Tremendous is a villain and an artificial life-form, and an enemy of the Superiors. It is a silicon-based lifeform made out of some sort of combination of silicon, rubber, and adamantium.  It is almost indestructable, and it's soft and easliy regenerated body allows it to recover from any damage it does take. It's attack abilities are nearly as formidable as it's defence. If it so chooses, it can unleash all of the power in it's body, although this causes it to rapidly degenerate after no more than 30 minutes, meaning that using that ability is a death sentence, although it virtually garuntees victory.

Tier: 7-A, 5-A using Full Power

Name: Tremendous

Gender: N/A

Age: Around 1-3 years old.

Origin: Superior

Classification: Artificial Lifeform

Attack Potency: City Level +, Large Planet Level +

Speed: Reletivistic, SoL, possibly higher.

Lifting Strength: Class T, Class Z +

Striking Strength: Large Town Level +, Planet Level

Durability: Large Town Level +, can regenerate from peices less than 10 micrometeres , Large Planet Level +, can regenerate from quarks, but regeneration loses efficiancy as time goes on.

Stamina: Infinite. Never tires, never runs out of energy, Can only last about 30 minutes without regenerating.

Range: Planetary, Could probably hit Neptune from Earth.

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Very low. Not mindless, but very uninteligent, and can only mutter one-word sentences.

Weaknesses: Low Inteligence, vulnerable to extreme cold (Were talking below absolute zero here (No, I don't care that that is inherently impossible, it isn't in Superior-Verse)), recoil on energy blasts often actually destroys it's arms, degenerates while using form, cannot exit form, while using Full Power, it's regeneration slowly loses effectiveness, attacks get so powerful that after about 15 minutes has passed, it is actually possible for it to completely obliterate himself without chance of regeneration when it uses it's most powerful attacks.

Powers and Abilities: Energy projection, flight, superhuman physical charicteristics, can alter it's mass to phaze through objects, but this takes time, so it can't really use it in combat, can unleash it's full power, energy concentration, ect, WIP.

NOTE: If this seems extremely similar to Majin Buu, that's because it is.

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