The path towards light is through darkness.
~ Shoron


Shiryu Shoron (小龍死龍, Shoron Shiryu.) is a former member of the Royal Guard. Having left the service on his own, Shoron went to join with Kisuke Urahara and assists substitute shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki with the events in the World of the Living and Soul Society.


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Usually, Shoron is incredibly phlegmatic and humble towards those he is comfortable with. Meanwhile, he places a formal front and acts with extreme security. Urahara Kisuke has noted that Shoron is like a brother to him, only more serious and adamant with his values, as well as strict and filled with high expectations.

Acting as a prominent role in any situation, Shoron has stated that he strives to be the best in whatever he is doing, accepting second place only if it is necessary, especially with Ichigo Kurosaki. He can be found in Karakura Town, clearing out areas infested with Hollows and dilly dallying around.

In battle, he is extremely sarcastic to a domineering level and can be highly disrespectful to those that he finds are dishonorable or immoral. Such as when Shoron comments that he despises people like Sosuke Aizen, noting that he would exact revenge on them and better the instruction. Extremely meticulous and perceptive, Shoron strives to be flawless in everything he sets his heart towards, often attacking without warning even if he is training with allies.

Shoron believes that in order to improve one's skills and abilities, one would need to train under the most realistic circumstances to achieve true combat prowess.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A | 8-A | 8-A, 7-C with Shikai | 7-C | 7-C, 7-B with Shikai, High 7-A with Unrestricted Shikai | 6-B

Name: Shoron Shiryu

Origin: Bleach

Gender: Male

Age: Over 100, stated to be older than Kisuke Urahara.

Classification: Shinigami, Final Captain of Zero Division/Royal Guard

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Pseudo-Flight, Kidō Master, Sealing, Zanjutsu Master, Bujutsu Master, Hakuda Master, Shunpo Master, Using Reiryoku and exert as Reiatsu, Can sense beings with Reiatsu, Energy Blasts, Can travel between dimensions

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block Level (Able to eliminate a young Suì-Fēng with ease. Fought Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto to a stand still while he was holding back. Easily stomped Ichigo Kurosaki during training.) | Multi-City Block Level (Stopped Byakuya's Shikai. Blitzed three lieutenants in one go. Was able to cut Aizen's cheek.) | Multi-City Block Level (Blitzed Nulitra Zonariru.), Town Level with Shikai | Town Level (A regular swing weakened Grimmjow and sent him crashing onto a building.) | Town Level (Used a Sokatsui that subdued Yammy and two other Arrancars, City Level with Shikai (Completely incapacitated Ulquiorra when defending Ichigo. Able to subdue Fully Hollowfied Ichigo.), Large Mountain Level with Unrestricted Shikai (The force of Shōgun no Hōsoku, Seiginotameni Gisei destroyed the perimeter of mountains surrounding Fake Karakura Town as well as a large portion of the pseudo-town itself. Able to severely harm Aizen with continuous attacks. Used his own spell to seal Aizen in conjunction with Urahara's.) | Country Level (Able to ward off Jugram Haschwalth to rescue Ichigo. Fought on par with Hana Kyoseiko, who trains with the Royal Guard. Should be as strong as Ichibē Hyōsube.)

Speed: High Hypersonic (Blitzed Suì-Fēng and fought a restricted Yamamoto. Kept blitzing Ichigo during their training while explaining techniques.) | High Hypersonic+ (Deterred Byakuya's Shikai by slicing the petals in groups. Blitzed three lieutenants at once. Kept up with Aizen.) | High Hypersonic+ | Massively Hypersonic (Able to keep up with Bankai Ichigo, other Arrancar and Fully Hollowfied Ichigo.) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Able to battle with Aizen on equal ground.) | Massively Hypersonic+ (As fast as Ichibē and Hana. Battled Jugram to a stalemate.)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Class GJ (Matched with Yamamoto's restricted punches.) | Class GJ (Matched with Aizen.) | Class GJ (Matched Nulitra's sword swings.) | Class TJ (Sent Grimmjow flying backwards with a regular sword swing.) | Class TJ (Normal sword swings.), Class PJ (Incapacitated Ulquiorra with Shikai sword techniques. Subdued Fully Hollowfied Ichigo.), Class EJ (Unrestricted Shikai strikes are capable of severely harming Aizen.) | Class ZJ (A casual thunk on the head makes Ichibē fear him. Matched Jugram.)

