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Isaac Masterson was born twenty eight years ago to brilliant scientists Adam and Victoria Masterson. They worked at an ACE backed laboratory, developing superior technology. He was a normal child, but was physically weak. His parents adored him, so his early death from a car accident at the age of ten was a shock to them. His parents almost went mad grieving for him. Adam had to wipe the memory of his wife to keep her sanity. Through his studies, he found a way to clone his son. His colleagues were okay with this, so Adam continued with this. He created the perfect clone of Isaac, but as cloning works, it started as a baby. Adam implanted the egg into Victoria without her knowledge, and was born eighteen years ago.

This child was Seth Masterson. Seth grew up exactly like Isaac, but seemed to be more advanced in intellect. When Seth surpassed Isaac in age by two years, Adam was worried that Seth was just as weak as Isaac, if not weaker. He is also worried that him being a clone may lead to an early death, as evidenced by Dolly the sheep. Adam decided to take desperate measures and use ACE technology on Seth’s adaptable clone body to infuse him with their new-found metal Hephaestium. What he didn’t know is that Seth wouldn’t have survived that. Apparently, Isaac had a special ability called the evolve factor, which would’ve helped him survive a lot of things, if it had the time to mature. And since Seth was technically Isaac, Seth developed his evolve factor.

The evolve factor unknowingly changed the Hephaestium in Seth’s body to a stronger version of Hephaestium, known as Hephaestium Mk 2, or streakless steel. Anyway, when Adam’s colleagues found out about this infusion of their precious metal, they were not okay with it. They hired an assassin to take out all three of the Mastersons a month after the infusion. The assassin succeeded on Victoria Masterson, and Adam Masterson faked his death, but Seth was able to take out the assassin on his own. Police came in and Seth assumed that they suspected him for the murders, so he decided to run away. He found a mansion belonging to a man named Butler, and was invited to stay. Because of the infusion of the indestructible yet surprisingly malleable metal in Seth’s body, he figured out that he could change his hands into any sharp weapon six months later.

Years passed, and Seth became increasingly more distant, as Butler made Seth think humans were inherently cruel. Later, a girl claiming to be a princess taking refuge came to his mansion. Together, they exposed Butler as a soul-stealing lich after the souls of super-powered individuals, which Seth eventually dubs as Potents. As payment, Seth helps the girl, named Delia, take back her kingdom. They fail, and learn that there's other Potents out in the world, and Seth along with Delia go out to find a few to protect them from the man who took Delia's kingdom. After recruiting a few more into their group, he is instrumental in world-risking events and greater.

Appearance & Personality

Seth is an African-American boy at approximately 5'11" with an earring in his left ear. He has short yet somewhat spiky hair and is 18. Seth has peak human toned muscles. He has grey eyes and a cold stare.

Seth is different from the other Potents (the group that Seth founded with Delia) in the fact that he's a lovable jerk due to his social ineptitude. However, he tries to get better with his humanity, but it's slow and steady. He has a dark set of morals, as he doesn't mind killing in the slightest. While the others aren't above it, he doesn't think twice. He seems to have a softer spot for Delia, as he feels indebted to her.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 7-C to 7-B | High 5-A | 4-B | 3-B | 3-A | Low 2-C

Name: Seth Masterson

Origin: Potents

Gender: Male

Classification: Clone, The Swordsman, The Universal Constant, not Isaac, Metalhead by Ava

Powers and Abilities: Can turn his hands and feet into any bladed weapon, Gravity Manipulation, Superhuman strength, speed, and agility, Reactive Evolution, Immortality (Type 1 and 3) Regeneration (High to Low-Godly) and Anti-Regeneration (Can kill up to High Godly with Cosmic Swords), Portal Creation, Density Manipulation, Pseudo-Flight, Spatial Manipulation, Acausality, can hurt/kill intangibles and souls with Silver Swords, and immortals, abstracts, and concepts via Cosmic Swords, resistance to soul, time, spatial, and mind manipulation, resistance to reality warping, Black Hole creation, can give omnipresents a permanent physical body, can force immesurables to have a 3-D speed. Temporary grace period to higher dimensional attacks.

