The Teuflellaichen, Teufles for short, are the humans who were powered-up by selling their souls to Satan. With that power, they make a point of attempting to take the souls of other humans by force in order to give themselves, or their unholy master, power. Sort of a combination of zombies and demons. Except they look like normal humans, and keep their inteligence, just not their free will.

Imagine dreaming about this mofo.

Tier: 9-B (Can grow by absorbing souls), generally never higher than 9-A 

Name: Teuflellaichen, Teufles.

Origin: A dream I had (Yeah, I have damn wierd dreams.)

Classification: Teuflellaichen, followers of Satan

Powers and abilities: Superhuman strength and durability, peak human speed, soul absorption, when they absorb a soul, they gain all the physical and mental capabilities of the person who owned it.

Attack Potency: Wall Level, higher with souls, can instantly kill an oppoent by absorbing their soul, but only if the opponent is beaten down enough that they cannot fight back either physically or mentally.

Speed: Peak Human, higher with souls

Lifting Strength: Peak Human, higher with souls

Striking Strength: Wall Level, higher with souls

Durability: Wall Level, higher with souls

Stamina: Presumably nigh-limitless

Range: Human

Intelligence: Varies, always in the range of human possiblility, higher with souls.

Weaknesses: Cannot absorb the soul of someone who is still fighting back effectively, lack free will, are not completely superior to humans, as a single human proficient in combat was nearly able to defeat two of them at once.