The After Avengers are the team of Superiors, mostly comprised of immortals, that was founded by Thor after the End of Evil story, in which most Superiors (Heroes and villains) die. The team is largely unneccecary, as nearly all crime has ended after the death of the Hate Monger, but having a strong force of heroes at the ready helps stave off any crime that might still occur.


Thor (4-A)

Hulk (2-A)

Deadpool (5-A)

Wolverine (5-C)

Victor Von Doom (formerly Doctor Doom) (4-B+ or 4-A-)

Asgardian Captain America (4-B)

Magneto (4-B+)

Venom (With a psycic conection to Spider Man from Valhalla) (4-C)

Sabertooth (6-C)

Hercules (4-B+)

Odin (4-A+ or 3-C-)

The Great Vision (4-B)

Zeus (3-C)

Wasp (6-A)

Iron Man (5-A)

Inestimable Quicksilver (4-B)

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