About the Verse

Soldiers of the Future is a verse created by EliminatorVenom, based on roleplays and on a ongoing fanfiction of him.

It depicts a futuristic world, where people developed the technology to massive levels, managing to create Armors, special suits that contain powers related to the name. While there are many Armors around the world, few are able to get their hands in Super Armors, the strongest kind of Armor, and they are unique, with only one Super Armor representing a element (For a example, while there are many Armors that can control fire, there is only one Super Armor that controls pure fire: The Fire Armor).

Power of the Verse

Soldiers of the Future isn't a really powerful verse, altough respectable, with the strongest ones being Star and Planet Level, with most of the roster being composed of Tectonic and Nuclear-tier characters.

God Tiers


High Tiers

Hell Soldier

Sky Soldier

Medium Tiers


Low Tiers