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Soldier 419 is a Soldier who wants to be the dankiest player. So he is jelly of The MLG Player. He knows about The MLG Player's sheer swag and wants to murder him.

Personality and traits

He has green armor and looks like The MLG Player but green. He is usually jelous and vows to get revenge on the MLG Player. When he kills MLG Player, he vows to replace him. 


Tier:Unknown | 7-C | Likely 6-A | Atleast 4-B | 3-C | Likely 3-A

Name:Soldier 419.



Powers and Abilities:Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Healing Factor, Grass Manipulation, Nucelar Energy, Portal Creating, Slight Reality Warping, ETC

Attack Potency: Unknown, similar in power with the MLG Player | Town Level (MLG Powers allowed him to reduce a town into a pile of bricks.) | Likely Continent Level (cracked America with 420 powers) At least Solar System Level (Nucelar powers allows him to engulf the Solar System as it slowly faded away. | Galaxy Level (Super Mega Nuke helped him be on par with Project 420, before he was absorbed by him.) Likely Universe Level (LSD portals allow him to warp the Universe in half as well as barely being on par with The MLG Player with The Ultimate Meme Gun.)

Speed: Supersonic, dodged bullets. | Massively Hypersonic, can create a MLG tornado via running. | FTL, has an jet capable of keeping up with Sanic and The MLG Player and his FTL Helicopter. 

Lifting Strength:Class 50, lifted a large truck.

Striking Strength:Unknown, traded blows with MLG Shrek | Continent Level, he cracked America with one punch.

Durability:City Level, survived getting beat up by MLG Shrek which destroyed the city, likely higher due to regeneration | Galaxy Level, fought Project 420 and tanked blows from him before getting killed. | Multi-Universe Level, survived The Ultimate Meme Gun. | Multiverse Level+, tanked blows from characters at that level(ex. Sanikid, Criptec, Shi)

Stamina:Unknown, fought The MLG Player and his friends for a very long time.

Range: Unknown.

Standard Equipment: Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Super Mega Nukes. FTL Jet, Whatever he literally gets his hands on.(used a Frozen DVD as a weapon in a fight inside a Blockbuster with Sanic, Doge, Shrek, and The MLG Player, and he sliced off someone's head with one)

Intellegence:Unknown, lacks The MLG Player's gaming skill and strategy. Still has somewat skill.

Weaknesses:Somewat dumb, healing has limits, doesn't have the best skill, was killed by Project 420

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