Thats ravenn

Raven Baxter (That's So Raven) can see into the future randomly.


Precognition is a type of Clairvoyance, defined as the ability to see the future and to act on that information in order to change it.


There are generally two types of precognition: long-term precognition, and battle precognition.

-Long-Term precognition is the ability to see events far in the future, which is useful for planning long-term strategies.

-Battle precognition allows you to see things accurately in the immediate future, allowing you to predict where and how your opponent will attack and defend and use that information to gain an advantage.


  • Some forms of precognition may be limited to certain timeframes (ex. can only predict moments 2 minutes before they happen and such)
  • Some users may have special senses their precognition is attributed towards, and these senses can be blurred, mislead or taken away
  • While precognition can often amp users' reactions and fight faster opponents, it has very little use against a sufficient enough speed blitz, as even if they know what move will be thrown towards them, they'd be too slow to do anything once it happens
  • Some users may have vague or not entirely accurate predictions, making it harder to foresee what will truly happen