It's time to being a professional prop.

The Prop is one of the options that a player can be on the GMod game Prop Hunt.

The Prop's goal on the famous Prop Hunt GMod game is simply to survive, trying to fool the

Hunters by transforming into objects and blending in.

Appearance and Personality

The Prop, when normal/human, seems like a old man on his 50s, nearly bald - with some white hair - and medium-sized. Thin and frail, the Prop isn't impressive. His normal attire is composed of simple blue clothes that cover most of his body, showing only his head and hands.

Being a character controlled by a player, the Prop haves no personality. However, it is safe to assume that it is stealthy, creative and witty.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B

Name: Prop. A.K.A: The Prop.

Origin: GMod; Prop Hunt.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unspecified.

Classification: Human shapeshifter.

Powers and Abilities: Morphing into any object that it touches, making little to no noise while walking, running and jumping, counterattack (Depending on the object that he morphed into).

Attack Potency: None by itself.

Speed: Human w/ Peak Human reactions. (Can dodge bullets as long as he is on a sufficiently long range and is aim-dodging)

Lifting Strength: Unspecified; At least Athlete Human. (Easily pushes sofas and the likes while being very small and weak objects such as papers).

Striking Strength: None; Supposedly Class H.

Durability: Low Wall Level; Higher/lower depending on what he morphed into. (Resists being shot multiple times by SMG's and shotguns; Depending on what he morphed into, he can survive the explosion of a SMG grenade).

Stamina: Infinite (Doesn't tires).

Range: Normal Human Range.

Standard Equipment: None.

IntelligenceDepends on the player, but generally speaking, it is average, but reasonably cunning; Skilled at hiding and tricking.

Weaknesses: His durability is adjusted on the object that he morphs (For example, if he morphs into a paper, while it is very small, he can die with ease), he can't shapeshift back to normal, little to no skill at fighting, relies on his shapeshifting to suvive.


- Survived being gunned down by SMG's and Shotguns.

- Survived being beaten up with a crowbar.

- While being objects such as mugs and papers, it is still able to push heavy metal cabinets and sofas.

- Can hide from armed and skilled hunters.

- While morphed as a sofa, managed to resist being burnt and explosions from grenades.

- Outsmarted trained hunters.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Prop: He assumes the shape of the object that he is currently touching.


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