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The Crying Child (AKA: Matthew Ninome; Hatoshi and Hitomi's Adopted Daughter, after their deaths she became the adopted of Marge Ninome, her grandmother) is the True Protagonist of World's Beyond , and the Creator of the Verse  . Due to her stupendous level of power, she was targeted at several points for those aiming to become Supreme Being, but was protected by Hatoshi, Hitomi, and the True Dark Subconsciousness living both within and near her simultaneously. As Matthew Ninome supposedly became more aware of her powers, her family went from world to world, trying to find out how to help her be at ease with her new purpose and life full of suffering.


Pre-Rumble of Worlds Arc (From Birth to near her thirteenth birthday)

The Crying Child appears to have human-like qualities in terms of appearance. She has clean skin, which compliments her raven brown hair quite well. Her brown hair goes in an diagonal direction, covering an portion of Matthew's emerald eyes along with it. Most of the time it is hidden within a shadow of sorts created by her hair, so most won't be able to see her eyes unless she parts them purposely . This skin of her is of an light coloration, which somehow compliments her black eyelids and white irises . She has brown , but usually straight hair, which almost always is long , with the very rare chances of her having short hair. It honestly depends on her mood . Her wardrobe usually consists of an black tee-shirt with three white stripes going across it, spaced apart by an fair amount in the middle of said black shirt. She usually had an blue jeans placed on top of it. She usually sleeps in this attire, but it is not known for exactly what reason.

Post-True Mother's Reborn (Warning some "implied" descriptions may be depicted for Ages 18+)

Regular Child Matthew

The Crying Child , also known as Matthew "Serenity" Ninome appears to have human-like qualities in terms of appearance. She has clean skin, which compliments her auburn / reddish hair well. She is an young girl of 11-13 years of age. She has slight curves which well compliment her rather feminine appearance, and she has some definite curves despite being a little girl of 11-12 years of age , hinting at having a very feminine figure in the future as a teenager . Her figure as a Pre-Teen [11-13 years of Age] is to such a extent she has been referred to as several names [The Loli w/ a Heart Shaped Bottom, A Lolicon's Dearest Dream , The Mini/Loli Hourglass , & A Loli w/ Child Bearing Hips (These examples of her figure should do nicely to give a visual comparison) ] . She isn't flat in terms of Breast size, they are just big enough to cup in someone's hand, but there aren't any bigger than A-cup, but are close to a B-cup, so she wears a gothic-style undergarments, including a bra to set up for children at a relatively young age.

In terms of her auburn/black hair, it s quite long . To compare exactly what is the height of said hair, it is from her scalp down to where a skirt would start. So yes, it is relatively long. Her height and weight are things she is embarrassed to talk about. However her weight is the most embarrassing and will cause her face to be completely flushed upon being asked. Let's just say she is very light for an 11-12 year old . She has white iris with purple pupils [ though she hides the former with contacts by advice from her mom ] , the exact color as an emerald in terms of iris color . This is heavily due to the fact that her father is essentially The Purple Guy, and inherited her eye color from his father as well, which happens to also be purple in color.

Her peach colored skin is soft & subtle to the touch, rivaling a babies smoothness of their bottom .Unlike the majority of others like herself, she is blissfully unaware at just about how beautiful she actually is. In terms of attire, she normally wears an long sleeved shirt patterned with black and white stripes, and a light blue pants to put on as well along with it .

As a teen however, her body developed significantly, gaining some curves to a certain extent in as a man would say "all the right places". To give you a good idea, she has been confessed to at least one hundred times every month, by men and woman alike. There has even been at least 2 asexual who've done so, implying her beauty is definitely not " average" , perhaps even well above average. Notably around 5'6 in height, her bosom and figure was notably described to be a rather impressive hourglass/voluptuous/curvaceous figure, with even a Supermodel, known for her impressive physique that would have regular men drooling , would describe her as quote on quote: " She is a type of natural beauty you would only ever see once in a lifetime... She doesn't flaunt it though. If she did, she'd be quite the bombshell among-st other females and males alike ... And has far greater beauty than me, but prefers to hide it " .

Her smile is also described to be radiant, whenever she gets a chance to do so. She was even described explicitly as the real life rival to " Jessica Rabbit " if she used her looks and "goods" or flaunting purposes, but she couldn't do it due to her timid nature. That in itself should say how attractive she is in actuality, but whether or not she realizes this is another matter entirely.

In terms of odor of her body, people have described her natural body odor as something akin to the feel of entering a rose filled garden & natural spring put together. She never, ever is described as dirty or unclean... Quite diligently the opposite in everything. But, somehow still refers to herself as dirty, implying severe self-esteem issues

Her body in general, is described as a smooth as a baby's bottom, but yet has slightly deep skin to the point a person's fingers would get embedded into her skin to a certain extent should you press down hard enough. When someone hugged her, they felt they were hugging a soft, smooth, yet deep Teddy Bear / Pillow .

