Total Armageddon is a series made by Dragon Tran. It follows the adventures of Leon, Stryder and Dartania who are given the responsibility in protecting the entire Omniverse, which is known as Aetherverse. Uniting the Celestial Heavens, the Human Alliance and the Kingdom of Perdition; the Celestial Trinity face their greatest threat that will determine whether they are able to save their universe and other universes alike or fall prey to it's infinite span of destruction.

Power of the Verse

The Total Armageddon universe is diverse in it's strengths. The Human Alliance, the weakest of the universe, have technology that range from Building Level to City Level. Meanwhile, the strongest of the universe is the Celestial Trinity, who are True Infinity. The universe shares countless hax abilities and have insane feats.

Supporters of the Verse






The Celestial Heavens

Human Alliance

Kingdom of Perdition

Abyssal Primordial

Character Profiles

Celestial Trinity


Calculations and Respect Threads

Discussions about Total Armageddon

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