Trickster is a character made by Trickster Constantine, and used by Sakuraichu for his game series Smashverse.

While usually preferring to sit back and commentate or snark at things going on, he will accept any challenge, upon inspection to make sure there's no catch. In his home game, he teams up with his fellow fighters to fight the villainous 'admins' who seek to subjugate every living thing to their will. He spends his spare time checking out the hot guys of the multiverse managing his private dimension, known as the Chaos Nightclub, where anyone and everyone is welcome to sit back and relax. This includes boss characters, enemies, characters not even from the game universe, and giant Space-Dragons. He's not, however, the guy to go to with your problems, unless you want jokes upon jokes about them. On the surface, he's a jerk, but he does it to toughen up people so they can better face hardship. Or so he says... 

He has a special hatred for people who think they're above everyone else for no reason, want to stop free will, or can't take a joke. His belief in the importance of Free Will is so strong that it's a fatal flaw, as he believes the world needs no laws to govern itself. He is aware that not everyone agrees with this, and while he's more than happy to put that aside to be pals, he'll debate it to no end if pushed.

Powers and stats

Tier: 8-C by himself (meaning without the Memenado's enhancement) | 5-B with the Memenado's enhancement. | Up to 3-A when fused with the Memenado, or in the Chaos Nightclub. | Low 2-C when acting as an avatar of chaos, Nyarlathotep, or the Chaos King version of himself.

Name: Trickster, or so he says, no one really knows his name, if he has one.

Origin: Smashverse

Gender: Male

Age: ??

Classification: Human...?

Powers and Abilities: Abnormal strength, Above average durability, Superhuman agility, Swordplay, Magic (energy projection and mundane things such as card tricks), Inter/extradimensional travel, Verbal Manipulation and Persuasion, Genre Savvy/Fourth Wall Awareness, Gay (It lets him shoot rainbows and Ares symbols), Smirk mode, Marksmanship (Bow and Energy beams), Avatar of Chaos, Short distance teleportation. (See Memenado (Weapon) for a list of skills he can use with the Memenado.)

As an avatar of chaos (including his Chaos King form), he has access to enough raw power to defeat an entire army of entities with the power of Absolute Authority and their leader, which was high 1-C tier. Was also powerful enough in this form to, with the aid of one ally, defeat a more powerful resurrection of this entity, which was preparing to reset the entire multiverse, before summoning Lucifer to finish it off. His Nyarlarhotep form was also powerful enough to override the player and hack into the files of his home universe in an attempt to kick the player out. Concievably, he could have destroyed the game's files, destroying the multiverse of the game.

Attack Potency: Building level+ with his average attack. Has summoned things at Planet level+, and he is this in his Nyarlathotep form. In at least one possible future, he became the reluctant king of a world ruled by chaos (This incarnation is Planet level as well). When using the True Memenado, his attack potency is Universe Level

Speed: Super Human Combat speed, FTL Travel speed (Teleporter). Transsonic Reaction speed. The Chaos Nightclub enables teleportation level speed for short distances, but it increases if he has to find a good spot to exit, or doesn't know what he's looking for.

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (without magic)

Striking Strength: Building Level

Durability: Building level (Will return to the Chaos Nightclub and regenerate upon death)

Stamina: Average

Range: Street Level (City Block Level in higher levels of Smirk)

Standard Equipment: The Memenado (not including summonable things), his own detatchable grin, his cape, and a variety of gag items used as weaponry.

Intelligence: Depends on how grim the universe is. If the universe is exceptionally predictable (ex. a fairy tale or murder mystery) he is nigh omniscient. No matter the universe, he always knows enough to joke, or at least snark about things nonstop. Always pretends to know more than he does.

Date of Birth: ??/????

Birthplace: The Chaos Nightclub

Weight: 68 kg

Height: 1.5 m

Likes: Jokes, food, fun, music.

Dislikes: Seriousness, grim attitudes, any lawful evil character, or anyone who tries to enforce excessively lawful principles, to the point where individual freedoms are pushed aside. Cinammon.

Eye Color: Masked.

Hair Color: Blonde

Hobbies: Runs a club. Fighting the 'admins' of his world. Spreading chaos in the form of practical jokes.

Values: Freedom (of speech/expression/etc.)

Status: Alive and well.

