This is an in-depth blog explaining why the god tiers in the Kanza Collection are tiered the way they are and why certain changes were made to some of the characters’ pages.

Let's start with everyone's favorite hax child, Amy Liu. As you all should be aware of now, Kanza/Amy Liu are constantly warping and manipulating the Abyss, altering its characteristics, the former is an anomaly beyond all conceptualizations, completely boundless and indescribable, and the latter is the physical container for that anomaly. Now, at the end of each route, whether Amy Liu has her OVERSOULS or not, she will reset the world. “World” is not referring to just some planet or universe, but the entire setting. This means, all of the Abyss and beyond (including Saurunem and Senjumaru). Since this reset includes resetting two High 1-As, who are already boundless in their own right, this alone warrants High 1-A for Amy Liu at bare minimum.

There are two types of resets. A soft reset and a hard reset. The Soft Reset (Amy Liu’s Limitless Operation: Restart) simply resets the entire setting, even transcendental nothingness, nondual realms, and acasual entities. Amy Liu resets the world every time there is an ending she doesn't like. She is the entity writing the reality of the series inside (as Amy Liu) and outside (Kanza). Now, the Hard Reset is a different matter. This reset requires you to know a bit about Kanza.

Kanza is Tier 0, and outright shown. Similar to Kami Tenchi, it is the entity in the series that no being can describe or comprehend. In the case of Kanza, not even beings that can understand Saurunem and Senjumaru can comprehend Kanza. What’s the big deal about Kanza? Well any being that comes into contact with this anomaly disappears immediately and completely. These beings are absorbed into the white light, losing all thoughts and feelings. In fact this anomaly absorbs the entire Kanza Collection cosmology into itself, erasing everything, to which all of reality and unreality are erased, leaving only the void that is Kanza (Limitless Operation: Destruction). Amy Liu, would then come in and recreate everything (using Limitless Operation: Create) creating Saurunem all over again, which contains all of the Abyss, and Senjumaru, who is a semblance of Saurunem - a being of the same magnitude. With that said, Kanza and Amy Liu are as a whole, the same entity, but you cannot have two Tier 0s in the same series on the wiki. Because Amy Liu has a glass cannon nature, and is written to be of a human nature, she is rated as a normal human but with her powers she is Unknown (whether or not you view this as Tier 0 is completely up to you, on our wiki there is no differentiation between their powers).

Now that Kanza and Amy Liu have been explained, let’s move on to Omega Lord and Shapes. He is a very high 1-A because he makes it very clear is Ashriel, that once he absorbs the eight OVERSOULs of Amy Liu, he will become more powerful than the Heirs of the Abyss and even became powerful enough to alter the entire Abyss with just a thought. Remember the Abyss is considered the “physical manifestation” of Saurunem. So this is a tremendous feat. Though Mr. Lord and Shapes only absorbs six OVERSOULs (Yasumi and Myeato remained) he still attained power that dwarfed the Abyss but no one can harness the power of true infinity. As Ashriel said, even one OVERSOUL’s true power is beyond all of existence. Omega Lord and Shapes is not High 1-A, simply because the three High 1-As in the series ignored his increase in power and it did not threaten them.

Saurunem knows all and sees all, is immeasurably stronger than all of the Heirs of the Abyss, and everything is a facet of him. Because this includes Omega Mr. Lord and Shapes, there’s no reason for Saurunem to get involved. Senjumaru literally dreamt up the entire Heirs of the Abyss saga (as well as all other sagas in the Kanza Collection). Omega Lord and Shapes is part of that dream, so Senju does not get involved. Juliet, though only Likely 1-A, has a plan set in motion to absorb all eight OVERSOULs herself and return to her original self (Amy Liu). Because she is the amalgamation of all of Amy’s past lives throughout the resets (you have to read Rabbit Princess to fully understand this) she does not get involved because even Mr. Lord absorbing six of the eight objects she desires, does not affect her. The story will be reset by Amy Liu either way.

Mr. Lord and Shapes also didn't factor how powerful a single OVERSOUL is (all of them possessing infinite power but none being able to harness all of it other than Amy Liu herself as they are her souls). Nor did he consider Amy Liu a threat due to her sweet personality and harmless nature. This ultimately led to his demise when she reset the world, merely upset because she didn't like this climax (Myeato being unable to harm Omega Lord and Shapes). At this point Myeato did not awaken as an OVERSOUL btw.

Onwards to Saurunem, who is easily the second most powerful entity in the Kanza Collection, if not for the existence of Kanza, Saurunem would be Tier 0 because Kanza and Amy Liu are an anomaly within the very story itself yet simultaneously are the source of it. Saurunem is the most revered entity in the collection. Considered the most powerful being, the Lord of the Dark Abyss. He is immeasurably stronger than everyone in the series sans Kanza and is limited by the greater being, hence why he can't remove this anomaly from his physical manifestation and Senju’s dreams. Regardless, Saurunem knows all and sees all and everything in the Abyss is just a small facet of his physical being (the Abyss) while his true self lies beyond the Abyss, ultimately boundless and incomprehensible, beyond the foot of perspective. We are not joking when we say Saurunem would literally be Tier 0 were it not for Kanza. Because of this, he is rightfully High 1-A.

