Here i gonna gather all story blogs what i shall write, is written and if i made more, they will be added here. So people can see what trilogies, chapters and stories are related each others. Of course this help keep myself to keep counting and at line, what i have write and where i have to continue....

Alrigth at begining to end...

Remember, there is no endings.

Note: This only show chapters and not which my character is in chapter, before you read them. Almost each character profiles has information, which chapter they will make appearance.

Tales of nephilim; Before Nephilim trilogy

Begining Saga

Very, Very, Very long time ago in the begining | Allverse Chronicles How everything begin | Allverse Chronicles Darkness rise and fall | Story book Chronicles Servant mission | Creator decides take vacation. Wait, i am now charge of whole existence?! | What really happened at the begining. Meyers version | ``Tree god incident in Allverse | Father and Son had little talk | How thou has fallen down

Heaven and Hell Chronicles

Heaven Chronicles begining | Heaven Chronicles rebellion | Battle for heaven throne | Hell Chronicles great plan | Heaven Chronicles Nephilim eradication plan

Those who want, no more

Lilith, priestess of demon god? | Born of ultimate abomination | Kain, first nephilim I quit | History of Wilburg witch and wizard clan | Angel from hell? | Alrigth, let`s save those poor things together | I am John and this is my story | I am Emilia and this is my story

Tales of nephilim; Nephilim trilogy

Nephilim Saga

Hey, i am Carl and i am nephilim | First mission, haunted house | Circus is town | Bad memories | Come to look show? | Show of lifetime | Trap is ready | Revenge is sweet | Wait, you didn`t do it | We are sorry and new allies | I am getting to use to this and then everything start go wrong | Mission: Ensure cosmos peace part 1 | Mission: Ensure cosmos peace part 2 | Mission: Ensure cosmos peace part 3 and save those nephilims | I gonna kick his ass!

Devil`s dear son Saga

Just ordinary nephilim or is it? | Visiting planet Terra | Suppose be normal hunting trip | Meeting Jane mother Louise and father Ashram | Finding nephilims, with help of Jane | Kain`s trap | Brothers meet firts time | Meeting devil, eye to eye | Truth about Marth`s heritage is now clear | Lonely Marth | I know how you feel | I am devil`s dear son, so what?' | Oh hell no, this is not gonna end well

Trapped and Separated Saga

Prisnoned in hell | Having fun with Asmodeus and teaching big sister | Get away and great power awakening | Meeting Doctor`s son | Despression hits hard | Visitng home with friend | Talk with girls

Tales of Nephilim; Darkness trilogy

Clash of five armies Saga

Coming soon

Prophesy Saga

Reunion and what are those? | Prophesy? What Prophesy? | We are gonna go heaven and meet there Darkness? | Epic battle! Demiurge versus Destroyer | Brother and sister, one lone wolf and badass nephilim | Absolute duo is formed | Once brothers, now enemies, must figth for their lives | Discuss with guardian, terrible decision | I will act my own and save them all

Endgame Saga

Darkness has risen | Eveything falls to darkness | Final plan and last stand | Tears of Existence | Endgame | Bonus chapter

Tales of Nephilim; Another route trilogy

Armageddon Saga

I gonna save you all | Shopping with girls | Going wendigo hunt' | Dalemens secret weapon and Butler | Demons beware, son of satan has returned to hell! | Epic showdown Marth versus Samael | Butler in hell?'' | Deja vu and fast take of Dracul | Meeting Engineer and The Creator | Demon god escape | Demon god`s ultimate plan | Hell prince can figth for good side? | Mysterious being slips from void

Universes in collision course Saga

Lilith`s wedding gift | Trapped in own hell | Kain`s surpise | Kain, new emperor of hell | Girl named Annie | Who are you really are and what`s going on? | Happy family life | Annie`s plead to father, don`t do it | Devil`s salvation? | Claiming hell`s throne | Back home and what has happened here? | Meeting guardian of multiverse | Finding Carl from another universe | This looks familiar, but yet feels different | Carl and Carl | So this is your cosmology, Annie? | Alrigth, let`s give little handicap Marth versus Emperor Kain | Back to home and new omen

Rapture Part 1. One Butler, one Maid, multiversal chaos

Are you sure yo wanna come Annie? | Where this robot come from? | Butler and maid in heaven | Archangel versus Emperor Kain | Devil has returned | Heaven in chaos. Hell in order | Brother team up, Archangel and Satan | Jugment of Sonny and DELs offer | New incarnation and Invitation to tea party | Tea party of ``Chosen ones`` | Find the book | Old pal is back | You can take care of him for now | Endymion and Kiyoko, heart warm reunion | Omnipotent childrens begin their move

Rapture Part 2. When you anger gardener.

Annie first victim of D.E.A.T.H-C.H.A.O.S | Butler has the Lamp | Strange thing at planet Terra | Secret organization, we must warn everyone | Carl and Amandiel in heaven | Shocking discovery | Nephilim and creator versus bunny maid | Brothers meets man with skullmask | Sonny meets another person, another timelord? | Carl trapped again, but now with bunny maid | Strange power awekening inside Carl, possible salvation?

Rapture Part 3. You think it was over, didn`t you?

| Chapters may end, books may end, but stories. Stories never end

Welcome to tournament of magic and science Saga

New announcement from Sister of Fates | Tournament begins | Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5 | Round 6 | Round 7 |

Legends before Legend

Maybe, i could too create pantheon? | Teaching basic to my new childrens | Titanomachy: Titans versus Gods | Gigants, remnants of titans | Plan to seal Demon lord | Sealing Demon lord | Father, son and daughter versus great titan Typhon

Legends of Terra

Path to hero

So legend begins | Plan to relase of demon lord | Meet demon lord servant Ghirahim | Finding artifact | Oh no, i am too late |  Finding power | Hero`s first real challenge

Learning his heritage and first ``family business``

Meeting king of gods and big brother?! | Welcome to empire, we have corruption now in sale in half prize | Meet nigth raid | Cold general | Time to take out trash | Take out the pig | Who is really behind all of this? | Taining with Athena | Thunder and ice | Great empire weapon | God of war and sinister plan | King of Titans has relased | Bigger they are, that easily they fall

Immigration wars

Travels of Endymion

Hero`s demise

old welcome Kindom of Hyrule | Meet Ganondorf | Finding again power | You will shall fall Gerudo king | Hero`s sacrifice 

Another threat to Hyrule

New treath | Hero`s comeback | Finging princess | Strange girl in woods | Mastermind behind the attack | True desire of Cia, Hero`s tough choice 

Journey`s of Doctor`s son

Third Incarnation

Supersoldiers?! | His next victims | Goodbye to third

Fourth Incarnation

Finding nephilim at the field | Vampire problem in modern London | These are not mytologial vampires | Meeting with Dracul | That should take care of that | Back to present time | Dalemens march | New order | Huh, that was close |

Fourth Incarnation: Another route trilogy

Deja vu and fast take care of Dracul | Meeting Engineer and creator | Back home and what has happened here? | Meeting creator again | Dalemens and demon god revenge | Robot is free | Dalemens or Daleks? | Man who destroyed Allverse | Jugment of Sonny and DEL`s offer

Fifth Incarnation: Another route trilogy

New incarnation and invitation to tea party | Tea party of ``Chosen ones`` | Find the book | Old pal is back | You can take care of him for now' | Back to grave