Being of Nothingness

General form of Xero, a shape he takes that shrouds his form from the eyes of all who try to perceive him in any "tangible, physical way". Art, credit, and ownership of it belongs to dinmoney.

Lost Hero

Xero in his unhooded form and wearing clothing he described as being from a "lost time from afar".


A character created by CrossverseCrisis.

A mysterious figure with no known history and background, Xero is often seen throughout various infinite universes and timelines, normally doing nothing more than observing it and watching from either afar or even in plain sight (albeit, while invisible or just creating the illusion of him being of another random person). None, however, are unable to perceive his existence unless he willingly lets others see him let alone sense him. He is also later revealed to be the God of all existence of the Exceed multiverse as well as its neighboring worlds and the very embodiment of the nothingness that existed before all...

Everything else about this being is shrouded in complete mystery and of the unknown. However, there is but ONE known important fact about what this mans history is: he has something to do with being connected to Aaron Myers and Patrick Walker...


Not much is known as to what Xero's real look is like. All that is known to his look is shrouded in mystery in the form of a black hooded cloak. A couple things are to note is that he is as tall as Roman (who is physically 5'12 at the least). Another is that he has been shown to posses dark hair during the very brief times his face was nearly seen of from under his hood, although his face is hidden through that of a purple mask.

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Same as to his appearance, Xero's personality is also shrouded in mystery, though this is shown to be far more revealing than his physical looks.

From what has been known of Aaron's and other peoples encounters with him, Xero is a calculating and level-headed being who displays a rather chilling presence whenever one is around him. He has been shown to speak in a rather young, cold and sometimes even malicious and sadistic voice, yet with a calm volume to it that can send chills down even the most toughest and hardest beings in the multiverse. Xero has also been shown to mock and taunt Aaron, pointing out how he lacks the fortitude to commit his actions to that of which fate and destiny have in store for him. In addition, Xero displays a cold front of action as he has often shown mercilessly killing those who survived when they were fated to die otherwise.

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Powers and Stats


Name: "Xero" (Not his real name)

Origin: Exceed

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (Stated himself to have lived for many years that very few words can put how long he had of living for him if any at all. He goes on to stating that his age could be about the "length of time that a Kalpa can be multiplied by any huge number a mere human being can make up" and has shortly gone off after to admitting that even it is not as old as he can be. Has also commented on barely remembering the time he "came to be")

Classification: God, Embodiment of all nothingness in the Exceed Multiverse and it's neighboring worlds.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4), Regeneration (High-Godly, stated stated that destroying the entirety of the multiverse and it's neighboring worlds will do nothing to him as only destroying everything including the very concept and idea of "nothingness itself" can potentially kill him for good.), Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2), Acausality, Barrier Creation, Chain Manipulation, Summoning, Abstract Existence, Void Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Soul Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation, Twilight Manipulation, Aether Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Cosmic Awareness, Power Nullification (Whenever he appears in a universe/multiverse and deems it so to please himself, he can passively nullify the powers of all other beings. Negated Augustus's chaos powers after the latter god was near beaten by the heroes. Temporally nulled Michael and Patrick's special powers at times just by them being in his presence), Aura, Clairvoyance (Can view all worlds through the eyes of certain individuals such as Patrick. Has also shown the ability to view all of the worlds time in their past, present, and future), Can manifest avatars down to the lower worlds

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:


Stamina: Limitless


Intelligence: Virtually Nigh-Omniscient (Xero has shown and is revealed to know just about everything there is in the multiverse and it's neighboring worlds. The events, fates and lives, everything that has happened and existed in there and even will exist is but part of his doings in secret as well as observing it through all of his clairvoyant eye. He has even mentioned of many ways of how things can go in action, even while in the midst of battle and resetting/lopping all of the multiverses back to "Square One". He even has knowledge of powers that were long forgotten in time and history and use them to bring them back in existence for use in combat, surprising the likes of even Roman whose supernatural defense against any high level power couldn't defend against one that has not shown it's existence for who knows how long it has been gone for. However despite his knowledge of the multiverse and its inhabitants, he was unable to completely read the nature and power of Aaron and his allies, as he was taken surprise by Patrick's unique power to negate any outwardly change to his body, even of his own actions as well as becoming a "new person" through just one world, or Elizabeth becoming Kingdom Hearts guardian and wielder of it's grand power)

Weaknesses: Although a very powerful being, he can be defeated if one either gives him "something" rather than "nothing" (i.e of the concept he embodies) or if his desire of being beaten/dying as a "villain" is achieved. Otherwise none notable outside of these conditions