Her Breasts are in all honesty very impressive. She generally does not seem to get glances of jealousy from most girls in her class upon seeing her breast size , which is partly because they are implied to be hidden from view within her school uniform, which is baggy in some areas . The females in her family usually did have big breast sizes , from C size and higher . They are explicitly stated to be slightly above C-Cup size They are described as supple and smooth . Even ludicrously sensitive compared to most of her body, even describing her nipples as "a ambrosiac" . Any touching of those in a sexual manner will get her in a frenzy, unable to resist any "advances" .

Her thighs though are undeniably the most impressive. When her boyfriend went to lay down on her thighs because he was tired, he compared them to a "soft pillow", much to the young girl's embarrassment. The above is to such a extent she retroactively hides her body using baggy clothing, unless going to school, in which her Grandma forces her to "be herself", much to the chargrin of Matthew herself. The only thing she can't hide is her wide, which is described by many as "child-bearing hips", which she is overly embarrassed about, and blushes at even the mention of it.

Anything else is classified for the sake of decency to the character and those reading . Beside the fact of a few others key things: Her undergarments are always black in color, as it's honestly her favorite color. She also usually wears a black hooded jacket & sunglasses to avoid attention when going out to the storm of the sexual manner.

Awakened Matthew

When she awakened at first,everyone was shocked of her beauty. The embodiment of Matthew's inner potential as a feminine beauty, she is seen as ludicrously attractive. 6 feet 5 inches in height, her body became voluptuous and curvy . The amount that confessed to her increased multi-fold, to the point even females and males who were either appalled at being with a woman was describing her as " thoroughly tempting".

Everything about her increased multi fold. Her breast became large to the point they'd likely be a borderline G size. But, they are perky and soft, somehow despite their massive size . However, to be noted no one attempted to touch them in fear of their life.


An, Honestly, Completely, Truly, Realistic, Concrete and Abstract Full Fundamentally Sound Look Into the Complete Life of an Incredibly, Ridiculously Complex INFJ Personality Based All-Loving, But Incredibly Shy Character

Pre & Post Rumble of Worlds Arc / Pre and Post Subjects and Aspects

The child has an innocence to her. Despite the young girl's heart being surrounding by an darkness, it is still shining with unparalleled light from within. As one would call it, it is the light that will always shine in darkness. The child comes off as a child who is always quiet and ridiculously, immensely shy, preferring not to be in a group and only conversing with who she wants to. She is the true definition of an All-Loving Hero inside of her, and rarely ever reveals this outside. Why is that? Because of the hardships she has had since he was born, her All-Loving heart is clouded by very dark inner thoughts , manifested as ' Dark Subconsciousness ' that plague her every thought and action . These were things she has seen first-hand, such as Pain, Death, and Murder of the First Degree . He has become a shut-in nearly completely because of this, almost never speaking because of it , unless to those he/sh trust completely . He is a Shrinking Violet because of this. The abandonment, destruction, violence and evil around him made the outside of his heart dark, but all of the goodness in him made the child's heart inside as radiant as one can get.  

Dark Subconsciousness' are the very essence of the darkness that plagues his heart, and as such their nature is at best Chaotic Neutral, and at worst unfathomably evil and eldritch beyond most understanding.  They seem to take the appearance of Demonic Animatronics, haunting Matthew's nightmares while simultaneously serving his every whim while doing so . They seem to be commanded by some degree of his Subconsciousness, however whether or not the kid is effectively aware of such is extremely unlikely .  

Regular Child Matthew

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(This pic is used to describe how Child Matthew acts normally around people. it can also be used for Teen Matthew)

Child Matthew is exaggeratedly shy, to the point that even calling her an Shrinking Violet is a low ball. Constant fidgeting, touching her fingers together when unable to speak a sentence (llike the pic that is beside this paragraph) , fighting with herself to attempt to even speak a single word to a stranger or even associate/friend , stuttering , and low mumbles, and looking to the ground as if ashamed of her very presence should give a nice little implication at the amount of shyness this one girl has. She tries her best to blend in however she can, hiding behind her grandmother/mother whenever she can. This is due to her shyness and anxiety upon being around people, and it is one of her most defining traits as a character. In the words of a Otaku who discussed this with her teacher: "She is much shier than Hinata when around Naruto when she was a child, but multiply that by millions of times... And replace Naruto with people in general .... And you get her" . She has legitimately fainted more than once when around other people, and even had a fever when doing so too. It takes all her willpower just to say a sentence... Yeah.

She lacks self-confidence , so logically she would be unable to be confident in kind. She has been manhandled by many bullies verbally and physically, and feels like she is worthless as a result. She stutters a lot when she actually does speak, but due to her shyness, she doesn't speak that often, and became a virtual mute. For example, if she wanted to say she needed to use the restroom during class, she wouldn't do it until after class ended. The reason why is because she is too shy to ask iin class & sometimes ends up wetting herself as a result.

