The Dark Lord is an OC created by Alan Becker.

The Dark Lord was created to stop the Chosen One from causing havoc on his computer. Altough he was more than a match for the Chosen One, he ended being beaten. But then he joined the Chosen One, and destroyed the computer of the Animator.

Appearance and Personality

The Dark Lord is a stickman, so there's nothing much to say about him, except that he is red colored instead of black. Aside of that, he is visually the same as the Animation.

He is very obedient, brutal and fierce, having no qualms and hesitations about attacking a random guy that he just met, because the Animator ordered him to. However, he isn't emotionless, and was shown to feel fear - when he was defeated by the Chosen One - and to be open minded, clearly accepting the fact that he had been just a tool for the Animator.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C

Name: The Dark Lord.

Origin: Animator vs. Animation.

Gender: Unindentified.

Age: Some minutes.

Classification: Fighting stickman.

Powers and Abilities: Enchanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina and Durability, skill with many weapons, Energy Projection, Tectonic Control, Flight, Pyrokinesis.

Attack Potency: Building Level (His attacks caused similiar damage to the Chosen One's attacks, and he was arguably more destructive than the Chosen One, judging from their battle), possibly much higher (With the Chosen One's help, managed to create a black hole that then exploded, burning the computer's proccessing parts, technically destroying the computer).

Speed: Athlete Human w/ at least Sonic+ reactions. (Kept up with The Chosen One)

Lifting Strength: Unspecified.

Striking Strength: Class KJ, possibly high KJ

Durability:  Building Level (Resisted the Chosen One's blows).

Stamina: Infinite. (Animations can't tire)

Range: Many meters with energy spheres.

Standard Equipment: None.

Intelligence: Average; Skill at using weapons, skilled in martial arts, good at using the enviroment to help him.

Weaknesses: None notable.


- Kept up with the Chosen One.

- Created a black hole.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Energy Sphere: The Dark Lord can create dark yellow, crackling energy spheres at will that are extremely destructive and powerful. He can create bigger and smaller spheres at will.

Tectonic Stomp: The Dark Lord can stomp on the ground, making the ground rise to smash the enemy.

Flight: It was shown that the Dark Lord could fly.

Black Hole: With the help of The Chosen One, The Dark Lord managed to create a black hole that has shown to be powerful enough to wreck Windows and the computer's system.


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Inconclusive Matches:


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