Key: Avatars | True Self

Standard Equipment

Although the use of such weapons are more or less useless and pointless to him given his status and nature as a god, Xero has nonetheless shown various weapons and items that he has used in his many confrontations with Aaron and his friends and allies:

  • Unknown, handheld model minigun with rounds that can tear down whole buildings and skyscrapers as well as puncturing holes in mountains and even that of islands. In addition, the minigun can also tear through those with high and even godly regen + being able to negate it to an extent, making this weapon a really fearsome object to watch out for.
  • Sniper rifle with the ability to shoot bullets that damages the soul and astral body, warp through space and time, and at any angle no matter where the enemy is at including behind cover or otherwise. Can manifest a second rifle when utilizing his Gun Kata fighting style, fighting in an unusual style that incorporates precision shooting and accuracy while dealing maximum damage through the use of kicks and high caliber bullets.
  • Pair of ethereal blades that he can use to transform into other weapons forms like a whip, a two-handed blade sword and staff, a make-shift ethereal bow, makeshift chains, and potentially more.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

-Act of Xero: Xero's special ability. Act of Xero is a power that allows Xero to manipulate all of space-time, causality, fate and destiny, and other such metaphysical aspects and concepts across the multiverses. It grants him control over the fabric of all worlds as he sees fit. For example, he can use this very power to rewind or even stop all of space-time in existence (even in worlds where space and time no longer exist within them). For aspects such as fate and destiny, Xero is capable of rendering any changed fates of other beings back to it's pre-destined work, even causing those to die in ways they were supposed to die long after having their fates were otherwise turned for better. Other abilities such as causality is also under his control (being able to use it to upturn any actions against him in a manner similar to Michael Morales, whose his "Zero Law" ability that he secretly gave to is but a minor manifestation of his own power of "Act of Xero").

In addition, this power also allows Xero to use any and all known powers and abilities he has come across throughout the multiverse to use in battle. It is through this ability that allows him to conjure up various weapons and powers that were wielded by various famous and notorious beings across space-time and history, even ones long forgotten from existence.

Act of Xero's one true effect, however, is returning everything back to the very start of existence, where space-time, history, fate, etc. are brought back to it's "Zero Point", starting the flow of everything in life and such to start all over again. This powers effect, however, comes from his internal desire to "die a villains death" or "be defeated as a villain" by anyone that is a "hero" or can be defined as one. Should the person not be able to defeat him, this acts power will be active and Xero can, at anytime afterwards, be able to rewind everything in existence completely.

Below are the mere, minor manifestations of his Act of Xero. These being powers that, while devastating to various effects up to his level of existence, don't compare to that of his time rewind/looping ability. Some have been noted to be of latin language, to which Xero had commented to being that way due to finding it "amusing" to him.

  • Bellum omnium contra omnes (War of all against all): Summons an endless of wave of void-like beings, creatures, and other such beings that has ever been in a war from the past, present, and even future of all worlds in their history (whether small or large scale, whether the creatures were trained into it or were simply wild life that got caught into, if a civilian or a soldier was present there, etc.) to his side from the endless depths of nothingness itself. The beings of war in question can also even be that of those that was fought between godlike beings, making the potential army of the Void God truly formidable. With this army, Xero can have them attack his enemies in a full frontal assault. All are of the same power as Xero himself (if not only just below him in power) that attacks in an endless swarm where it annihilates everything it touches down to their very existence. Drowning them to complete, utter nothingness.
  • Chains of Subjection:
  • De rerum natura (Of the Nature of Things):
  • Flectere si nequeo superos, acheronta movebo (If I cannot move heaven, i will raise hell):
  • Nihil fit ex nihilo (Out of nothing comes nothing):
  • Salvations Lie:
  • Zero Law:

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Trivia/Facts about the Character

  1. Although he may seem similar if not outright nearly identical to Masadaverse's/Dies Irae's Hadou God Mercurius in terms of power and that of age, his design was by pure coincidence and not of intentional working. That and the differences between these two are at least in the variety of powers and of their goals (Xeros' is unknown atm, however) among other things between the too.
  2. There are times of where Xero COULD fit to be much higher than High 2-A, such as anything from the 1-C to 1-A tiers at beast. However, he is of this tier at most (for now in case there may be some issues brought in about this that may possibly change him to like High 1-C or Low 1-B at most, but don't take it fully on this yet) as it makes it easier to make any battles involving his High 2-A state to work more smoothly with along with the fact that anything tier 1 related is difficult to truly work with. Regardless of whether even a single battle with Xero and others of his level at this tier would happen or not. Also applies to story-telling purposes where no reader is likely to understand dimensional tiering, hence his tier here at High 2-A. For that, one can read what his stats would be like IF he was truly a Tier 1 (ex. a 1-A) through here.