Attack Potency: Large Town level (comparable to Hunter, who can throw a small rock through a mountain and deliver an unspecified (between .2 and greater) amount of megatons of force) | Dwarf Star level (His tractor beam can pull Jupiter to earth. Comparable to Delia) | Solar System level (His World Cleaver attack is as large as a solar system kinetic energy could make this higher) | Multi Galaxy level (Stronger than Elliot who accelerated a galaxy at MFTL+ speeds. Kinetic Energy works past FTL speeds in this verse. Changed the gravitational constant of the universe by the thousands) | Universe level (planned to use his gravity manipulation to cause a Big Crunch as a last resort) | Universe level+, likely higher (Became a 3-D being capable of killing 4-D beings. Student of the 4-D abstract Chaos.)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Elliot. Casually cut down a forest the size of an island in 3 minutes. Dodged Butler's and Secretary's lightning) | Sub-Relativistic+ (Can block super-bullets that hone onto Seth specifically) to FTL+ (Jupiter feat) | Massively FTL+ (Comparable to Elliot) | Higher (Blocked every light beam across a universe-sized plane that was coming down like rain for 5 minutes straight) | Even higher (Comparable to Elliot, who got even faster) | Massively FTL+.

Striking Strength: Universal

Durability: Large Town level | Dwarf Star level | Solar System Level | Multi Galaxy Level | Universe Level | Universe Level+

Stamina: Incredibly High. Fought and was tortured for days on end, and regeneration is potent enough to have him fight nearly infinitely.

Range: Extended melee with blade abilities and broadsword, A few meters with shotgun, Solar System range with World Cleaver, and Universal with Infinite Spear and Gravity and Density Manipulation

Standard Equipment: A broadsword and Shotgun that are licenced by ACE. They can hurt beings on Seth's level.

Intelligence: Extremely high. Regarded as the smartest of the Potents, as his brain is subject to his evolve factor. His parents were also scientists of a secret agency. Trained himself in fighting since the age of 12, and was trained by ACE too.

Weaknesses: Seth is subject to rage, and has a weakness to electricity, as his body is mostly metal. He also has no resistance to transmutation. Preventing him from breathing also draws his regeneration to keeping him alive.

Key: ACE and Justin Arcs | Silver Swords | Early Cosmic Swords | Pre-Abstract | Post-Abstract

