The Four Warriors were the last men ever sent into the Colosseum against The Giant, as they were the first to kill him, due to having been armed by The Hooded Man. The Emporor was pleased. They each were given a personal seat in his throne room, until he became bored and sent them out for more gladatorial combat.

Tier: 9-C + each, especially when armed.

Name: The Four Warriors, Aemilus, Servius, Diocletianus, and Festus

Gender: All are male

Age: In their 30s

Origin: The Colosseum

Classification: Human Gladiators

Attack Potency: Each is about Street Level +. Together, they killed the (9-A) Giant.

Speed: Athlete Level each

Lifting Strength: Athlete Level each

Striking Strength: Street Level + each

Durability: Street Level each

Stamina: Athlete Level + each

Range: Around 15 yards with the sling provided to them by The Hooded Man, slightly beyond Human otherwise

Standard Equipment: Whatever they can find in the Colosseum. Usually includes swords, sheilds, spears, and the occasional javelin. Also, each carries an individual peice of the sling provided them by The Hooded Man, and never part with it. Light armor.

Intelligence: Assumedly Above Average, as they were able to relatively easily construct a sling from a small pouch and two seperate peices of string, as well as a small, sharp, heavy stone.

Weaknesses: Their best weapon, the sling, can only be constructed if they are all together.

Powers and Abilities: None Notable

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Simple rushing attacks with swords and hands. If all else fails, they build a sling to attack their foes, which almost allways works.

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