Durability: Multi-City Block Level (Withstood attacks from a restricted Yamamoto.) | Multi-City Block Level (Able to trade blows with Aizen and take a few strikes.) | Multi-City Block Level | Likely Town Level | Large Mountain Level (Able to take the power of Shōgun no Hōsoku, Seiginotameni Gisei without even tiring. Capable of surviving Aizen's strongest sword strikes which can obliterate mountains.) | Country Level (Capable of surviving blows from Hana.)

Stamina: Extremely high. Able to fight competitively for hours on end with Yamamoto. Resisted and continued fighting after being in the center of an explosion that destroyed a perimeter of mountains and a majority of a town. Has incredible endurance against injuries, able to keep fighting despite near-death.

Standard Equipment: His Zanpakutō, Saiko Shogun. Oken Clothing. Portable Gigai. (A dummy which he can transfer places with to avoid attacks.)

Intelligence: Genius intellect. Not only is he able to develop strategies prior to a battle and adapt strategies on the spot, perceptively decrypt fighting patterns, predict actions based on psychological study and have an innate talent to understand the use of something by example, but he can also develop incredible inventions, mostly for the better of Soul Society or to amuse Urahara. He can use practical means for combat and is always extremely calculative.

Weaknesses: Has a domineering attitude towards those that are his enemies. Usually acts as a guardian for others and works only with trusted allies or else, alone. Can be too prideful at times. Does not use Bankai unless completely necessary.

Powers and Abilities

Master Swordsman: Shoron is a master of swordsmanship. He has developed his own style of fighting that takes after Zanjutsu and a self-taught technique that makes his fighting style extremely less rigid and efficient. He specializes mainly in Bujutsu. He is capable of making precise and extremely lethal cuts with little effort and even implements hand-to-hand combat into swordplay. As seen in his achievements, he rarely relies more than his Shikai against stronger enemies and achieved Bankai using the same method as Kisuke Urahara did.

  • #1. Keishō (軽傷, Flesh Wound): A precise attack that inflicts a minor cut.
  • #2. Tora Tsume (虎爪, Tiger Claw): Forming the fingers into a claw like appearance, the practitioner is able to channel Reiatsu along their hands to slash across targets. This can be done at rapid succession, allowing for more than one strike.
  • #3. Dantō (断頭, Beheading): Positioning their Zanpakuto, the practitioner can send an incredibly swift strike across the opponent's neck, decapitating them in one strike.
  • #4. Dangan (弾丸, Bullet): Flicking the guard of the practitioner's sheathed Zanpakuto will allow them to propel the butt of the sword forward at high speeds. This can also be done with the blade of the sword by pushing the end of the Zanpakuto to propel it.
  • #5. Ken Kyoran (剣狂乱, Sword Frenzy): Unleashing a torrent of slashes at high velocities. This technique is able to mince enemies apart due to the speed of the attack. It can also be used to defend against projectiles.
  • #6. Kansensō (感染創, Infected Wound): A precise attack that takes the form of a small wound before splitting open into a large gap.
  • #7. Arekuruu Ryū (荒れ狂う竜, Raging Dragon): With a long attachment equipped to the end of a Zanpakuto, the practitioner is able to use it as a long ranged weapon, similar to a rope dart.
  • #8. Saya Sentō (鞘戦闘, Sheath Combat): Keeping the Zanpakuto in it's sheath, the practitioner uses the sheathed Zanpakuto to fight an opponent. This is able to fool opponents when unsheathing the sword at random or using the sheath alone to fight.
  • #9. Sanshin (三振, Strikeout): Complimented by shunpo or short distance, the practitioner can use this technique to cut an opponent three times. Once horizontally on the head, once horizontally upon the body and once horizontally across the knees.
  • #10. Kyōshin (共振, "Resonance"): Tapping their Zanpakuto with a strong vibration of Reiatsu, the practitioner's sword will begin to resonate at high frequencies for a short time period. This will allow them to cut through objects with ease and destabilize the molecular bonds of whatever is cut.
  • #11. Giji Jisatsu (擬似自殺, Pseudo Suicide): By taking their Zanpakuto and staining it with their own blood, the practitioner will need to smear it onto the opponent. After doing so, an incantation will need to be spoken where the practitioner stabs the Zanpakuto through their abdomen which will in turn, damage the enemy, with the user suffering minor injury.
  • Shitonegaeshi (褥返し, Cushion Return): A pinning technique which subdues an opponent and immobilizes them on the ground using coercion alone, with Urahara suspending the tip of his cane just millimeters from their face after he has struck them down.
  • Hōzuri (頬摺, Cheek Stroke): A simple but precise slash technique which is meant only to lightly graze and cause superficial wounds.

