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Xeilanda, Liquid Guardian of Earth.


Xeilanda is an OC created by Luxardel.

Xeilanda is a deity About 1 billion years before the main story takes place, Xeilanda, who is part of Team Sayori, shared the punishment along with the rest of her team for allegedly cheating. She knows that their team was actually set up by another team, but doesn't know which one.

After almost a billion years, she manages to find Luxardel outside a nearby village. She tries to jog his memory by telling him that he is her husband, but he totally doen't buy it. She is heartbroken about this news, but decides to take him with her to find the other guardians and prepare for the next tournament in the hopes of restoring his memory along the way. She is determined to bring his memory back to him to restore his former prowess and restore their relationship.


Tier: 5-B

Name: Xeilanda "Xeila" (Shee-LON-dah)

Origin: Xenotheos

Gender: Female

Age: Over 1 billion years old

Classification: Deity

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Durability, Stamina, Can manipulate liquids, Water Manipulation, Can ignore durability by attacking atoms, Energy Manipulation, Immortality(Type 1).

Attack Potency: Planet Level (can manipulate enough liquids that reach the size of all water on Earth.)

Speed: Lightspeed

Lifting Strength: Class P

Striking Strength: Planet Class

Durability: Planet Level

Stamina: High

Range: Planetary

Standard Equipment: High Density Sword and Plasma Shield

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: None Notable

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