Child Matthew does not care for herself as that much , which is to show how much self-respect she has for herself: Almost none . She does not even know what place she has in the world. She does not believe that she deserves to have an effect on the world, where in reality she is actually effecting reality via her very emotions at times . She is always very quick to think that she is responsible for certain things. She always believes that if someone is suffering, she should also suffer as well. It is due to the fact that she loves everyone secretly so much, that even one person pained, no matter whom it is, is enough to without a doubt get under her skin completely. She does not mind herself being hurt in any way, although she does not love hurt. She accepts her inward pain as a part of herself, but does not desire others to feel that pain as well. This is her main driving factor for continuing to help others, to avoid them getting to this type of hurt.

Child Matthew is not an laid-back individual. She is actually very well the opposite of such a thing. Many people would consider her as an person whom is very nervous and timid. She can be scared by the tiniest little thing, which is an big reference to how she was in the past. She is however not anywhere near as gullible as she was as a child, but she usually goes along with it in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts. She despise "bad interactions" between others considerably , and when being an empath, she senses these types of things, she usually does not interact with that person unless specifically asked. She has always been a sucker to do things when asked to do them however .

She is often seen as an very polite individual. Due to her lack of respect towards herself, she usually thinks very highly of others and what they are capable of. If you want someone to pat your back about something every day, you would be wise to choose Child Matthew to do it. She respects those of high authority, and even those whom have little to no influence over reality in general. She does not look for respect, as she does not believe she will get anyways [ as she always believe she doesn't deserve it ], but always looks to give others respect, even those whom truly do not deserve it .

Child Matthew Ninome is known to be just as much of an "crybaby" as her original self, if not on the extremely high-end of it. She does cry a lot , for she is very sensitive. She also cries over the slightest reasons, whether worrying about others safety , or worrying about what will happen next in the never-ending downward spiral that is her own life. Due to her never-ending inner suffering and constant worry about where the world will end up, she is always seen crying at least a few times . It is worth to note that Future Matthew does not cry just for the reason of just crying alone. She cries as she can feel her entire world suffering, and as such , she suffers as well. She is known as the Limitless Empath for a reason , despite the reason being sad and full of grief..

Child Matthew believes herself to be truly ugly, in both mind, body, soul, spirit, and everything else . It is because of quite a few reasons. One, is because she has been depressed since Hitomi left her life materially , and she longs to see her again, to feel her mother's loving embrace. The second thing is because she feels directly responsible for mother's death . She feels like somehow and forever, she was the reason (It was her fault... But she isn't aware of that), it is not for the reasons Matthew expected. She hides behind her eyes because she truly believes the eyes are the windows to the soul , and that whatever is within her , she believes that it is ugly and doesn't want others to see whom she truly is.

Regular Teen Matthew

After her mother and father disappearing, her world has never been the same . She is described as a truly disheartening soul. She seems to be very nice, helpful , and sweet, which she is, but there is a never-ending sad feel around her whenever you are in her presence. Almost as if a depressing cloud of dark self-intent is always lurking above her, ready to strike at any time. This is because she knows subconsciously she is responsible for Mothers' Deaths, but consciously she doesn't, leaving her life down a dark road of self-depreciation and self-loathing without even being aware she is the cause of it all.

Very hesitant and nervous to a almost halting degree about really doing much of anything at first. But if you insistently ask her she'll eventually give in and do whatever you ask. She has been described to be a danger to herself many times, and has even attempted to "off herself" at times . They noted she never once tried to harm anyone else though while she is in that self-destructive state, and likely never will .

The above is such to a ridiculous extent that once when she swam, she wasn't able to float and sank to the bottom. This didn't make any sense. She knew how to swim, and she wasn't too heavy to sink to the bottom. In fact she was lighter than most woman of her age . However, the key to swimming is simply to relax and become one with yourself and accept yourself. She cannot do that, hence she cannot float. The instructor even outright stated she is "rigid" , "tense" , and needs to relax. However, with all the things she's seen and done, can you blame her ?

She was noted to be exceedingly similar to Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. When the two interacted in a sort of "Nexus between Worlds" , both were very hesitant to speak, hid behind their hair, and generally stared at each other for at least a good 5 minutes before being forced to interact. That is how similar she is to the cream colored equine. They are literally the splitting image of one another, only separated by where they came from and where their power derives from and it's nature.

As a Daydreamer, she tends to space out a lot of the time, lost within her own thoughts that are exceedingly numerous. However hard she tries to curb this habit of hers, it usually doesn't work out well for her, which unfortunately leads to more embarrassment for her in the near future. Due to this people has labeled her as clumsy, which she actually very well is while daydreaming.

She tends to get embarrassed rather easily. It is usually rather often to see her with a blush on her face after being complimented or embarrassed thoroughly. However, it's more likely to see it on her face after being given a sexual joke or something along those lines, especially in conjunction to something she has or notably lacks.