Note: Subject to change with more writing.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Sword Hand- Seth slices with his sword hand
  • Axe Hand- Seth chops with his axe hand
  • Chainsaw Hand- Seth turns his hand into a chainsaw and thrusts it forward. A variant of power saw/drill hand
  • Saw Hand- Seth cuts with his saw hand
  • Scythe Hand- Seth uses the scythe hand to slice in a vertical arc with great range and to pull the enemy closer for a better attack
  • Spear Hand- Seth thrusts his spear hand forward
  • Bow Hand- Seth fires a metal arrow with his bow hand
  • Spike Launcher- Seth turns his hand into the spike launcher and fires
  • Sai Hand- Seth attacks with sais, usually with his dual sai hand
  • Knife Hand- Seth thrusts his knife hand to shank
  • Cleaver Hand- Seth chops with his cleaver hand
  • Morning Star- Seth bashes with his morning star hand
  • Harpoon Hand- Seth turns his hand into a harpoon gun, launching a harpoon on a rope to impale an opponent.
  • Rope Dart Fingers- Seth turns his finger(s) into rope darts and fires them at a limit
  • Spiked Gauntlets- Seth uses this attack as one of his main attacks. It is for pummelling purposes.
  • Cudgel Hand- Seth bludgeons with a cudgel hand
  • Flail Hand- Seth turns his hand into a flail and swings with it
  • Claw Hands- Seth turns his hands into steel claws and slashes
  • Chain Hook- Seth turns his hand into a chain hook and throws it or swings it around
  • Wire Hand- Seth attacks with wires
  • Battle-axe Kick- Seth performs an axe kick with a battle axe
  • Cleat Front Kick- Exactly as it sounds. He kicks with spiked cleats
  • Sword Cartwheel- he turns all his limbs into swords and cartwheels to the opponent
  • Spike shot- he kicks a spike towards the opponent
  • Sword flip-kick- Seth does a frontflip towards the opponent, and turns his feet into swords, slicing downwards as he lands on his back
  • Multi Sword Kick- Seth performs many side kicks with his foot as a sword
  • Ice Skate Backflip- Seth backflips with ice skate feet, cutting upwards. Used if an opponent gets too close.
  • Tri Slash- Seth slices with sword hand first, then axe hand, then saw hand
  • Super Pierce- Seth turns his hand into short spears and quickly pierces the opponent many times.
  • Swordsman’s Gambit- Seth fires a blast from his shotgun, and while the opponent is stunned, performs a series of different weapon attacks. (I’ll cross more of this bridge when I get there)
  • Silver Sword- Seth turns his metallic body into the next form of Hephaestium, Hepaestium Mk. 3, or silver swords. They are even more powerful and can cut through even more. They are more durable and can even destroy other indestructible metals, like streakless steel. Note that while it’s called silver sword, it’s not limited to swords. Can grant permadeath to immortals.
  • Cosmic Sword- Seth absorbs power beyond his normal scope. Originally used as an attempt to kill him, he absorbs the power to turn his weapon hands into cosmic metal, which is the most powerful metal. It can cut through Hephaestium Mk. 1, 2, and 3 like butter. It becomes much stronger than Hephaestium Mk. 3, but it is very tiring to use, as it is too heavy to continuously use. It also is capable of destroying universes possibly by just being out, so whenever Seth uses it, it’s only for a split second. It can be used to take out cosmic beings of higher dimensions, and can draw omnipresent entities into one area so they can be killed.
  • Infinite Spear- Seth extends his spear hand as far as he desires by using minimal power from the cosmic sword. This also works with lance hand
  • Needle barrage- Seth fires out a large amount of needles, darts, tacks, shurikens, and pins very quickly to  have a storm effect.
  • Sword Slam- Seth turns his body into a sword and rams the opponent.
  • Lightningrod- Seth Uses dual lance hand and sticks one hand in the air like a lightning rod and another pointed at an opponent. Lightning strikes one hand and travels through Seth to use as a bolt of lightning of his own.
  • Reality Rend- Seth uses a highly advanced version of the cosmic sword to quickly cut through reality to create a dimensional rift. He does this quick enough so that it doesn’t kill him whenever he uses it. He can use this rift as a portal, or as a pocket dimension to store projectiles. This technique can even keep him from being wiped from existence. The rifts close after some time, but he can open as many as he needs.
  • World Cleaver- Seth uses cosmic sword power creates a sword hand so big that it could cut apart things as large as galaxies. This takes everything out of him Somehow, he can wield it.
  • Void immunity- Being wiped from existence just sends him to a pocket dimension which he can just cut his way out of via cosmic swords.
  • Gravity Manipulation- Seth can control gravity, gravitons, and the likeness
  • Tractor Beam- Seth shoots a beam of energy to move things from afar.
  • Gravity Arrow- Seth shoots an arrow enhanced by gravity to make it stronger.
  • Graviton Arrow- Similar to the gravity arrow, but is much stronger, and has a larger risk and reward. The charging of the attack warps the whole planet, distorting gravity, yet when launched, the area of effect is so much greater, and even if it misses, it still has a gravitational force on the opponent, warping their body structure. Negates durability to an extent


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