Now for Senjumaru. Senju is a semblance of Saurunem and likely his female equivalent. She is responsible for dreaming up the whole of reality, all of the Abyss, lets say. So this must mean she possesses some inseparability or connection to the infinite Saurunem. I mean she dreamt up his physical manifestation. Senju lies in the Great Library a.k.a the City of Books, whereas everything she has dreamed is recorded by her lovely assistant Eun into the countless books within the city. Eun claims to have been recording for an eternity, but because no concept of time applies, this is is just loose writing to help readers know he’s been with Senju for a “long time”.

According to Senju, the entire Heirs of the Abyss saga (excluding Episodes 8 and 16) was just a daydream to her not even worth a full page in one of the endless books in the Library. Furthermore, the immensely powerful and godlike Heirs of the Abyss are nothing more than fireflies (literally) to the glorious Senju. She has dreamed of an eternity beyond the Sea, dreamt of being God (see Momohime below), dreams of love (Myeato x Amy Liu, Yasha x Yasumi, etc.) and views the world through the eyes of her manifestation, Momo, who resides in the Great Court of Heaven. With being a equivalent of sorts of Saurunem, this also places Lady Senjumaru at High 1-A.

Let's press on to Lady Juliet. Now because there's already two High 1-As, it was difficult to place Juliet in the tier system. Juliet makes it very clear in Rabbit Princess, that she is part of an anomaly (Amy Liu, or Kanza) and in HoA Part I, is implied to be the combination of all past lives of Amy Liu. She is also Amy Liu, but a dark subgradient of her. Or, Juliet is the part of Amy Liu that wants to return to her (as complex as that sounds, it's only the beginning).

Juliet is head of the Senate and the dark queen respected and even worshiped by all of the senators (who are all Heiresses of the Abyss). The all-powerful and all-female Senate back the Mage Council which oversees the Abyss, giving the Senate and thus Juliet the ability to watch everything. Juliet sees all, just as Saurunem does, the only difference is she selectively chooses what she wants to see and erases everything else (having a limited usage of Limitless Operation: Destruction called Limited Operation: Destruction). Juliet is considered to be part of the Anomaly (in other words part of Kanza/Amy Liu). She is even identical to Amy Liu, just with darker hair (red instead of pink) and wearing black instead of white. Ultimately she is indeed part of Amy Liu and also not part of Senju’s dream, yet forced herself inside of it, implying some form of comparable power. In Heirs of the Abyss Tsubasa (particularly the story “A Letter from Juliet”) Juliet reveals her true intentions to Senjumaru via a letter stating her desire to reunite with her completed self, even if it means collapsing all of existence as the result. Though Senjumaru read the letter with pleasure, it stands to reason that she can't just wink Juliet out of existence like she can the entire story (when Amy Liu is not subconsciously controlling it herself). Due to this and being beyond comparison for even God Heizen and Omega Lord and Shapes, Juliet is placed at Likely High 1-A.

Now for Finalheaven, better known as God Heizen. Now, as Mr. Lord and Shapes did in Part I, Emperor Heizen absorbs his daughter’s OVERSOULs as he has always intended to do, killing his grandfather to attain them. The difference is, while Mr. Lord and Shapes, only absorbed six OVERSOULs, Heizen-sama absorbed all eight. He is 1-A for a reason. Not only is vastly superior to Omega Lord and Shapes, who is already 1-A, but there is also powerscaling to further determine his tier. Omega Lord and Shapes is qualitatively stronger than beings incomparably stronger than entire hierarchies of 1-A characters (everyone in the Abyss). God Heizen, is vastly superior to Omega Lord as he states after achieving such power.

Because of this Finalheaven will also be placed at 1-A.

Finally, we have Myeato. Now all of the Abyss Riders are synced by the orange OVERSOUL and share the same mind. As his hair color implies, Myeato is the orange OVERSOUL, or more so, he carries it within him. This means he possesses a link to Amy Liu, this link is strengthened by their love. Of course he has infinite mana just from standing next to Amy Liu, but after awakening, he possesses infinite mana always because a part of Amy Liu is within him, he just needed the courage to unlock it.

Now make no mistake, Myeato awakened as an OVERSOUL is a powerful god tier. This is shown as he was able to deal small amounts of damage to Omega Lord and Shapes, but his power was constantly growing, to the point he could tank hits from Omega and was invulnerable to any of the more powerful being's attacks. Amy Liu’s feelings empower her soul, of which the eight OVERSOULs are just fragments. So because she is in love with Myeato and wants him to win, she is always empowering him at different points in the story. Now I just discussed how Amy Liu is just the physical body of Tier 0 that is an anomaly that erases everything. She is empowered by a Tier 0 hence her Unknown tiering, and she uses that same power (true infinity) to empower Myeato or depower anything else. There’s is nothing to argue that Amy Liu could make Myeato stronger than Saurunem. Because she has already made Myeato capable of becoming independent of Senju’s dream, made him strong enough to tank hits from Omega Lord and Shapes and survive God Heizen’s Abyss Purging leaving only Myeato and Amy Liu.

Now as Horror of the Abyss, Myeato is at peak power. He merges with all of the Abyss Riders and becomes a creature of immeasurable might, capable of devouring the Abyss. This puts him on at least equal measures with Omega Lord and Shapes and Finalheaven, but Ven and Myeo suggests Horror to be far stronger due to the reasons above. Even though Myeato/Horror is only one OVERSOUL while Omega Lord and Shapes possesses six and Finalheaven possesses all eight (including the orange one), Myeato’s link with Amy Liu allowed him to utilize his power despite his soul being stolen. Regardless, Horror of the Abyss is also placed at Unknown due to the difficulties of his tier (I mean it involves empowerment from Amy Liu, who with her powers is also Unknown).