Kind of inspired to do this by a couple of other blogs done from some people here.

So this blogs purpose is meant to show the stories that are part of this verse. As you may know, Exceed is a story that follows numerous original characters of mine throughout time and history in not only in their world, but of other worlds that they otherwise would have seen in fictional media like anime and video games (of the modern age) or that of mythologies and legends (of the old age), each ranging from hero/protector of the eras. Most would either be told in passing mention, or may have some very minor story connected to the world.

By stories, it's basically that of just a few stories or so that is accompanied by numerous fanfictional stories as the worlds my main characters go through are primarily of others that share the same dimensional plane as them. While this is more heavily seen in that of "A Guardian's Pride", the major storylines before it are of more original route than taking on and going to other fictional worlds parallel to theirs (though there will be places of them that are present in said stories).

Stories relating to each parts

In terms of "stories", this is basically a list of stories relating to the verse here itself. As the majority of the heroes times are of, quite literally, in other fictional worlds outside of their own verse, many of these stories that will listed and even linked out to here will primarily be that of fanfiction itself. Meaning that they will be read over via stories done over at places like Fanfiction.Net or perhaps DeviantArt even. For the originals, those can be done over at either DA as well or FictionPress (a place like Fanfiction.Net but for original stories).

For that done end, these here down below are the stories that will likely/possibly be done over time for those interested in them to read.


  • The Dragon Generals Legacy
  • Adventures of a Blue Star


  • A Sweets called Love (KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode): A fanfic story of Kirakira that follows that centers on Patrick Walker and his change as a character and his relation to one of the many worlds in Pretty Cure. Is related to A Guardian's Pride as a side-story. Progress: Incomplete.
  • Outerworld Recipe (KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode): A side-story to "A Sweets called Love". Takes place during the time of break for the Precure from their schools, where they decide to spend it all on over to Patrick's homeworld. Progress: Not yet started.
  • Kirakira Precure Hearts (KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode x Kingdom Hearts Crossover): A crossover of KiraPre and Kingdom Hearts. (May) star Patrick Walker again from Exceed and "A Sweets called Love" fanfic along with the main heroes, with Sora and his friends as guest star characters from their worlds. Progress: Not yet started.
  • Born Great, Become Greater (Kingdom Hearts): A fanfic that serves as a prequel to both the main Kingdom Hearts games (i.e KH1, KH2, etc.) and of A Guardian's Pride. Stars Elizabeth Drake as it's main protagonist as she goes through several worlds and what her life was before she met Aaron and Patrick, along with learning several life lessons that will make her life give true meaning. Progress: Not started yet.
  • Roses of Chivalry (Kingdom Hearts): Focuses on Acantha Watson's "disappearance" in Elizabeth's life and takes place during the ten-year period between KH:BBS and the start of KH1 as well as prior to "A Guardian's Pride". Serving as a side-story prequel to both the main KH games and Exceeds. Progress: Not started yet.

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