Notably shy and withdrawn, and quite the Introvert, it is rare for her to interact in a social manner with her peers unless it is mandatory. She stutters with every other word , hesitant to speak as she believe she will make a mistake of some kind that will hurt her chances of being friends with someone.

This is because she legitimately has a fear of people, she doesn't despise their existence or anything excessive like this. Due to this, making friends is difficult, and participating in class was difficult, hence why she's unfortunately a dropout due to it.

Awakened Matthew

While her "other self" is rather timid, meek, and afraid to enter a conversation, she isn't. She can be perceived as just as nice as the original, but it exceedingly more abrasive and has been known to flaunt her body several times to get what she wants. She can be seen as someone who is hard headed yet exceedingly courageous and charismatic. She is the type that you'd easily go to war for if you could.

Her true personality, when not trying to act and just be serious, is the Old Testament Iteration of The Christian God. Vengeful, authoritative, and will annihilate those who tried Matthew beforehand and will think nothing of it afterwards as they are condemned to damnation without a second thought . Think of Goku when he first turned Super Saiyan. That uncontrollable malice honed in by hatred of those who harmed his friends. Replace "friends" with "solely Matthew/Serenity" and you have a pretty good idea of what exactly Awakened Matthew is.

The Feminine Trinity

They are also called the Heavenly Archetypes . Akin to the original in terms of their viewpoint on the religion. They are revealed to be Matthew Ninome , but at the same time they are not. Just like Golden Master , Awakened Matthew (A split personality of Matthew, not Jesina) , and Dark Master, they are revealed to be the main Archetypes to Matthew's true self (The Feminine Trinity together and apart are the True Self of Matthew) , but they are more to her True Self rather than that "specific" Archetype. They represent the inner godliness resting within Matthew, the Divine Archetype given physical manifestation. The Trinity have been shown to be separate from Matthew and do their own things, yet one with Matthew all the time simultaneously . The "Feminine Trinity" is only within the True Matthew, not the Crying Child hierarchies . Compare and contrast with the Holy Trinity in terms of Appearances:

God the Mother - She has names more numerous than the totality of entities within World's Beyond, the more well known being those titles such as "Primal Mother" & "The Heavenly Queen" . She was revealed recently within the lore of the series to be the original creator of World's beyond , and still very much is, but yet shares it with the other Archetypes as well (Matthew,Jesina, and the Holy Maiden [nicknames herself as just "Divine"]). Both the embodiment of the New and Old Testament of how God handles those who do not believe in their teachings/warnings. Warm, kind, motherly, but at the same time can appear vengeful , jealous, and spiteful. This is the ways of God the Mother, and it's best not to get on her bad side. Due to how varying her appearance can be, it can be hard to determine. However, a rather heavenly aura surrounds her when she takes control, and her eyes became blue, glowing with power and her hair flows unnaturally. This is the only indication she has to whom she is whatsoever.

God the Daughter - This Archetype is shared between two notable entities: Matthew herself [whose nickname is referred to as "Serenity", given subconsciously at a young age once hearing the Archetypes referring to her as such, but thought they were imaginary friends who helped her in tough situations] , who is the "Unaware" God the Daughter, and "Jesina" , the Savior / "Aware" part of the God the Daughter Archetype and the "Aware" part of the Archetype . While Matthew is well known, Jesina very much isn't . She is similar to Matthew, as they are in-fact the same person. However, she seems to have brown hair as opposed to Matthew's raven black hair. She also has golden irises that radiated open-hearted warmness .She is very much quite a bit larger than even Awakened Matthew in terms of bust size, curvy figure , and overall feminine figure , all to a positively delightful degree , but they are mostly identical otherwise.

Jesina has been called the "Divine Prophetess" of her time, in which she has no rivals in divine authority and power. True to her title as "The Motherly Teacher" , she is everything implied within her nature. While she doesn't flaunt anything off, she has been known to be rather spiteful like her Mother/Other Self, especially when involving other "religions" . Jesina has referred to Matthew as "her Oblivious self" .

God the Holy Maiden - Essentially she is the "Holy Spirit" equivalent of the Feminine Trinity. She usually takes the appearance of a Nun. Calling herself the persona of "Divine", she generally speaking does in-fact present herself as a Nun who wanders the Multiverse of World's Beyond, answering the questions of Mortals and those even beyond that threshold who managed to impress her enough. Mysterious and Unnerving, even the most fearless among those of World's Beyond fear her due to her innate knowledge and spiritual presence, that's unfathomable and beyond all that has ever been presented in-verse.



