Flaming Man

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Character Theme


The "Soul" of Gyrohem. The thing that keeps the planet from corrupting the Aethur. What keeps the planet more powerful than others, and to keep the planet stable.

It stays in an eternal slumber until there is a major threat to the Aethur and Gyrohem.

It shows no emotion, no empathy.

This being, is the Core. The God of Gyrohem.

Appearance and Personality

The Core's appearance varies, but its usual appearance is that of a silhouette of a man in dark red flames. Other times, it can look just like a simple blob of fire.

The Core has no real emotion. Its only goal is to "protect" the world, and stay in a long slumber when there is peace. It believes it represents the one true neutrality and law in the Aethur, being the Deity that stopped fights and helped collect order in the Aethur before it had to protect Gyrohem.

This "protection" though usually costs thousands of lives, but at the same time, it saves millions. Many dislike this mentality, this inhumane act of sacrificing one for another, and some even go into the direct center of the world, and challenge the "Core" itself in battle, usually for revenge...

...They always fail...

Although, as long as they're not a huge threat to the world, the Core will not end their life. It has a pacifistic trait unless provoked, and even can bring insight to others. It acts benevolent and kind, even though it cannot feel it themselves. The being ones fight in the center of the world though is not the Core itself, but an avatar of it. As it does not perceive its own creations as threats, it subconsciously sends an avatar instead to deal with them. Only true threats that can affect the Aethur itself would awaken the Core.

Personal Stats

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Weight: Varies

Height: Varies

Likes: None

Dislikes: None

Hobbies: None

Values: Unknown, likely protect Gyrohem and the Aethur

Status: Alive and active (Doing what it usually does)

Affiliation: None

Previous Affiliation: None

Alignment: Unknown, seems Lawful Neutral

Color Identity: Red/Orange

Extra Music:

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-A | At least 1-B

Name: The Core

Origin: Gyrohem (Verse)

Gender: None (Though it usually has a shape of a male)

Age: Beyond the concept

Classification: The "Soul" of Gyrohem, the God of Gyrohem, the Watcher, Deity, the "Sleepy God" (Zaunig's nickname for the Core)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman EnduranceInfinite Amounts of Aura and Aura Manipulation (Can manipulate anything Aura related to their will. Subset of this ability is called "Willpower" Manipulation. Clarification on the abilities here), Aura Sensing, Immortality (Type 9 as the Core's avatar. Type 5 as the Core itself), Adaptation & Evolution, Durability Negation, Energy Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (On the people of Gyrohem only)Enhanced Senses (Is able to sense threats dimensions away. The Core itself only)True Flight, Regeneration (High-Godly), All Types of Weapon Mastery, Void Manipulation (Is able to completely remove a certain thing from existence, be it physical or conceptual. This ability's less powerful on ones that have resistance to this ability or are on a higher dimensional plane), Meta-Power Manipulation (Is able to create, modify, or remove powers permanently with near to no limits. Resistance to this ability & being on a higher dimensional plane would reduce this ability's effectiveness), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2), Absolute Teleportation (Only when there's a major threat to Gyrohem & the Aethur. The Core itself only), Omnipresence (on Gyrohem only), Nigh-Omniscient, Ability Replication (The Core can use the ability, or abilities, it replicated infinitely times better than the original user) and Immunity to Ability Replication on its level, High level Reality Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Acausality, Concept Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Creation (Created the three God blades and finished Gyrohem by itself), Destruction, Power/Hax Destruction, Absolute PrecognitionAbsolute Clairvoyance (Is always able to see the correct "path" towards victory), Willpower Defense (Clarification on the ability here. The Core is only able to resist around 90-95% of the abilities listed on the clarification link), can adjust their stats to be always equal or above the opponent(s), does not have the concept of "pain", does not need to breathe, Sealing (Is able to trap Gyrohem's corruption from spreading), Shapeshifting & Size Manipulation (Is able to turn into practically anything), Abstract Existence (Includes being Non-Corporeal), Complete Arsenal, Absolute Resurrection, Omnilock, Paradox Manipulation, likely much more (said to have more powers than a near omniscient being can even comprehend, and only true omniscient beings could perceive how many abilities the Core has)

Attack Potency: Multiverse level+ (Has complete and utter control over all of Gyrohem's timelines, which is infinite in amount. Even if it's just an avatar, it still stomped a Final Form Linx Rifelson) | At least Hyperverse level (Defeated a serious Zaunig, and the battle with him shook the Aethur to almost an infinite scale. Simply by being a Deity, especially one of the most powerful, the Core should be a being of a nearly infinite-dimensional scale)

Speed: Varies in the beginning of most of its fights (Keeps its speed slightly higher than it's opponent), Infinite Speed when it wants to finish a fight, likely Immeasurable at max speed (It is stated that the Core's full speed cannot be comprehended, as it transcends the concept of "speed", but it has been shown to do mostly MFTL+ and Infinite Speed feats). Omnipresent on Gyrohem (The Core could be everywhere on Gyrohem at once at any time) | Same, likely Nigh-Omnipresent at max speed (The Core's existence is spread throughout the Aethur. Most Deities and beings on a similar level aren't even able to touch the Core)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Multiversal | At least Hyperversal

Durability: Multiverse level+ | At least Hyperverse level

Stamina: Immeasurable (The Core is likely above this concept)

Range: Multiversal | Hyperversal

Standard Equipment: None/Varies

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Is said to know nearly anything and everything there is to know all across the Aethur. Is able to name most of its abilities)

Weaknesses: The Core usually starts off its fights with speeds just above the opponent's before increasing it (It only increases it when the fight drags on for too long) | The Core can only teleport when there's a major threat to Gyrohem and the Aethur. It cannot afford to drag on fights for too long, since most of its power drains quicker because of it being directly in-contact with Gyrohem's corruption, hence why it has to sleep a lot: to regain its energy for the next major threat.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

  • Inferno: The Core shoots out small red and orange orbs. When it connects to something, a massive explosion that ignores all durability is created. The explosion's range can go from multiple kilometers, to being multiversal, depending on how much power the Core wants it to be.
  • Phoenix Flame Punch: The Core punches through the enemy. The attack would phase through anything, but whatever it goes through, will burn up from the inside. These flames ignore regular fire resistance, and the only way to resist the Core's flames is to be a dimension higher than it, or have extreme resistance/immunity to fire manipulation.
  • Core Burst: The Core releases a massive amount of Aura turned energy. The size of the blast radius and the power it induces depends entirely on how much Aura the Core releases.
  • Ability Replication: Each Deity has a power blessed by one of the embodiments. This is the power blessed upon the Core by the embodiment of Everything. Since it does not really have a "true form", the Core is able to take on the form of others, and use copied versions their abilities, weapons, and even mentalities and knowledge, just by knowing they exist. Combined with its power, it can use and fight with their abilities infinitely times better than the original user. The only limitations of this ability is that this would not work on anyone of a higher-dimensional scale than it, or that the opponent has a sufficient amount of resistance to this specific ability.


  • Fought a multitude of beings similar to it, all of which were major threats to Gyrohem, and all were usually beings of an infinite-dimensional scale.
  • Fought a serious Zaunig.
  • The Core is a collection of everyone in Gyrohem. Once someone or something dies on Gyrohem, their soul goes directly inside of it, as long as it was created by the Core.


Notable Victories:

Linx Rifelson (Gyrohem)

Zaunig (Gyrohem)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches/Draws:

Key: The Core's avatar | The Core Itself

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