Yuna was a regular young teenage girl. Her father, Daichi Ishida, worked for Konami, as a part of a special engineering group recently hired for a special new product for Yu-Gi-Oh. Yuna was a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, so her father brought her home a new deck centered around a brand new archetype.

Due to complications, the new project that Daichi was working on had to be scrapped. Daichi was given one of the prototypes to dispose of, but brought it home instead, and warned Yuna not to touch it. The new project was announced before it was scrapped, but no specifics were given on what it was.

Naturally, some crazed fans hacked Konami and found out there were prototypes. They decided to check out Daichi's house and try to get it. They tried breaking in, but Daichi and Yuna were both home. They held Daichi at gunpoint while Yuna hid in the closet with the prototype. They demanded she give it to them.

"Yuna! Use it! Use it to esca-"


Yuna got the prototype, labeled the DD-X down from the shelf, and put it on her arm like a Dueling Disk and put in her deck. She held it to her face and chest, knowing the crazed fans wouldnt damage it. Knowing she would eventually tire and drop her arm, the fans mocked her. She drew the first card from the deck and summoned it like in a duel.

"Skell Pilot: Ga Jiarg has been summoned." The DD-X announced in a metallic voice. A tall, humanoid, armor-clad cat suddenly appeared with its arms crossed. "Please state the opponent of the duel." The DD-X asked.

"T-the fans! Right there!" Yuna said, pointing to the people that killed her father. It was then she noticed six buttons near the deck slot: DP, SP, MP1, BP, MP2, EP. She recognized them and pressed BP. "Skell Pilot Ga Jiarg, attack directly!"

Ga Jiarg drew a lightsaber style weapon, ran forward, and sliced all three men in half. He then disappeared, and the DD-X announced that the duel was won. Yuna was shocked. Could a hologram really have done that? She crawled forward, tears in her eyes to inspect the bodies. They were real. And they were really chopped in half.

She knew she would be responsible for their deaths, so she ran from the house, ran out of the city and ran. She collapsed in a forest and fell asleep. When she woke up, she promised herself she would only defend herself and help those in need.


Yuna is passive, never starting a fight. But when she does there's little to stop her. She always defends those in need and fight against oppressors. However, she's quite naive. She's a very skilled Yu-gi-oh Duelist, but she still makes mistakes from time to time.

Powers and Stats

Average human across the board.



All feats are performed by the DD-X.

Wins and Losses

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