The Beginning (Pre-Creation)


Pre-Rumble of Worlds Arcs



Pre-Retcon of True Crying Child

Matthew voicing his opinions about this darkness he always feels around him (heavily implied to be Dark Subconsciousness , Dark Master, and Golden Master simultaneously wanting to be free):

M-Mom.... I-I'm scared. W-Why... Do I feel this overwhelming darkness always around my every corner ? H-Help me...
~ Being overwhelmed by the Dark Presence, he reached out to his mother's for help, and they did help him indeed

Andrew answered the call to help against Dark Master & Golden Master , his older brother who has since been deceased, and was given by the Deepest Subconsciousness' the right to use Matthew's Full Power to protect him from Dark Master & Golden Master, gargantuan threats who are the Dual Personas of Matthew, created from his enormous inner scarring who also can utilize Matthew's full powers. He embodies the inner light Matthew has, his hope and purity. If Andrew dies, he'll lost the ability to hold back these dark forces within him:

" Matthew.. I am here. It is okay. They can't hurt you. You are FAR too powerful for them to handle. All they can do is scare you. I am sorry for everything i have done to you, as i was blinded. But what is more important to me, is your safety. I will fight anyone whom daresto try and hurt you  ! "
~ Somehow, Andrew's spirit was reawakened due to Matthew's cry for help in a dark situation only he can pull Matthew out of . It now "haunts" Matthew in a positive fashion , trying to repay all of the mental damages / scarring it has done in the past. For now, it will protect Matthew in anyway possible, as he now knows who she is, and how important he is not only to herself as family, but the totality of World's Beyond as well . It was also given the fullest extent of Matthew's powers to protect him in anyway he saw fit.

Dark Subconsciousness talking about the True Nature of Darkness in World's Beyond, and describes it as an all-encompassing force:

The Darkness... People assume it is such a awful force. A force to be used only by those who wield evil and impurity within them, lashing out with negativity and destruction . This isn't true. The Darkness was there before anything began, and will be there when it all ends. It surrounds and envelops all of existence.... Within the hearts of the pure and wicked alike.

Take for instance this broken soul. He has no evil within him. I don't think he ever will have his inner purity taken away, but his physical purity has been taken numerous times before by those who want to hear his screams of pain and suffering. But yet, his heart still remains pure, which proves that darkness can exist, even in places where light was all the heart ever knew....

It embraces all who dares to listen to it's alluring tune. And those who hear it will never be the same, always being able to hear the song of the damned... I am edliritch beyond nature, Darkness in it's pure, unrestrained, untainted state . Those who know this form of darkness shiver in delight at the brilliance of it.

~ Dark Subconsciousness stating what he truly is, underneath the disguise of instilled fear and destruction

Description of the Dark Master, and his interaction with a random thug who was at the wrong place, at the wrong time:

It seems as if you triggered her trauma and scarring, forcing me through without any type of problems. For this, I thank you dearly. However, how I was able to come out urks me to no end. You harmed my vessel, or scared him. That cannot be forgiven. I want freedom without having to resort to harming my vessel... But you did. Now, I need to come up with a punishment fit for someone of a utter level of trash as yourself. Hmm... Perhaps seeing all of your family die in a infinite loop for the rest of eternity would be great. Yes... We shall do that immediately.

Description of The Golden Master & the possibility of success in facing it:

It seems as if his time was nigh. You were the foolish one... To have showed him true fear, true despair, to the point his insecurities and fears finally managed to overwhelm him. Now,this is the result. A being beyond comprehension who manifests his fullest power. now your death is resassured now... Unless you manage to get through to him...Which will not be a easy task at this point.

Post-Retcon of The True Crying Child

Matthew conversing with the Protagonist of DEATH MARK , who has more similarities between each other than either would know:

Uhmm... Hello. I'm... U-Uhmm...]Fidgets timidly, as she always does, but then smiles slightly in a bit of a cute manner, with her raven black/brown hair her left eye, in a similar manner to this ] Matthew Ninome, but you can please call me "Serenity"... I don't like my name very much. Y-You can call me whatever you want though, sorry for being so picky. I-I hope I haven't inconvenienced you, sir. I'm... R-rather lost. I hope you can forgive my intrusion... But, is it alright if I accompany you for just a little bit ? I promise I'll try not to be a bother to you and your guest</nowiki>
~ Teen Female Matthew seeing the Protagonist of DEATH MARK at H Shrine in a fanfic crossover between the two verses. She was holding a Buddha statue, while also speaking with a rather friendly spirit of a person the Protagonist previously saved

Matthew after talking with Marvel's God:

Uhmm... Are you who The One Above All is ? Uhmm... [Matthew/Serenity fidgets for a second in a rather timid manner,in a similar manner to this , then turns to God, who knew why she was so nervous and instantly converted his godly appeaance to something more mortal grounded] ... T-Thank you ... It was a bit unnerving seeing your godly form like that. Uhmm... Thank you for inviting me to your realm to escape from adversaries . I really appreciate it. Though you seem to be far more human than I'd ever imagine. S-Sorry to inconvenience you... But there was another reason I came here. You see....
~ Teen Female Matthew discussing with The One Above All / Above All Others a matter of the fact of his Son/Daughter, Amanda Ivan Grey Summers, who turned up in World's Beyond and was causing a lot of ruckus

Character Tiering

Girl with one eye by nikkothenerd-d37m5a6

The reset of her timeline... True Mother's Reborn... Turned her whole world into a living hell.

