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    00:06, October 7, 2016

    Yaaaay, another SOL battle.


    Linx Rifelson




    Linx is in Blood Form but cannot use the Ion Beta God Blade and Chosen Armor, whereas SOL is Sol Invictus - Deus ex Machina. Speed equalized. In-character, but both are serious about winning. Win by death.

    (We can change the rules at any time to make the fight more fair)

    The match takes place on an indestructable planet. 


    Both participants are summoned on the indestructable planet by a mysterious force. It says if they want to leave, they will have to kill eachother to be transported back from where they were. The two accept this, and the battle begins. 

    Who will win? The Supernatural, or the Military AI?

    Battle Music


    Linx: 0


    Inconclusive: 3

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    • Dang, this is really hard. But I think I'm going with Linx, his abilities should be enough. Also, for being similar to my OC lel.

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    • Another SOLSTICE match, i see.

      Alright. Stats-wise, they seem pretty even-ish. Though i don't get why Linx is 4-A on his profile (since he has a move that only allows him to destroy a SS and not more like 2 SS's even), i think that SOLSITCE is higher as she's somewhat comparable to another whose abale to shred multiple star systems.

      Abilities: Both are of essentially the same. They have defenses of their own that allows them to not get haxxed out by the other (Linx with his "Willpower", SOL with her Absolute Barriers). Both have attacks that could bypass durability (Linx being the normal Durability Negation affect, SOL being capable of attacking the mind and soul and not just the body itself). Linx does have weapons of varying effects which can f up SOL in it's own ways.

      Hate to say it but i think that Linx wins this in the end. Thing for him is that he has full hax resistance whereas SOL's only allow her to defense against MOST forms of attacks, manipulation, and conrtrol (though it may not matter much since i have no clue as to what her barrier can't defend against). Another is that Linx wins by having the superior Dura (though i'd really appreciate an explanation as to why that is the case. It would really allow to know why Linx has Galaxy level Dura...unless he's supposed to have MSS leve dura, maybe?). And he has weapons that can destroy SOL in many ways. Then again, her barriers COULD possibly defend against them but like in another SOLSTICE match, i'm uncertain. In this case, it's more of like "she may not have a defense against them" thing.

      But yes, Linx wins this more than SOL for me.

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    • Mkay, 2 - 0 in favor of Linx.

      And, his durability is because he could survive hits from higher tiers than him such as surviving hits from the Infinity Alpha God Blade. Another explaination could simply be his full hax resistance. 

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    • @Xmark12: I am being serious about the Galaxy Dura on Linx's Blood form, dude. If he's supposed to have it, then at least explain on there of why he has it. Just saying.

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    • I did, refresh the page, I edited my comment.

      Edit: There could be a nerf though, I did make Linx when I wasn't experienced with this site, so I could make a nerf on his durability.

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    • You should do that to his other durability stats. Because if it's not there, then i can't really understand it. It should be put on his page instead of just being explained here. That way, i get the full picture of it.

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    • Added explainations.

      If you need anything, I'll be up in probably 2 hours. Gonna take a quick nap.

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    • Okay so the OP is changed and some stuff has been done to Linx.

      Alright so Xmark. Since you said that Linx normally doesn't use weapons in battle and doesn't have his Choson Armor, i think i'm going to change my vote.

      As it stands, both Linx and SOL are pratically equal in stats, with the exception that speed in equalized and Linx w/o the armor in his Blood Form is at least MSS in dura, meaning he could take some hits more than SOL but that's about it.

      Abilities are still the same but i forgot that Linx is somewhat superior to SOL's when using specific healing powers he got in his Blood Form.

      Though it's noted that his Aura can eventually break or run out as noted on his profile, that's more a matter of WHEN. 

      If anything, i'm changing the vote to Inconclusive....if you don't mind, Xmark.

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    • Mkay, 1 - 0 - 1 

      (Linx - SOL - Inconclusive)

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    • Yeah cause it doesn't say when it does, just that it'll eventually break. SOL on the other hand can keep on fighting but it'll take some time for her take down Linx.

      It can also go either way cause both have defense's that can block anything they have against each other but have a way to bypass durability (Linx has normal durability negation, and SOL can also attack the soul and mind and not just the body).

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    • Bump

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    • I'm going with what Cr0ss said. Inconclusive due to Linx's current restriction.

      Also, I just noticed this, but Linx looks mighty similar to Isaac from GS, just saiyan.

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    • Mkay, 0 - 0 - 2 

      Oh, and I never actually played Golden Sun. 


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    • Xmark, that should be "0 - 0 - 2" considering that Xanix likely changed his vote there.

      Just pointing that out...

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    • Oh, whoops xD

      0 - 0 - 2

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    • Bump

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    • Bump

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    • Xanix wrote:
      I'm going with what Cr0ss said. Inconclusive due to Linx's current restriction.

      Also, I just noticed this, but Linx looks mighty similar to Isaac from GS, just saiyan.

      Now I can't imagine Linx fighting anyone without hearing this playing in the background . Not that I dislike it, heh.

      Anyways, I don't have much more to say than what has already been said on this one, I'll also go with Inconclusive due to reasons stated above.

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    • SOLSTICE finally has a Inbconclusive result for her page....

      Yo speaking of this, we need to really expand the use of using other peoples OC's, i swear tho (in cases like this, we should consider using more of Prom's OC's rather than just using SOL here. Just saying xD ).

      Alright so since that's 3 for inconclusive Xmark, you can wait later on until you can decide to add in the results anyways...

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    • Mkay, I'll do it later.

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    • Added the results to Linx. Someone else would have to add it to SOLSTICE's profile though, as it's locked.

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    • I have added it, though i was gonna do that later after taking a nap....or just have Prom somehow see this and add it.

      Another thing before concluding this, we should really try to do the 4 votes minimum thing....but just gotta wait until we have more people....

      Anyways, it looks like we finally got a result out of this. SOL's in her case being her first Inconclusive result, and i think this is Linx's first one even yea?

      I take it you want this closed up, Xmark?

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    • Mhm, yep.

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