This verse was created by Dragonmasterxyz on May 31, 2016. 

About the Verse

Xros Revolution is similar to DC and Marvel as it is a combination of multiple verses. This verse is an infinitely expanding multiverse with countless higher dimensions this verse contains multiple video games which equates to a ton of major verses.The main antagonist of this franchise is a sealed Akashic being known as Casius Xelos who is being brought back to full power by the Ultradimensional magician Algol Vorolo.

Power of this Verse

Xros Revolution is one of the most powerful verses out there. Between all the entrees to the multiverse Xros Revolution sports Outerversal to Outerversal top tiers and 3 High Outerversal god tiers and one omnipotent. This verse has a wide range of extremely powerful hax such as the ability to kill or seal nigh-omnipotents, conceptual manipulation, time manipulation, existence manipulation, Antimatter manipulation and other powerful haxes. Many characters have extremely high levels of Power Nullification and High resistances. Many characters in the multiverse sport Low-Godly to even True-Godly Regeneration.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse




Featured Verses(Dragonmasterxyz's Additions)

Xros Future Book:

Yuracion Absolon

Akashi Fighters

Dragon Empress

Xros Modern Book:

Brave Oni

Universe Reign

Academy of Artes

Generation Rising

Xros Ancient Book:

Sacred Heir

Abyss Break

Luxardel's Additions


The Revertigo Nexus

Upendo Na Sadaka

The Peacekeeperz

Universal Corruption

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