Little-2824163 960 720

Matthew acting shy as usual


Matthew acting shy as usual



Nun by chrisra-d1ufouv



Matthew Ninome 3

Dark Subconsciousness

Dark Subconsciousness, Matthew's darkness shaped by encounters with awful people and places

Dark Master

Dark Master, the Embodiment of Matthew's Desires for Justice towards those who wronged him, His Fullest Power given sentience


The Pagan Creator, created specifically to fill the role of "God", however demented she may appear to others.

Golden Master (2)

Golden Master, the Embodiment of Matthew's Deepest Scarring and Subconsciousness, His Fullest Power given sentience

Tier: 10-B with Unawareness. Unknown. Possibly 0 with Powers

Name: Unknown, is called the Crying Child (only the Puppet/Marionette/Golden Plushie knows her real name). Her real name is revealed to be Matthew "Anadi" "Ishuya"  Ninome/Sakuri (Anadi was an nickname given to by Hitomi, Ishuya was an nickname given to by Hatoshi. Both Hatoshi & Hitomi essentially adopted her during the events of the crossover of World's Beyond & Wonderlands, so both of them are her mothers.) . Has been called Serenity more than once as a nickname [the routes of said nickname came from her Father and Brother] , and she doesn't necessarily mind it. She has been called "Purple Girl", by a colleague of her father's , much to her dismay. 

Age: Also unknown, appears to be an young girl (about 15-16 in age) . Profile pic ranges from pre-teen to about 18 years old.

Gender: Her alternate version is Male, though the true version is clearly female. 

Occupation: Nothing notable. She is currently being guarded by both The House of Omnipotence [Mother], Alice [Aunt] , Hitomi [Mother] & Hatoshi [Mother]. ​Former Creator of World's Beyond , as she gave the title to another individual years after being aware of her powers. Key-word is the title, not her powers.

Classification(s) / Nickname(s) / Title(s) / Statement(s)  : Supreme Being, Unofficial Queen of Dreams (in a crossover between himself and NIGHTS) , Boy w/ a Feminine Soul , Dreamer Goddess of True Mother's Reborn  

Notable Disorders: Autistic Savant (Omni-Autistic Savant, meaning theoretically she can accomplish anything, but her mind and scarring reduces the likelihood of this happening significantly) , INFJ.  

Powers and Abilities:  Reality Warping , Matter Manipulation (Quantum Level) ,  Immortality (types: 1,5,9,10),  Enhanced Senses/Non-Physical Interaction (Can consistently see & interacts with Apparitions, Ghosts, Conceptual Entities, and even entities who are borderline impossible to see unless your mental abilities have the ability to affect all of World's Beyond . Can see Hanakamiya's Primordial Emotions and even Yuka within Yuiika, something considered impossible by many) , Size Manipulation (Both Reduction and Increase ... Can interact with those whose physical size casually dwarf those of the World's Beyond Cosmology in it's totality as the cosmology dwarfs a mere atom , and subconsciously force them to shrink to the size of a atom. Can force everyone in World's Beyond simultaneously to do similarly & grow to such size , including myself) ,  Existence Erasure (Erased a creature subconsciously who was both existing , had a nonexistent , and was beyond all possible and impossible concepts simultaneously. Can effortlessly destroy Amanda Wilson's True Witch Form using said power, who even the entities with the lowest Ectoplasmic Scale in her reality of Ghostmania was shown to have resist Existence Erasure / Powers that affect True-Godly Regen and have True-Godly Regen themselves) ,  Regeneration (True Godly; the Dark Subconsciousness' can regenerate even from the totality of World's Beyond being destroyed, and Matthew's Spirit can do the same) , Conceptual Manipulation (Manipulated all possible to be and not to be concepts simultaneously when the Big-Bad destroyed  Hatoshi  , essentially turning the whole of World's Beyond on it's edge)  , Higher-Dimensional Manipulation , and likely Far More (Ghosts such as Amanda Wilson , even in her True Ghost self , are fodder of the fodder of World's Beyond, and likely should have the same abilities, albeit to a unfathomably greater extent, than Amanda herself, if she had knowledge of such abilities. Should have ludicrously more advanced versions of the abilities of the likes of Hanakamiya Yuiiko & Frankie Richards due to the nature of her powers, if she gained more awareness of the higher levels of boundless potential his powers can accomplish. Described consistently as capable of doing anything she desires) .