Hakuda/Bujutsu Master: Shoron is skilled in hand-to-hand combat that he is able to enter the Nest of Maggots without worry. Able to force Yoruichi and Urahara at their peak in close combat and with his unique style of hand-to-hand, Shoron is able to face opponents who use the rigid style and transfer over different styles.

Shunpo Master: Shoron's proficiency in Shunpo is shown when he trains Ichigo, displaying the many techniques that are used by other Shunpo masters, such as Byakuya Kuchiki, Suì-Fēng and even Yoruichi Shihoin. Furthermore, his use of Shunpo extends to even confuse and impress Sosuke Aizen and where outside observers are unable to see him unless he reveals himself to them by stopping or slowing down to their level of comprehension. He is able to out-pace Urahara.

Devastating Spiritual Power: As not only a Shinigami with immense spiritual pressure, but Shoron boasts the spiritual power of a the member of the Zero Division. When battling with Aizen, he was told that his spiritual pressure reached a similar level when facing him directly. Shoron has also displayed his spiritual pressure when meeting with lieutenants such as Renji Abarai, whom fell to his feet the moment Shoron had unleashed a torrent of it. Shoron is able to unleash countless high-leveled Kidō and Shikai attacks without tiring in battle. His Reiatsu is Blue.

  • Masterful Reiatsu Control: From sharing studies with Urahara, Shoron has immense knowledge on the flow, application and consistency of spiritual energy. He is extremely skilled in hiding his spiritual energy and remain unnoticed by allies and enemies alike. Urahara has stated that Shoron may be his only equal in this technique and even Aizen did not sense Shoron after suffering an attack from him.

Genius Intellect: Shoron is shown to be masterful at many subjects and is extremely intelligent. While having immense knowledge for scientific inventions; he is most proficient with the deduction of situations, prediction through psychology and algorithms, combat tactics and using relative means of solving a problem. Shoron is extremely insightful, capable of seeing the bigger picture and finding the smaller details when studying a situation and he is able to deduce a person's intentions through expression and actions alone. In an instance, Shoron had predicted to Urahara that Ichigo would go rescue Rukia after only a few minutes of introduction and studying of his nature. Furthermore, Shoron also predicted that Gin's defection was a false to Urahara, seeing how Gin never took any frontal confrontation after his defection and had only stood as a supporting role, despite being Aizen's most trusted ally. Shoron is considered a major threat by the Wandenreich.

  • Intermediate Inventor and Scientist: Usually relying on Urahara's assistance in developing and the actual creation of his ideas, Shoron shares an efficient amount of knowledge on scientific topics and ideas. He has even created things note worthy of his place within the Royal Guard, known as Garden of Zen.
  • Masterful Strategist and Tactician: Shoron is arguably the most strategic and cunning out of the trio of Yoruichi, Urahara and himself. At every moment and every time, Shoron's mind is always making calculations and analyzing algorithms, behaviors, routines and much more to develop his understanding of his environment, along with developing a solution to any problem that may occur. He has a talent to even be able to develop strategies and tactics that come up unexpectedly and is capable of not only fooling the keenest of enemies, but also his own allies who know him like no other. For instance, when he fooled Aizen repeatedly with a planned joint attack with Urahara and set himself into the center of the plan by being the last stand in facing Aizen to weaken him for Ichigo.

Enhanced Strength: As a member of the Royal Guard, Shoron has gone through immense training and tested his mettle against a restricted Yamamoto. He is able to match blows with the captain-commander and make the use of weapons mere toys within his presence. When visiting the Nest of Maggots, Shoron was able to assist Urahara in defending themselves against the assault. Furthermore, Shoron has shown that he is able to stop a punch from Yammy and send the Arrancar flying back with a punch of his own.

Enhanced Speed: Shoron strikes as the most fluid fighter of the others. He is able to send out counter-attacks and reaction to even unexpected situations with flawless, and even natural, responses that make it seem he does it with ease. Never has Shoron left an opening in his attacks and always follows an "unpredictable algorithm" to his attacks. Even Yamamoto has stated that Shoron's speed is one of the most impressive.

Enhanced Agility: Despite appearing extremely rigid and structured, Shoron has the capability to fighting with extreme fluidity. Confusing his opponents by using the environment to his advantage and will even use the act of contortion to gain the upper-hand in combat. He is unorthodox when he has to be, using surprise attacks and random actions to keep his opponent guessing.

Enhanced Durability: While appearing extremely feminine and fragile, Shoron's durability has been shown through many feats. Such as when he survived Byakuya's frenzy of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi after annoying him to that point. In addition, he has survived his own attacks which severely damaged the area around him.

