the pain), his father (to an extent), his sisters "weird, violent, and bonding" tendencies, betrayal

Eye Color: Green. Red when in his Vampire form. Blue in his Lycan form.

Hair Color: Brown. White when in his Vampire form. White/Light Silver when in his Lycan form.

Hobbies: Dancing, playing music, relaxing and sleeping

Values: Love, Family, Friendship, Freedom, Honesty, Loyalty

Status: Alive

Intelligence: Although not one to be the type of knowing anything, Patrick has shown himself to be quite the remarkable teen. Having since been taken under Kenji's wing along with his close friends Aaron and Michael, Patrick was able to learn a number of subjects in his life in just under two years; those being from but not limited to: Art, Math, Language (Being able to speak and/or at least understand those such as Japanese and Spanish as well as Latin), Cooking, Physics and so on. He is also rather knowable when it comes to being a proper human being, though this does not always happen whenever he's out in public and is also one who knows how a person of any status should act as he was taught of how those such as a prince or a gentleman or anyone should properly act. Even then, this is not limited to just normal day activities and subjects, but also of combat. As one who is destined to be a guardian and hero against all that is evil, Patricks skills in combat were unparalleled in the face of those that fight him. He is capable of switching up his style on the flow and can go from CQC to long range combat, making him a crafty and versatile fighter able to keep up with all but the most seasoned fighters in all of existence. Later becomes Nigh-Omniscient as a god.


Affiliation: Aaron Myers, Kenji Kazama, Michael Morales, Elizabeth Drake, Roman Pierce, Acantha Watson (Not completely at first), Chaldea, Dante, Deadpool, Spiderman, Izayoi

Previous Affiliation: N/A


Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 7-B, likely higher. At least 7-A with partial use of Orpheus power. At least 5-A with Orpheus in full control

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Expert weapons fighter (Is a competently trained fighter who specializes in the use of weaponry combat, ranging from the likes of swords to knives to even using axes and spears), Chi Manipulation, Regeneration (At least Mid-Low initially. Later on up to Low-Mid), Skilled H2H fighter, Supernatural Awareness (Is able to see various kinds of beings of the supernatural, ranging from ghosts and other beings like Shinigamis to even that of stands such as those from the JJBAverse), Can breath in space, Cross-Universal Traveling (Has the power to travel to different timelines/universes so long as he is enclosed between two objects akin to that of Funny Valentines D4C. Although he is capable of doing this via portals as well or even by using ones shadow. Though it's capacity of use has a certain limit to how many can go with him through this ability), Ice Manipulation (Can create an ice field to create a field advantage and to increase the coldness and potency of his ice powers. Able to create various constructs of ice into weapons like bats and firearms, to even that of ice nets and barriers/shields in addition to making make-shift wings made of ice to fly), Thread Manipulation, Can enter a Berserk Mode,

Attack Potency: At least City level, likely higher (Comparable to Aaron who is capable of taking on Saber Alter, although it was implied that she held back somewhat during her fight with the latter and Mash. Kicked EMIYA hard enough to send him flying in a surprise attack. Can trade blows with the likes of servants such as Cu Chalainn and Drake, as well as capable enough to handle Kintoki and Vlad III). At least Mountain level with partial use of Orpheus power (Took out two lives off of Heracles during the Okeanos incident before the latter could notice it, and it was later implied that he had a "couple more ways" of shaving off the Greek Berserkers lives more had he still used his power a little longer. Could take on Cu Alter even when he had the Holy Grail in his possession during the E Pluribus Unum incident). At least Large Planet level with Orpheus in full control (Could take on Tiamat and even cause grievous wounds on the latter. Even after relinquishing his hold and possession of Patrick's body, his lingering power allowed the latter enough strength to cause one powerful strike against Goetia)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Able to keep up with many servants who can fight and react at these speeds.). Higher with partial use of Orpheus power (Blitzed Heracles during the Okeanos incident). Massively FTL+ with Orpheus in full control

Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength: At least City Class, likely higher. At least Mountain Class with partial use of Orpheus power. At least Large Planet Class with Orpheus in full control.


Stamina: High (His energy capacity is enough to allow him to support several servants at a time with ease, something that would normally be impossible to do with even just one. Has fought against numerous armies and foes throughout his time with his friends and allies)

Range: Melee range physically. Extended melee range with baseball bat and knife. Dozen of meters or so with threads and ice


Key: Age: 15-16

Notable Attacks/Techniques

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