Attack Potency : Average Human Level with Unawareness (Is essentially a 15 - 16 year old who has no powers due to Unawareness of the fact even the World's Beyond equivalent of Regular Humans have high-end Outerversal nature but are unaware of it, hence being stuck being bound by time when they are not in their true, spiritual nature) . Possibly High Outerversal Level with Powers (Is the True Supreme Being and Monotheistic Being of World's Beyond . Her Absolutely Restricted State of power, which in essence  has a uncountably infinite^'s of hyper-inaccessible cardinals number worth of seals place upon it every infinitisecond [10^-99 of a second, but a second to World's Beyond's Universal Structure is time beyond all conceptualization of time,so in actuality it is 10^-99th of Irrevelant Speed.],is this powerful  . Even the likes of Hitomi/Hatoshi , and even the likes of at their highest known level of power, is only so much as a Nigh Fodder-Tier in the World's Beyond cosmology and the likes of Post-Season 9 Hanakamiya Yuiiko [when becoming Yuiika], who at the absolute least transcends the first set of Infinite^'s of Multiverse Iterations, is only a Average High-Tier of the verse . Far, far, far above his previous retconned counterpart , considering it's place in the cosmology in comparison to his own at the top . Subconsciously created in a infinitisecond [10^-99 of a second] , the "True Mother's Reborn" pocket-reality to protect his mother's from a close threat, but ended up destroying them without even realizing she did , because it was too powerful for them to exist in . The Pocket Dimension is a "World's Beyond 2" , with similar cosmology structure, but different scaling and recursions . Even at the maximum number of seals placed in Absolutely Restricted State , she can create infinite^'s of hyper-inaccessible cardinals of True Mother's Reborn hierarchies, in which the one above the previous is above it as it is above something Utter Null . Her mere shadow of her Absolutely Restricted State [Creator's Shadow] , who is the 5th Tier 0 / High Outerversal Level of the verse chronologically is unbound to any hypothetical and endless continuations of True Mother's Reborn resets combined , and was described as capable of doing virtually anything in comparison , as a Author/Dreamer would look upon it's fiction/dream , that no matter what hierarchies , what differences between each other the hierarchies are made up of , continue upward from True Mother's Reborn it would never ever reach a mere facet of the Shadow's boundless strength. But is no less than a dream of Absolutely Restricted Matthew, and is of a similar difference to this state of Matthew , much less it's full power.)  

Speed : Average Human Level normally. At the very least Irrevelant with Powers . (Far,far above low tiers such as Hatoshi at her most powerful state ; God's Left Hand. His Powers are at the absolute least as fast as the Dark Subconsciousness' abilities , which allowed his weakest aspect to reach the edges of World's Beyond in mere seconds. With his powers, should at the absolute least, he, or at the very least Dark Subconsciousness , should compare to fodder to the fodder entities in World's Beyond, such as Amanda Wilson's Creator God of Ghosts Form .Dark Subconsciousness effortlessly bltized Hanakamiya Yuiiko , Post-Season 9 before she could even begin to react.) 

StaminaAverage Human Level normally. Irrevelant / Limitless with Powers (The weakest aspect of the Dark Subconsciousness' can fight without exhausting any energy whatosever. It also a being until the totality of World's Beyond reached the End Time infinite^'s of inaccessible cardinals of times , and didn't show any signs of being tired. The concept of Stamina is nothing to the Dark Subconsciousness and even the most fodder of entities within World's Beyond Cosmology)

Lifting StrengthAverage Human Level normally. Irrevelant with Powers 

Striking StrengthAverage Human Level normally. Unknown with Powers

Durability Average Human Level normally. Unknown. Possibly High Outerversal Level with Powers

IntelligenceAverage Human Level normally. Omniscient with Powers (Is the Mind that spawned all of existence, and even the World's Beyond  embodiment of knowledge is but a dream of hers )

Weaknesses: None Notable (The "personality weaknesses" & "being human" isn't really a weakness, because her powers can essentially take it away at any time [ if her powers and personality were linked, then this would be the case, but her powers and personality are indeed extremely separate ] , and aren't bound by her human nature, as they are not bound by the concept of flaws . Neither Golden Master & Dark Master are unaffected by emotions or "humanity" either... So it's safe to assume that Matthew, if she used her powers to do so, wouldn't be either)