Enhanced Endurance: Shoron has shown to have extremely high amounts of endurance. As when he was able to continue fighting like normal after enduring the huge blast he did in his fight against Aizen. Furthermore, he was able to take beatings from Hana Kyoseiko upon his return to the Soul Palace without a single scratch or tiring.

Masterful Assassin: Shoron is extremely proficient at stealth, with him being capable of staying hidden and unseen unless he intentionally reveals himself to both allies and enemies. He has even carried out espionage missions against enemy forces prior. Although he refuses to use this dishonorable method of fighting, he was able to take advantage of his victory over Yammy when defending Ichigo and as well as subduing the rest of Grimmjow's faction.

Zanpakutō Powers and Abilities


Saikō no Shōgun (最高の将軍, Supreme Shogun.): Saikō no Shōgun is a Chinese Jian, taking resemblance from the swords of the Qin Dynasty. It has a three dimensional V-shaped guard that aims down the center of the sword. The guard is black, with a dark brown hilt and a white sheath.

  • Shikai: It is triggered by the command "Conquer all in your path" (あなたのパス内のすべてを征服, Anata no pasu-nai no subete o seifuku.)

Shikai Special Ability: In it's Shikai, Saikō no Shōgun reveals a very destructive side of it's power. From the guard, it is capable of releasing countless hexagon shaped plates that are formed from Shoron's spiritual energy and into a solid manifestation, capable of cutting both physical and spiritual bodies as well as perform other feats in battle. Unleashing the Shikai also provides Shoron with a break of his restricted powers, which allows him to perform greater feats with his Zanpakutō alone as well as abilities and techniques in his repertoire. The plates are able to be used defensively, such as providing himself a shield against strong attacks and offensively, such as conjuring large explosions and slicing through an opponent. Meanwhile, the Zanpakutō is capable of splitting into different dimensions, such as when Shoron split a dimensional gap between Hueco Mundo and Fake Karakura Town and he is able to perform moves such as Shōryū with his regular Shikai and much larger attacks such as Shōgun no Hōsoku, Akuyaku no Jikkō and Shōgun no Hōsoku, Seiginotameni Gisei.



  • Shōryū (昇竜, Ascending Dragon): A slash that projects an arc of spiritual pressure which damages an opponent greatly. This attack was capable of damaging Hogyoku Aizen and sending him flying to outskirts of Fake Karakura Town.
  • Seisei Ken (精製剣, Purification Sword): Covering the sword with a purifying Kido, the user coats over it with their own spiritual energy which allows the Kido to convert it into a stronger force. A direct slash can purify Ichigo's transformation into Fully Hollowfied Ichigo.
  • Kūkan Yugami (空間歪み, Spatial Distortion): Allows the user to split a dimensional gap between two worlds by simply slicing a spatial-dimensional gap with their sword. The downside of this technique is that the gap will close within thirty seconds, which means there is only thirty seconds for travel time before it completely closes and whoever is trapped will die.

    Yoruichi attacks while Shoron uses a concentrated Ten Ken-gun.

  • Ten Ken-gun (天剣軍, Heaven Sword Army): Concentrating on his Zanpakutō, Shoron is able to create copies of his sword and manipulate it mentally to attack his opponents. He is capable of making up to the hundreds. By concentrating the power of the swords together into stronger singular units, he is capable of trapping down someone like Aizen while in the Hogyoku's influence.
    2613803-akira bomb

    Shōgun no hōsoku, akuyaku no jikkō.

  • Shōgun no hōsoku, akuyaku no jikkō (将軍の法則, 悪役の実行, Shogun's Law, Execution of Villains): After speaking the name of the incantation, the Zanpakutō is impaled into the ground to release a devastating amount of spiritual pressure around the user. Afterwards, a sphere of black surrounds the user and the opponent. It was stated by Aizen that if there were to be any other Captain stuck inside, they would have disintegrated from the raw power of the spiritual pressure inside the sphere. Shoron is capable of moving in this environment with ease and fight the enemy to the death.
  • Shōgun no hōsoku, seiginotameni gisei (将軍の法則, 正義のために犠牲, Shogun's Law, Sacrifice for Justice): Requires the activation of Shōgun no hōsoku, akuyaku no jikkō. This technique forces the sphere to collapse on itself and killing whatever is inside. It is capable of completely wiping out 9/10's of Fake Karakura Town and wipe out the mountains surrounding it. Both Shoron and Aizen have survived this attack directly while in mid-battle.
  • Chiyakeimusho (千夜刑務所, Thousand Night Prison): An advanced spell that was created by Shoron for capturing Aizen. The spell activates at the center of an opponent's chest and forms a large sphere over them which takes the image of a fourth-dimensional object attempting to form itself in a third-dimensional world. After the sphere consumes all of the opponent, it shrinks rapidly and traps the opponent in the pocket-dimensional within the sphere.

