Uni is a verse created by John-Zander

Uni is a Sci-Fi fictional universe that begins some 8324 Earth years from when the first planet from a different star system was colonized by humans. It follows a person called The United One a ruler of a nation he formed from an older nation called The Hartain Kingdom. It features very advanced and sophisticated technology, a special force called Mentalis Energy which is naturally created by sentient beings and a classification of objects called UNI. UNI are generally objects that far exceed anything else created during the time and thus the name UNI meaning one as in one of a kind. The series also features politics, economics, etc.

It is split of into 6 different arcs.

The Great War

This arc features The United Empire one of the largest nations led by The United One going into the largest human on human conflict in history.

The Fall

The arc include the events leading up to The United Empire's fall and the rise of The Imperial Dominate. Includes war and treachery and is the shortest arc.


This long arc includes The United One coming out of seclusion to reunite the surviving nations against The Imperial Dominates wrath but then after claiming victory disappearing


Takes place 1000 Years after Reclamation. It stars The United One's and past leaders descendants facing a war against an alien species called the Alain after they sent an invasion fleet at The Milky Way to conquer it.


The United One returns to prepare the human species against the full might of the Alain.


The Longest Arc it is the war against The United One vs The Alain leader named Theos who is considered a god to his people. Involves All-Out war, The Final battle.

The power of the verse

Summary of Power

This verse can go from Tier 7 all the way up to Tier 4. So in-perspective it isn't all that powerful against a lot of other verses. It includes incredible technologies, Devastating Energies, time manipulation, black hole creation and destruction.

Special Force

The magic, force, power or whatever you want to called it of this this Verse is Mentalis a energy produced by all sentient lifeforms and only certain lifeforms can control it. Its power ranges from Enhancements to Temperature Manipulation to Black Hole destruction. It is very versatile and has been the main way to Dominate or just simply live your life for thousands of years.

Technological Level

Uni has a high focus on power technology some include planet construction and destruction, Black hole removal, very sophisticated warp, non-existent aging, cybernetics, and revival


  • The United One
  • Larcus
  • Morthas Samel
  • Katherine Ilis
  • Monos Cosmic
  • Marlas Nightly
  • Theos
  • Axis




  • Gladus
  • Brute and Glade
  • Zodiac