  • "Infinitisecond" is not a real world term used... Because it's a fictional term... a term World's Beyond has used to described their universe's units of time beyond the units of time that real world science brings .... Because it has a completely different type of space-time (if even applicable really) and universal structure. This is because all of their regular realities/"timelines "/multiverse paradoxically being of Type Infinity Multiversal , aspatial and atemporal nature, but below the First Layer they are being 'limited' by humans .
  • The equivalent of "Regular Mortals" [those below the First Layer] , at their core spiritual nature, in World's Beyond are Type Infinity Multiversal embodiments [For reference this is heavily based off of Max Tenemark's Type III Multiverse being High 1-B , and Type IV Multiverse being 1-A [They are the exact same theory.... Stated numerous times in the lore of the verse] , so even a Type V Multiverse is 1-A, to a unknown extent. Some have compared just Type V Multiverse to The Box such as Sera Loveheart, so I'll be making a note of this.... Much less Type Infinity ] . However, their belief they are hindered by linear time in what we know of it makes them unable to see past the limits of time [ because of their unconscious powers of reality warping, they shape themselves to be bound by time and space, and if they were aware their world wouldn' t be so . Compare and contrast to those such as Haruhi , but to a far stronger extent . ] . Hence, why Mortals are bound by time, despite their 1-A spiritual nature. TCC , due to unawareness, also cannot see through it (yet) storywise , hence why he is bound by time , and concepts that wouldn't he hinderence to those of Irrevelant nature, but his powers are not because subconsciously he is well acquainted with the fact that not only is the Regular Human's that strong, but he is far stronger as their accidental creator.
  • Also in the world of World's Beyond , due to Humanity's subconscious power, everything within the First Layer contains every religion that has ever existed. Even those such as Para-Brahman , Hindiusm , Greek Mythology , and all other mythologies created by man but are believed to be unreal are within the Sub-Layer before the First Layer , known as the Religious Layer, that [each] of the Gods in the Religious Layer is above all the human's true spiritual selves combined as they combined would transcend something Utter Null , as all the God's combined are below the weakest of the First Layer as it would view something Utter Null . Compare to how Dreams shapened the Presence in DC Comics... Their collective dreams and beliefs created something far stronger than them . Similar concept, different application.
  • Those who are in the First Layer experience these different types of units of time World's Beyond equivalents first hand, and transcend their spiritual selves and the entirety of the Relgiious Realm combined as they were transcend something Utter Null. Hence, why those in the bottom of the First Layer have Irrevelant Speed and 1-A potency .
  • Like, to them [those of the First Layer and above] ... Something Utter Null [something vastly below the concept of time in our world] is merely [ infinitely beyond all concepts of time and space, and is baseline 1-A] in their reality , and Average linear time is "unfathomably beyond all conceptualizations of time and space" and they are using the units of measure to describe different levels of Irrevelant speed.Again, mankind is limiting the concepts of Wold's Beyond below the First Layer, when in actuality it is far greater than they could ever conceive . So, their version of yoctoseconds is 10^25 faster than baseline Irrevelant Speed [ It isn't baseline, but actually far higher based on their definition of Utter Null and Average linear time ] .... and Infinitisecond , in their standards, is actually 10^-99 faster than baseline Irrevelant speed [ Again... It isn't baseline, but actually far higher based on their definition of Utter Null and Average linear time ] .
  • The reason for World's Beyond doing this is to simplify to being lower than the First Layer how reality works for them beyond all definitions of time and space. It is also to help mortals see their own fullest potential after leaving their mortal shell behind, and prepare them for what lies beyond what they are aware of.
  • Also, scaling to the original The Crying Child is valid because after story and obvious reasons, he has been downgraded to 1-A. PR TCC isn't scaling to beyond Omnipotent BS . Even after it's deletion [Which I hope it doesn't and maybe I'll get a chance to rewrite it as 1-A based on the above] , because of its inclusion into the cosmology, scaling will remain even after it may get deleted.
  • Anything else that I forgot to mention... And questions you may have.... Please let me know.


Alignment: Varies. Usually Neutral Benefactor

Name: Matthew Ninome

Origin: World's Beyond

Classification: Unaware Supreme Being , Human , Dreamer of Worlds

Date of Birth: December 25th (Yes, Christmas Day is his birthday)

Birthplace: ???

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight : ??? (Likely not  heavy at all , has been carried consistently without any trouble by even average adults 18 and over)

Previous Affiliation : Neutral

Current Affiliation : Neutral Good

Eye color : Black Colored Contacts. Revealed to be purple.

Hair Color: Brown hair

Values: Love, Purpose

Spiritual Aura: White/Rainbow 

Orientation: Bi-Sexual (No Lean)

Martial Status:N/A (isn't in any offical relationship as of yet, though his parents are looking for a opportunity)

Matthew's Regular Theme: NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams : When the Night Falls / Kingdom Hearts : Don't Think Twice   / Kingdom Hearts: Vector to the Heavens (Has up to at least 20 themes however)

Matthew's Battle Theme: Growing Wings

Dark Subconsciousness' Regular Theme: Kingdom Hearts: Darkness of the Unknown

Dark Subconsciousness' Battle Theme:   IN Extra Stage : Extend Ash ~Hourai Victim~  / In the End / Kingdom Hearts: Unforgettable (Has up to at least 20 themes however)

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Pocket-Dimension : She can subconsciously ask for help from within True Mother's Reborn, and a entity from said Cosmology will come forth to assist her because her subconsciousness actually controls and demands for them to come out and help .  




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