This verse was created by Dragonmasterxyz on October 8, 2015. This is part of the Xros Revolution Multiverse.

About the Verse

In a world where crime is only for the brave and elemental "Gods" are sealed up. Well crap goes down. General Hartknight is the general of the United Nations military. By the way no war. All countries are in harmony. Anyway he struggles to keep the Elementals sealed away due to the violence in some parts of the world. The President of the U.S Mikoya Delta proposes an idea to the U.N leaders that they should involve all Juvenile and prison inmates into a "game". To be trapped on an island and fight to eventually gain the power to defeat these universal elementals when they awaken. This was to give them a "second-chance" to do something right. But one problem. Killing is allowed.

Risk Ratings

Nothing special other than United Nation's way of finding out who is the most likely to be a threat to their plans. Judged by their personalities, appearances and crimes. However, they have also placed risk ratings on their own henchmen in the case in which they would turn against them.


Tetranians are a new alien race introduced to the Xros Revolution Multiverse. They are reptilian-like beings similar to Dinosaur/Dragon people. They are naturally heavier and faster than humans as they can fly through space at high speeds. The basic Tetranian moves at 80c.

Power of the Verse

This verse is very powerful. By endgame the series will have Universal+-Multi-Universal Top tiers with Multiversal- Multiversal+ God tiers. This series overall is a very powerful verse and is one of the strongest Xros Revolution verses. This series will be filled with hax such Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation and Atomization. This series hits the trillions of times faster than light. With God tiers reaching Immeasurable speeds.

Character Files