Warriors Beyond Reality was created by Dragonmasterxyz on Sept 26, 2015. It is part of the Xros Revolution multiverse.

About the Verse

30 years ago planet Earth was suddenly destroyed by a demon named Deyos. Humans would have gone extinct if it weren't for one thing. The Queen of Euphrates, Eira saved the human race by not only halting the planet's destruction slightly, but she turned Saturn into a habitable planet with minerals and appearances just like earth. Why she did this? Because Earth was already dying slowly and thus destruction would've been inevitable. Why Saturn? It has a cool ring. Afterwards she defeats Deyos in a battle that was threatening to destroy the universe and all space and time with it. However, there may be a secret behind the "Deyos incident". What did the 20 Spartha Saints hide?

Power of the Verse

This verse is surprisingly powerful. This verse sports Multiversal god tiers and Multi-Universal top tiers. This verse contains some hax such as atomic disassembling and atomic regeneration. It also sports time manipulation, reality warping, sense elimination. A very powerful verse with a lot of backbone.

God Tiers:


Top Tiers:



High Tiers:

Dark Effigy


Low Tiers: