The Fluff is an entity that is believed by all Fluffy People to be the source of creation and existence. It is so strong that definitions do not exist for its "power". Hop's idealogy, Hoppism, named it Gop, as Hop believes it created Hop in its image. Buddy, however, was always aware of its existence and capabilities. Other beliefs about The Fluff are largely false.

It has never appeared before to any characters, other than Hop, Sop and Buddy. It does not speak, however, it shares its "thoughts" into the minds of those it communicates with. These "thoughts" are transformed into comprehensible ideas to others, usually in the form of orders, in which some cases it allows Hop or Buddy to refuse them if they feel against it.

Caring greatly for its creation, it gave all fluffy people of its direct creation true immortality and invincibility, to prevent them for destruction. They all also have resistance to hax and other forms of defeat. These gifts are the only interactions Hop, Sop and Buddy know it has done outside of creation of the infinite higher dimensional multiverses.

Sop was it's first individual recognized for his dedication to greater existences, and as a reward, it gifted Sop and all of his race with immortality and invincibility. After Sop's Ascension, The Fluff left it's universes alone, to make their own choices and decide their own history.

Hop has his own interpretation of this being here.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 0

Name: The Fluff, Gop

Origin: Yo! Soy Hop! & Fluffy People

Gender: N/A

Age: N/A

Classification: Deity

Attack Potency: True Infinity

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: True Infinity

Durability: True Infinity

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: Irrelevant

Intelligence: Omniscient 

Weaknesses: None

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