This verse was created by Dragonmasterxyz on October 8, 2015. This is part of the Xros Revolution Multiverse.

About the Verse

In a world where crime is only for the brave and elemental "Gods" are sealed up. Well crap goes down. This is where the Vritra Unit comes in. Their job is to make sure the world is safe while also researching the beings known as the "Elementals". In this series, the characters are youths recruited into Vritra in order to catch dangerous criminals and to slowly uncover the secrets of the fantastical deities.

Risk Ratings

Vritra's way of organizing how dangerous each criminals is. The higher risk rating doesn't always equate to power, but also intellect or unpredictability of each criminal, among other things. The lowest risk rating is E with the highest being X.

Power of the Verse

This verse is decently powerful. The series starts off with Small City level characters, but after awhile Mountain-Continental level feats start being performed. By the end of the series the series ends with around Large Star level characters. Narcion the Void is one of the God Tiers of the verse, sporting the power to destroy space time continuums in one attack. Despite this the Elementals themselves far surpass him in power to the point that he is a mere insect to them individually, even when he's boosted by his own modifier.

Speed-wise the verse starts off at Massively Hypersonic+, however by the end of the series they reach Massively FTL+ levels of speed. The Elementals themselves have Immeasurable speed.

The series sports a good deal of abilities such Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Absolute Zero, Quantum Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, etc

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