The users of this ability have complete control has complete control over the senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste) of oneself and allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them.

They can enhance, reduce or remove them temporarily or permanently, protect them from being overwhelmed. They are capable of manipulating the senses of a person in such way that a harmless butterfly could be seen as demonic creation of Satan in the person which this ability is being used on. They could blind the person with but a thought. The users could enhance the sensitivity of pain of their opponents enough that a simple punch would be capable of psychologically damaging them.

Overall they could simply destroy the senses of a person so that they would see nothing, hear nothing, smell nothing, feel nothing and taste nothing leaving them completely powerless.


There are two types to this power.

Type 1: The type one of this power allows the users to freely manipulate the senses of others. They can make people see what they want them to see, hear what they want them to hear, feel what they want them to feel, etc. But they may be limited by their own power as such people with higher levels of power and energy could possibly negate this type of sense manipulation, they may be incapable of manipulating the senses of people who have high mental barriers, they may require a certain action to be initiated (Eg: Others may have to make eye-contact with the user, etc) so that they may manipulate their senses.

Type 2: This type of Sense Manipulation simply allows the users to alter and manipulate the senses of others regardless of any mental barriers, power differences, etc.