Originally, there was nothing. No planets, no stars, no galaxies. Nothing, except for one thing. A being who stood at the centre of this blank canvas, this void. That being was Xeno. No one knows who or what Xeno is or what he represents. Or how he came to be. Some say he came from an egg, others say he was once a Universe himself, but when he gained sentience, that Universe became the void he saw. But it mattered not what he was, but what he did.

The mystical being slaved away for a millennia to perfect a world so vast, so varied and so beautiful. After he had finally completed his creation, he entered a 1,000 year sleep. Despite Xeno's ability to create anything in an instant, his creation took on countless forms until it reached its perfection; this is why it took Xeno so long to make his world. Unbeknownst to Xeno initially, when he created his "Omniverse", he had also created good, and evil...

These emotions took form, and became Gohi and Chaos. Their conflicting ideals brought them to battle in Xeno's great creation. The resulting battle destroyed six of the eighteen Lower-Hyperverses in one of the four Upper-Hyperverses of Xeno's world. It lasted for many thousands of years until Xeno awoke from his great slumber. Condemning Gohi's and Chaos' actions, he destroyed both of them. But the concepts that created the two could never be destroyed, and so, they took form again.

Seeking order and peace in his masterpiece, Xeno slaved away once more to create King Demious, the mystical sentience of the Omniverse. A being of free will, Xeno laid the seeds of his character but allowed him to mature. He then created his own Universe that was located outside of the Omniverse. A space where only himself and King Demious could be. This area was named "The Temple of Xeno".

King Demious was ordered to bring life to Xeno's creation, but before he embarked on this quest, he imprisoned Chaos and Gohi into their own dimensions (though he later freed Gohi as he had no intention to destroy anything more) and limited Chaos' power so that he may never directly bring havoc. He then created a complex hierarchy of Gods that would preside over given spacial areas in the Omniverse. He created the highest of them. They then made the next highest of them, leading eventually to Kurieitā's.

But this tale, is the tale of a mortal...