Bankai: Not yet revealed.

Kido Powers and Abilities

Kido Master: Shoron is arguably, unmatched when it comes to using Kido in both Hado and Bakudo spells. He is capable of using Kido in conjunction with his attacks without warning and creating his fighting into becoming extremely unpredictable and even unorthodox. Shoron is capable of using high-leveled Kido without incantation and level 90's Kido with name alone while retaining extreme amounts of power and control. Aizen has noted that Shoron should not need to rely on anything other than his spell in both in an attempt to handicap Shoron and express his awe in Shoron's proficiency. Urahara has stated that Shoron is a dangerous man when it comes to what he likes, especially Kido. Byakuya Kuchiki has noted that Shoron becomes barbaric when fighting with Kido, using it mercilessly.

  • Kido Creation: Shoron has had his fair share of creating his own Kido, such as Seisei Ken and Chiyakeimusho. He has created other types of Kido that draw from other techniques.
  • Bakudō #30: Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Piercing Triple Beam): Generating a burst of crackling yellow energy in his/her palm, the practitioner uses this energy to draw an inverted yellow triangle, which generates solidified energy in the shape of smaller triangles from its three points. The smaller triangles fire and hit the intended target, pinning him/her against a nearby surface by slamming into his/her body in three places in the shape of a perfect triangle and immobilizing them.
  • Bakudō #61: Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light; Viz "Six-Rod Light Restraint"): Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams.
  • Bakudō #62: Hyapporankan (百歩欄干, Hundred Steps Fence): Generating a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his/her hand, the practitioner throws it at the intended target. It multiplies into a hundred more rods, which rain down on the target and pin him or her against a solid surface, completely immobilizing them. It is hard to dodge in a small area. Alternatively, the practitioner can generate the rods around their body and propel them at their opponent with a simple hand gesture.
  • Bakudō #75. Gochūtekkan (五柱鉄貫, Five-Pillared Iron Weights): As the practitioner clasps their hands together, five small yellow orbs with skinny tails emerge from between their clasped hands and move above the practitioner's head before forming a circle of five. Raising their clasped hands above their head, the practitioner slams them downward, sending the orbs into the ground. As a bright light is generated in the sky above the intended target, five tall and thick pillars, which are connected to each other by chains, pin the target to the ground.
  • Bakudō #99, Part 1. Kin (禁, Prohibition): The practitioner holds their palms away from themselves, with their arms extended out to the sides, before clasping their hands together, with the fingers intertwined intricately, causing their target's arms to be bound to their back with spiritual fabric and iron shafts. There is a far stronger version which, in addition to binding its target's arms to their back, wraps the spiritual fabric around their entire body and continues to pin the target, with the spiritual fabric stacked to the ground around the target, with several iron shafts in the shape of an X. Shoron is capable of both.
  • Hadō #33: Sōkatsui (蒼火墜, Blue Fire, Crash Down): Blue flames discharge from the palm. The practitioner aims the palm of their hand at their target and generates a torrent of blue energy before firing it at their target. The energy moves like a direct blast or a large wave of energy, depending on the amount of power which is placed into it. Depending on the user's proficiency with the technique, it can damage an opponent's Bankai.
  • Hadō #91: Senjū Kōten Taihō (千手皎天汰炮, Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear): A Kidō which summons several spears of light that are all fired towards the same focal point where the intended target resides to create an explosion.
  • Jūgeki Byakurai (Kaizō Kidō); 重撃白雷 (改造鬼道), Heavy-Strike Pale Lightning (Modified Kidō): A modified version of Hadō #4. Byakurai. Unlike its unmodified counterpart, this spell takes the appearance of a red beam powerful enough to pierce through a durable foe, such as Sōsuke Aizen, from a considerable distance.
  • Chiyakeimusho (千夜刑務所, Thousand Night Prison): An advanced spell that was created by Shoron for capturing Aizen. The spell activates at the center of an opponent's chest and forms a large sphere over them which takes the image of a fourth-dimensional object attempting to form itself in a third-dimensional world. After the sphere consumes all of the opponent, it shrinks rapidly and traps the opponent in the pocket-dimensional within the sphere.


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