Pendulum of time, on it's weaponized Time-Space form.


The Pendulum of Time, true name Una-Itcïs is a pendulum created by Azathoth (He dreamed about it), and it moves back and forth, still working if time still exists. It hangs in the void, always pacing back and forth with no wind to push it. The mere presence of the Pendulum of Time is enough to vaporize powerful beings that aren't careful, and due to it being, in fact, an abstract thing (The pendulum is a manifestation of it), it can't be wielded by anyone who doesn't have enough power.

Lökhan is the current wielder and guardian of the pendulum, altough he already gave to a stark group of people copies of varying power of the Pendulum, all of them being somewhat connected.


Tier: At least 1-B; Copies have varied power levels.

Name: Una-Itcïs; A.K.A: Pendulum of Time, The Pendulum.

Origin: Originally Legend of Lords.

Type: Pendulum? Abstract item.

Destructive Capacity/Attack Potency: At least Hyperversal. (Casually erased Kor-Pjeeng out of existance; It has full command over time, on such a level that it's presence is enough to nullify & overpower time manipulations from the likes of Kor-Pjeeng and Lökhan by the time that he was known as Tyrekk)

Wielder(s): Lökhan, Vaes Prokhälis, Janos Rythrall, some unnamed people, Nathan Aeternum (Temporarily), Fergus Gustav Javen.

Material or Element: Unknown.

Powers/Capacities: Time Manipulation, Reality-Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Indestructibility, Conceptual Manipulation, Abstract, Shapeshifting, Weather Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Dark Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation.

Brass pendulum

Una-Itcïs, when not used on combat.

Needed perquisite for use: Having incredibly great power.

Other: The Pendulum of Time is, in truth, mostly abstract and unusuable. It's closest manifestation is wielded by Lökhan, although he himself aknowledges that "the true powers of such thing are hidden, beyond the reach of anyone but me... Or so I hope".

Also, curiously, when not used in combat (As a item, of course), it will automatically shapeshift to become a item that measures time, usually related to the closest race. For example, humans on earth would see it as a clock, while animals could see it as the sun and the moon.