Timothy Jackson was a forest ranger in Yellowstone national park. Having been dead for years, the name Timothy Jackson was largely forgotten, mostly replaced by the much better known moniker, Patient Zero. Having been infected by the Dead Virus, an infection that essensially turns the victim into a virus. He staggered out of the park, using supernatrual powers to infect several other people, and started the zombie apocolypse that devestated the northwest United States.


Name: 10-A, 7-C

Gender: Male

Age: In his late 30s to early 40s, Well over 100

Origin: Unnatural

Classification: Human Forest Ranger, Zombie, Patient Zero

Attack Potency: Human Level, Street Level with pistol, Multi-City Block Level, higher thanks to durability-ignoring hax. Anyone within a large area around him will be at great risk of being infected by the Dead Virus. Wearing a gas mask about halves the risk, and magical protection also takes away half of the risk. With both, you're pretty much safe. If his bodily fluids come in contact with anyone else's, risk of infection is 100% for all but other undead such as vampires. Lycans and other creatures with extreme regeneration can eventually heal.

Speed: Athlete Level

Lifting Strength: Athlete Level, very fit, Class M, perhaps a bit less

Striking Strength: Athlete Level, Class GJ +

Durability: Human Level, Town Level, higher due to regeneration, can survive anything but destruction of the brain stem without so much as blinking

Stamina: Quite high, Infinite. The Living Dead don't need air, blood, energy, or anything else

Range: Human, further with weapons, around 50 foot square with mystic and biological aura.

Standard Equipment: A gun, some ropes, a flashligh, ect. None

Intelligence: Above average human, Below average human, mute

Weaknesses: Damage to his brain stem can kill him, fire ignites the cloud of gas that constantly surrounds him, can't swim.

Powers and Abilities: WIP

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