The United One is a character in the verse of Uni and is the creation of John-Zander.

The United One is a human cyborg born sometime before the first planet was colonized by humans and is the longest living human existence. Most of his life was spent dealing in academics, training, politics and even fighting for equal rights for new subspecies of humans. He eventually created The United Empire the most powerful nation in human history. His power comes from his UNI, powerful technology, and Mental Energy Manipulation.


The United One is a human cyborg that is 6'2 or 189 CM. His mechanical parts include his eyes, hands, bone Structure And Implants here and there. He looks like a pale skinned 21 Year old Caucasian male but don't let his looks fool you his body may be 21 Years of age in quality but his real age is somewhere over 9000 Years of age. His eye color naturally is electric blue but his mechanical eyes allow him to change it to any color though he generally keeps it looking like the eyes he was born with. The same is with his skin and hair color due to his excellent body manipulation he can change it at any time but generally keeps it at its natural look. Pale skin and Dark Brown hair. His Body is an Mesomorph type and is medium built.


The United One is mostly an unserious man. He cracks jokes and laugh a lot. He is generally a good person by most definitions. Opposing slavery, sexism, Ect. He's not completely lawful however he has broken his own nation's laws to keep something going on a couple occasions. The United One swears a lot and sometimes uses more popular slang instead of actual intelligent words. He is very charismatic when he wants to be able to change a person's mind on even larger things with ease. When he goes into Insanity's Unification his personality changes as he laughs for no reason even if he's losing and generally loses a slight bit of Self control but is still fully aware during this state and can stop himself if Necessary. He also becomes more brutal and Precise being more efficient while also doing more "unnecessary" things

Combat Statistics

Tier: 5-C | 4-C

Powers And Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Immortality (Type 1), Awareness Of Other Universes And Timelines, Immune To Time Manipulation, Negation of Time Abilities (Presence), Regeneration (Mid), Electrical Manipulation, Completely Immune To Electricity, Temperature Manipulation (Heat And Cold), Extremely Resistant To Heat And Cold, Telepathy, Minor Time Manipulation, ,Telekinesis, Healing (Advance Fatal) | Everything Else Stated But At A Higher Level, Black Hole Creation and Destruction

Attack Potency: Moon Level | Star Level

Speed: Low Relativistic Combat Speed, Massively FTL+ Reaction Timing, Massively FTL+ Travel Speed (Warp) | Relativistic+ Combat Speed, Massively FTL+ Reaction Timing, Massively FTL+ Travel Speed (Warp)

Durability: Large Planet Level (Took a Planet Destroying Shot From Omega and Still had the Durability to Deal with Incurse Grand Advisor to Monos Attack's for a Good Period of Time)

Lifting Strength: Class T Lifted a Mountain to Show off | High Class E Stopped a average sized moon from crashing into a planet and instead threw it back

Striking Strength: Class TJ With focused enhancement | Class NJ With focused enhancement

Stamina: Physically he has unlimited physical stamina, Mentally however he is limited but not weak he would have to blow up multiple moons just to start to get tired Mentally | Same Physically, Mentally Unknown but is said that practically its unlimited as it would take years and years to tire him with constant usage

Range: Solar System Range With Mentalis Powers, Around 1,000,000 Kilometers with Electrical abilities, Several meters with Slashing, Melee with fists

Intelligence: Has a doctorate in almost every subject. Declared a super genius in military tactics and described as beyond genius when it comes to swordsmanship. Is the leader of the most powerful and well maintained nation in his universe, Owns and manages a profitable corporation by himself.

Weaknesses: None truly notable

Key: Base | Insanity's Unification

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Insanity's Unification- He forces his brain to start producing Insanite Energy or Insanity Energies Which is more powerful than regular Mentalis energy. To prevent himself from going insane he has to control these energies this process is very painful and he drops onto his knees sword in the ground while a red black visible aura surrounds him. This takes a short bit but he is not vulnerable during this the Insanite energies going berserk hurting harming sentient life around The United One. It has killed civilians (even the weaker earlier Versions Did This), and even stunned Theos. After the transformation his sense aura is very dreading. Appearance wise his mechanical eyes change color temporarily until the transformation is undone. The eyes look like normal eyes but with black scleras and a blood red iris.

Enhance- He can use his mental abilities to enhance his or his equipment's strength, durability, strength and overall power

Rainfall- Aims Gladus up in the air firing a beam of mental energy the splitting in into smaller projectiles and raining it down. Has ripped apart areas the size of large continents. its power with Insanity's Unification has completely tore about a moon and made a crack in a tectonic plate in the planet beneath it.

Unity's wrath- Fires a small beam from Gladus that is programmed to obliterate a target. In Base form it has destroyed Moons. In Insanity's Unification after gathering power it has destroyed a Star.

Electrical Dominance- Combining Omega (If he has it Available) and Ignis. Omega fires up its rail-gun putting its most powerful output in it while Ignis controls it, adds power and redirects it towards an opponent. It has overload a character that was known to be impenetrable to electricity while wearing a suit that could take a hit from Omega on lower power and survived Omega's constant electrical generation.

Cosmic Suction- One of The United One's most powerful ability in this he formed a black hole and can control its direction in which it is traveling. Note- Can only be used in Insanity's Unification and takes almost 1 Minute to produce.

Crawlspace- The United One uses Oculi to slow down time to a "Crawl" he is affected as well but his senses are not affected.

Hip Hop- He can jump forward or backward in Time for up to 15 Seconds. It has a period of cool-down of Several minutes.



  • Formed the most powerful empire to date
  • Has killed over 500 Ruling leaders


  • Has outsmarted Larcus on multiple occasions
  • Has United Insanite Energies
  • Can Create Black Holes


  • Stopped a moon from crashing into a planet and threw it outwards
  • Has lived over 9000 years with no near-death experiences


Oculi- One of The United One's most important equipment. They are mechanical eyes that are considered the most useful UNI of all time. The Oculi grants him but is not limited to. Solar system range sight, can see as small as DNA, functional supercomputer, tracking, identifying substances and weaknesses on targets, it even see through layers of walls, but it's most important ability is it's time manipulation abilities able to slow down time (Though it affects him but does not slow down his mind) and anchors him and anything into its sight onto its present time flow making him and things around him immune to time manipulation

Gladus (gl-a-dus) - The United One's Sword that is made out of the most durable and sharp materials in existence it is almost impossible to destroy. Its sharpness is insane able to cut just about anything if enough mental power is channeled into it. The materials it is made of is very resonant with mental energies making it easy to channel mental energies into it and out.

Ispander- His combat suit. Not made for durability it is still tough and has taken a slash from Gladus. Made from a thin layer of what Gladus is made of making it tough and easy to channel mental energy into. Equipped with a warp device allowing him to travel 1000's of times faster than the speed of light.

Ignis- A pair of mechanical hands he received after his own hands got removed. These mechanical hands are made of the same material as Ispander and Gladus making channeling mental energy into easier and have made them nearly impenetrable. The main ability of Ignis is the ability to manipulate and create electricity in incredible amounts. Has controlled the electric output of the Indus rail-gun with ease. Has after

Larcus A.I.- A UNI AI Larcus used to be a legendary UNI maker making Gladus and Oculi but then he died. Nobody knew about his AI that was copying his existence until The United One discovered it and had the chip that contained him installed into his head. Can produce powerful mental energy with ease. Works faster than limits of Oculi Larcus has successfully overloaded even the most powerful supercomputers with data making him the most powerful sentient machine of all time.


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