Affiliation: Admin Rebels, Chaos

Previous Affiliation: None/Unknown (In one possible future: Kingdom of Chaos). Contract with: Demon Lord Lucifer


  • Apathy/Impatience- Trickster is aware of the concepts of 'continues', 'extra lives', 'game overs' etc. and thinks of death as little more than a slap on the wrist. Even outside of Smashverse, upon death his grin will detatch and return to the Chaos Nightclub to regenerate. Because of this, he makes few or no moves to protect himself or get too involved in a conflict, unless properly motivated. 
  • Unstable Existence- As an avatar of chaos in his world, he is by definition unstable and unpredictable. This transcends his personality. Upon moving to a new universe, he can be attacked and separated into a maximum of 3 weaker parts, his body, the Memenado, and his mind (as a floating grin). These parts will recombine if they can, and he will not be in a good mood.  These separate parts can be captured.
  • Grimdark- As mentioned above, Trickster is worse at channeling his powers in grim worlds or against grim characters. In a silent world, he would be nearly powerless, unless he has time to think of a solution.
  • Fragile: When attempting to keep a solid physical body (When absorbing the Memenado, he is more fluid), he is very weak physically. When fused with the Memenado, he is more succeptible to magic attacks, but resistant to physical. Vice versa for his normal form.
  • Absolute Order: In a universe where free will never existed/has been entirely removed, Trickster cannot (and would refuse to) manifest by normal means, and will not reincarnate upon death until at least one being feels a sense of individuality.
  • Chaos Nightclub Link: Any long-term damage to the Chaos Nightclub will affect Trickster as well. Complete destruction would disallow Trickster to teleport using it.
  • 'Anti Joke' Energy, a radiation only Dark Bala has been known to emit.
  • Nyarlathotep: As Nyarlathotep, Trickster risks becoming too abstract to once again take on a physical form, thus he will only stay in this form for up to 20 minutes at a time. He is also more vulnerable to light attacks in this form.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Cape swish- Trickster swipes his cape at a foe, leaving a rainbow trail behind. If this comes in contact with an oncoming projectile, it will change into an Ares (♂) symbol, and fly back. This does 1.2 times the original damage the projectile would have done.
  • Timer Bomb - Trickster pulls out a rubber chicken with a timer on it, which he can throw at foes. 
  • Memenado Mash- Trickster flies to the center of the screen, and shoots smiley faced balls from his sword around the screen, which bounce off walls. In games, this includes the walls of the screen.
  • Fourth Wall Manipulation- Frequently smashes characters into the screen in his home game, has hacked the controls, and even read the manual. 
  • Summons: Has summoned characters and monsters in attacks, such as King Ghidorah, Zoroark, and multiple demons from Shin Megami Tensei.
  • Smirk Mode: As Trickster lands more of his attack and his confidence grows, he gets progressively stronger. This can be used sparingly, or all at once in an enormous burst of energy.
  • Genius Bruiser: Trickster's real danger is how suave and manipulative he can be when he tries. He has enough charisma to lead an army against the admins in his universe, and in one possible future managed to conquer the world with his power and charm. More recently, the same alternate version of himself was able to manipulate the past Trickster, his friend P9, and an army of admins in a bid to form an ultimate admin. The only reason this plan failed is that past Trickster managed to out-gambit himself by ensuring that two clones of himself would be present, which was outgambitted by another gambit from the alternate Trickster, which was foiled by yet another gambit, which was... You get the idea. He also managed to use the power the Memenado emits to scam everything from petty demons to outer gods into spending money at his Chaos Nightclub.
  • Nyarlathotep: Trickster can take on the negative aspects of chaos if in danger of not being able to reincarnate, or in order to create chaos to ensure that he will be able to survive. Or he can just assume this form if he is extremely desperate to beat someone. Nyarlathotep manifests as the Crawling Chaos. This form exists on more than one layer of reality, and can attack with extremely powerful psychic, energy, or spirit attacks, in addition to massive tentacles.
  • True Memenado: When properly motivated, Trickster can activate his abstract form as an avatar of chaos, which allows him access to a glowing, golden version of his blade. This has infinite range, and can pierce the universe. However, he only takes this form when there is a threat to the free will of that universe, or you have managed to get him seriously mad, which is a trial in itself. This exhausts a lot of energy.

Nyarlathotep's appearance.


As stated in Memenado (Weapon), Trickster may be the last surviving member of an ancient tribe dedicated to protecting chaos's balance in the universe. More recently, Trickster has used this tribe's connection with Lucifer to gain several magic abilities, including summons. Lucifer, in exchange, asked that Trickster aid him, alongside the Demifiend, in the final battle against YHVH when the time comes. Trickster admires the Demifiend's 'totally awesome tribal tats'.

Appearances in other projects. These can also be considered powers and techniques.

Notable Wins:


Notable Losses:


Inconclusive Matches:

Mirror Man (Trickster could win under some circumstances, but others not.)

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