Fists of Solitude

Black Knight of Solemness


An OC made by CrossverseCrisis.

Roman Pierce is the infamous son of the God of Darkness and one of many "villains" of the multiverse, Alfonso Felix. Born to said man and a mother who for strange reasons somehow fallen for the man as well as being the elder brother to Acantha Watson, Roman lived a life that was quiet yet serene and surprisingly normal for him. While his father was dealing with business in the Black Market and other things along with a certain "shady" man, Roman was left with his mother who had been the only person he had care about and someone who knew about what lies ahead of him in his life...

He had otherwise lived like any other normal kid, except that Roman was of a..."special case". He did not seem to enjoy anything that was coming to him, weather it is through his parents money or having an otherwise oddly normal life. He was eventually checked up by the doctors when one of his teacher called his mother about this "unusual behavior". His mother was worried that he was acting strange but was told that it was nothing wrong except that he didn't display much "emotion" when doing something or when something happens. He has been told that he still responds to other stuff, just with a complete blank and somewhat "empty" look... 

A problem this may be for him, Roman nonetheless was alright and lived out the rest of his life like this until he decided to leave home at the age of 17 after getting into an argument with his father, where a year after he joined the military at the age of 18. Overseeing action in the Middle East, Roman had done valiantly in the course of fighting and patrolling, but it was through one battle where he lost a fellow friend and comrade by the name of "John Miller" did Roman ended expressing some form of major emotions in the first time in his life.

Though honorably discharged due to his acts of bravery and service in the military, Roman's experience of the lost of a friend and others in his squad caused him to dedicate his life to finding that surge of emotion he felt and resolved his way of life in being able to "feel" by traveling across the whole world. Starting off with traveling to Asia and Europe....

Sometime after this, Roman then learned he had the power to cross different dimensions and universes. Unsure of what to expect in his life and still wanting to discover more of what life had in store for him regardless, he took the risk of using this mysterious power and left his own world for a long while; not knowing of the many experience's he'll receive ahead....


Work in progress...


Work in progress...

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral, later Neutral Good


Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-B, Low 2-C via Mystics of Space-Time | At least High 2-A

Name: Roman Pierce. The Black Knight of the Solemn Fist

Origin: Exceed

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Classification: Dhampir, Demigod, Mercenary, Armorer, Transporter, Multiversal Traveler | God of Solemness

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Marksmen, Master Martial Artist/H2H Fighter (Has trained in countless fighting arts throughout his travels across other worlds, allowing him to possess such skill in this regard that he is unmatched by any but those who possess many, many years of combat training and experience such as the likes of kenji), Weapon Mastery, Energy Manipulation, Very high resistance to electricity (was struck by an intense lightning strike and didn't felt it one bit, and this was one made from Kenji himself whose most powerful storms can generate lightning that makes all of earth's worst ones look like a mere "firecracker"), High poison resistance, Explosive Expert, Camouflage and Stealth Expert, Extrasensory Perception, Chi Manipulation for offensive (can increase the potency of his attacks and shoot ki blasts) and defensive (increase his durability and for boosted healing) purposes, Can breath in space with no problems to his being, Magic (was taught by his mother and Kronik in the arts of magic. Though he doesn't use it very much, he has been noted to possess a high level of expertise and potency towards magic), "Location-Imprinting"/Cross Dimensional Travel (Basically it allows him to leave an "imprint" of himself within a certain location, where-by doing so will allow him to transport himself to that location. It also works when he's in a different timeline/universe, granting him the ability to instantly travel anywhere regardless of distance and different space-time), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2. Can manipulate the space-time of any one universe that he currently resides)

Abstract Existence, Acausality, Causality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Immortality (Type 4), Non-Corporeal, Law Manipulation, Comics Awareness, Regeneration (High-Godly), Aether Manipulation, Twilight Manipulation, Reality Warping, Void Manipulation (Was destroying everything that Xero's power stood for to complete nothingness on a level that even the latter himself couldn't restore fully)

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Is at least equal to the likes of Kenji and Elizabeth; the former having been shown to create and destroy his own Solar Systems, and the latter having fought the likes of Xemnas and other comparable beings like him. Has been noted by several beings like Aaron and even Kenji of being in a "league of his own" in terms of physical raw power), Universe level+ via Mystics of Space-Time (Able to control and even embody an entire space-time continuum, and is able to strike with the force capable of destroying one) | At least High Multiverse level+ (Comparable to his fellow gods. Was stated that any one of them, including himself among the rest, could have defeated Xarathos by themselves alone. Able to bring harm to Xero, even capable of eradicating parts of his powers and "world" to a state that even the latter couldn't fully prevent)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with Patrick and various other heroes. His bike can ride past stars and even whole galaxies in just a minute). Possibly Omnipresent via Mystics of Space-Time (Due to embodying an entire space-time continuum, he is able to exist just about "everywhere" in a universes time and history. Although he has stated of not ever using this ability "very much", making it questionable on whether he does become omnipresent or not) | Immeasurable (Can keep up with the rest of his fellow Gods and take on Xero, even able to once out-sped him at one point)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+, likely much higher | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Solar System Class (traded blows with several heavy hitters of Marvel who are of this strength. Also has traded off blows with the likes of Kenji, Elizabeth, and Elias), Universal+ via Mystics of Space-Time | At least High Multiversal+

Durability: Solar System level (Tanks many hits from Aaron, Patrick, Elizabeth, Acantha, and even Kenji when they are at half power. Could still take some more good ones even at their best at the time), Universe level+ via Mystics of Space-Time | At least High Multiverse level+ (Took many attacks from Xero himself)

Stamina: Vastly Superhuman, likely far higher (didn't seem winded out after a long "spar" against a team of Aaron, Patrick, Elizabeth, Acantha, and Kenji). Possibly Limitless when using Mystics of Space-Time | Limitless

Range: Extended range with knife, higher with guns. Universal+ via Mystics of Space-Time. Multiversal+ with Teleportation | High Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: Combat Knife, H&K USP Pistol, Grenades, Mossberg 500, HK416 Rifle, a whole lot of stuff among inside his duffle bag (contains a "hammerspace-like environment", allowing him to contain many things inside it with virtually no cramped space limit shown.)

Intelligence: Very high | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: Cannot use more than one type of ability when using Mystics of Space-Time (Ex. He can use time stop on himself to prevent any damage ever occurring on him via "stopping" the attacks and prevent change, but cannot use time stop offensively in turn unless he willingly turns off the self-time stop) | None Notable

Key: Base | God of Solemness

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Mystics of Space-Time:



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Inconclusive Matches:

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