Summary and Backstory

The Hate Monger is the bigger bad. He is the Superior equivilent to the Devil. He used the H-rays he produced with his mind to fluctuate the ammount of evil in the world, and by focusing his power on one being (I.E. The Superior Ant Man) he can make them commit absolutely atrocious deeds (I.E., creating Ultron) Years after the Ultron Incident, he finally made his move. He personally attacked, using the avatar of the dead Adof Hitler as a physical body, he trounced the Superiors. After killing Iron Fist, Black Widow, the Invisible Woman, and Yellowjacket, his body was destroyed by Spider Man, his symbiote Bodie, and the Beast, who had been dating the Invisible Woman. His evil soul, however, wasn't finished yet. He possessed the Beast, and used him to kill most of the Superiors, heroes and villains. He was even able to defeat Thor by using Loki's scepter enhanced by evil energy to nearly kill him. After killing the Superior Spider Man, he was devoured by the God Venom, who's power was so great that he was able to devour the Hate Monger's evil energy itself, and then absorbing his very essence. When the Hate Monger died, he took most of the world's evil energy with him, so the world became a signifigantly better place.

Tier: 7-B with normal human host, 4-C (Higher due to hax) with the Beast for a host, possibly 1-C as incarnation of evil itself.

Name: Hate Monger, Evil

Gender: Inapplicable, but technichally male with Adolf Hitler or the Beast as his physical body.

Age: Unknown

Origin: Superior

Classification: Incarnation of Evil

Attack Potency: City Level, Solar System Level, higher due to atomic disentegration, which can disregard traditional durability, likely even higher due to other hax

Speed: Hypersonic, Extremely FTL, possibly Massively FTL

Lifting Strength: Hundreds of millions of tons, Nearly universal

Striking Strength: City Level, Solar System Level, see Attack Potency for a bit more detail.

Durability: City Level +, Solar System Level +

Stamina: More or less infinite

Range: City Level, Planetary

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Genius Level

Weaknesses: Unknown. Needs host to use power on 3 dimensional life forms.

Powers and Abilities: Darkness manipulation, atomic disentegration, posession, super speed, strength, stamina, and durability.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: