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A Character made by ThePerpetual. Minor rework coming soon...


(TL;DR version at bottom)

"In a time lost to time, the ancient over-deity Naux gathered together the Council, a collection of other deities who ruled over entire multiverses of their own. They sought to create a perfect world, one superior to all others, which were composed of primarily a single one of the sixteen elemental forces.

To do such, they would combine their powers and create a multiverse that consisted of a combination of all sixteen of the elemental forces: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Light, Darkness, Time, Gravity, Nature, Void, Good, Evil, Order, and Chaos. Upon forging the fabric of the multiverse, they filled each of its infinite component universes with existence, and Naux created the great city Axis at the hub of all of the universes. To keep the balance, there would be sixteen scions, one for each chief elemental force, who would guard that power from exploitation by rogue forces. There would also be an envoy who's task it is to walk the cosmos and assist the scions when needed. Every 1,000 years, like clockwork, one of the scions or the envoy was replaced by a new successor, ensuring the positions of power did not stagnate. For eternity, this cycle continued...

Until forces from outside of reality interfered with the crowning of a new scion of elemental evil. He now wielded and guarded that power, yes, but his heart was also corrupted by it, turning the proud, noble, faceless warrior into the ruthless warlord Destroy, who led an insurgency in an attempt to conquer Axis. While normally this would not be an issue, Destroy had utilized an omnipotence-nullifier, a strange device also from outside of reality, to prevent Naux from intervening. As long as the omnipotence-nullifier existed, Naux's power over the rest of the world was neutralized, and it was, in essence, limited solely to the universe that it's physical form was made up of. Destroy might have laid claim to all of the multiverse then and there, had the heroic and noble envoy Mr. Arotsuna not have been there to stop him in a cataclysmic battle that destroyed the Earth of the 19th universe. Now humbled and lacking both a scion of elemental evil and an envoy, Naux's first course of action was to select a new envoy... one who, in the 4th Earth city of Carbondale, Illinois that he (unfortunately) called home, was called Zayn Vaerpath.

Originally a mostly-ordinary person with an unusual penchant for kind-heartedness and honesty in a corrupt and dishonest world, as well as a strong competitive and stubborn streak, Zayn was born into the wealthy and powerful Vaerpath family, who moved out of their ancestral hometown of London due to a riot that occurred there. Being enamoured with tales of high fantasy, he practiced medieval combat with like-minded friends and played video games when he wasn't flying through school with complete ease. Until, one day, he received a family heirloom, as was custom for a Vaerpath who came to be seventeen years of age; a long, beige coat, with his family crest sewn onto it's back; a symbol that would soon awaken his power as a scion of the Vaerpaths...

And that... is where our tale begins.

...Such was the plot of the premier spectacle fighter-RPG-hybrid video game, Hero's Path. However, something odd happened upon the game's release. It would seem that this game was so popular, the collective consciousness of the vast number of people who had made memories playing the game gave it "life" in a sense, creating a quasi-cyber-dimension that existed within both the plot of the game and their own minds. This, in turn, allowed the omnipotence-nullifier in the game's code, which had evolved into a sentient virus, to absorb itself into Zayn's coding, allowing him to retain his own free will. After all, the omnipotence-nullifier existed outside of reality in the game's context, and thus made it's host very being outside of Naux's sphere of influence: reality (as in, the reality of Hero's Path.)

Zayn, being the stickler for honesty and idealism as he is and now re-empowered with free will, realized that the world Naux wanted was one where he had complete control. He believed that, for a true utopia to exist, people should have free reign over their actions, and that elemental good should be more prevalent than the rest. 

In essence? He denied his supposed destiny and started helping the world in which he lived with his new powers, deviating from the rather patchy plot of the game in doing so. Wars resolved peacefully, world hunger and disease ended, economy fixed: under Zayn's guidance, the world became a truly great and beautiful place. This angered Naux as, for seemingly no reason, it insisted that all things be in balance, and threatened to destroy both Z and Earth should it continue. Upon realizing that it could not reach outside of his own universe, an enraged Naux sent the other scions after him with the goal of dragging him back to Naux for deletion.

Before such could be accomplished, however, Marcus Osion, a "fat tech-nerd with no life" as the local bullies called him, accidentally pulled a copy of Zayn from one of his low-level files into the material plane when hacking the data, giving him a physical body in doing so. Zayn explained the situation to him, and that Naux would be sending agents into the new world that he'd now found himself in to bring him back into the world of Hero's Path for deletion.

However, due to the collective consciousness that essentially gave him life and free will, he had access to a piece of his own world. This gave him access to a technique that, in the game, was never used and left behind as spare coding- the Raieh'tra. By channeling Raieh'n, energy derived from collective thoughts and memories from the world around him, he can use the envoy powers from his game of origin, using his family crest as a focus for such, due to it being a symbol that represents his own inner strength and convictions, and thus lets him access the "psyche-realm" that people's minds dwell in. This connection to the realm of fiction also allows him to step between fictional worlds, a power that his original role as an envoy would value greatly. Finally, through clever use of this gateway power, he can pull fictional characters from one world into another, and can harvest the Raieh'n that is generated by people in the real world bearing witness to the battle between them. However, this comes at a price- he must follow RPG logic, being a character that still partially exists in the realm of fiction within fiction as he is.

Although originally derived from a low-level file and thus not even nearly at his full potential, Zayn has grown and continues to grow in strength and control over his powers, maintaining the new moniker of Z in the meantime as to not attract attention from Naux's agents, who may be anywhere. By roaming the lands and slaying evil alongside his new friends, he both gains Exp. and helps tip the world's overall composition in favor of good. In time, he will have grown enough in strength to return to Hero's Path willingly to confront Naux, who otherwise may one day launch a full-scale invasion upon all of fiction!


  •  Zayn was a chosen one in a video game who can wield all 16 elements and generally be God's bitch
  •   So many people played it, it existed in the collective consciousness of humanity, and thus existed somewhat in real-life, giving Zayn the free will of a real person
  •   Zayn was like, "Screw that, the world should be nice for everyone, not just this guy" and was nice to everyone on Earth and solved their problems instead since he was immune to God's omnipotence due to a glitch
  •   God tried to send people to murder him, but he was pulled into the real world by fat nerd
  •   Now he makes other fictional character's fight because he essentially "gains EXP" by doing so, and will eventually go back and fight God

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A l 6-C l 5-C, Low 5-B l 4-A l Low 2-C, 2-C

Name: Z, also The False Envoy, Wielder of the Raieh'tra, The Former Main Character

Origin: Ultimaverse

Gender: Male

Age: 18 physically, undefined/metafictional

Classification: Avatar, Digital Lifeform, Pure Hero, Chosen One

Powers/Abilities: Super strength, super speed, super stamina, super durability, elemental manipulation via the Art of Raieh'tra, expert weapon master, tactical acumen, fourth-wall awareness, regeneration (low-mid), nigh-immunity to mind/soul-targeting attacks, video-game powers/logic, infinite willpower, immortality (Type 1), chronolock l All of the previous l All of the previous, plus minor reality-warping, ability to directly attack and defend again concepts and metaphysical/metafictional entities/attacks, as well as enemy reality-warping abilities l All of the previous l All of the previous, plus fatelock

Speed: High Hypersonic (Can outspeed magically-enhanced railgun bullets) with Sub-Relativistic combat speed (Blitzed Cpt. Darte Jones, roughly 4% of the speed of light) l High Hypersonic+ with Sub-Relativistic+ combat speed (Twice as fast as before in both regards, outpaced Metenros by a fair margin)  l High Hypersonic+ with Speed of Light combat speed (Kept pace with the Commissioner and with Notiere) l MFTL (Can keep pace with the Duke, who flew a party member to Jupiter whilst intentionally slamming them into every asteroid on the way there in 7 seconds: a minimum of ~279.9x the speed of light) l MFTL with MFTL+ combat speed (Reacted to and intercepted an attack that traveled from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy to Earth in 3 days at point-blank, roughly ~8516666.7x the speed of light)

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block Level (Defeated the Snow Butcher), Multi-City Block Level+ in Ascendant Mode l Island Level (Has one-third of Metenros's raw power, who created a large mountain range with terrakinetics), Island Level+ in Ascendant Mode l Moon Level (Can fight on-par with and beat Tessera, who pierced the shell of Innigus, a sentient alien spaces that was larger than Russia), Small Planet Level in Ascendant Mode (Several dozens of times higher) l Multi-Solar System Level (Fought on-par with the Duke and The Ancient), Multi-Solar System Level+ in Ascendant Mode l Universe Level+ (Traded blows with the living universe Naux), Multi-Universe Level in Ascendant Mode (Dozens of times higher, equivalent to Luminos Naux)

Durability: Multi-City Block Level (Took hits from the Snow Butcher), Multi-City Block Level+ in Ascendant Mode (Withstood a blast equivalent to 822.5 tons of TNT) l Island Level (Has one-third of Metenros's raw power, who created a large mountain range with terrakinetics), Island Level+ in Ascendant Mode l Moon Level (can take several thousand hits from Tessera, Innigus, and Destroy's avatar), Small Planet Level in Transcendent Mode (Withstood a blast that destroyed the entire moon) l Multi-Solar System Level, Multi-Solar System Level+ in Ascendent Mode (Took hits from the Duke and the Ancient) l Universe Level+ (Can take hits from Naux, literally a sentient universe), Multi-Universe Level+ in Ascendent Mode (Several dozens of times higher, Withstood the wrath of Luminos Nox for one minute straight)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Can lift up cars) l Class K (Lifted 15,000 tons of stone overhead for ten minutes straight) l Class Z+ (Can throw the Earth's moon through space as part of a Team attack) l At least Class Z+

Striking Strength: Low Class TJ l Class EJ Class YJ l Class XZJ l Universal Class

Stamina: Nigh-limitless, by virtue of the fact he is digital programming given a semi-physical avatar l The same l The same l Limitless l Limitless

Intelligence: High, is a skilled tactician that plans out courses of action, and maintains focus and analyses his foes even in the midst of battle, has lots of technical and professional knowledge l The same l Higher, is considered much wiser by Ancient at this point l The same

Range: Melee, extended melee range with Virtum Aeternam, a few dozen meters Gungnir (Attached to extending chain), Thousands of meters with Raieh'tra l Over fifty kilometers with Raieh'tra (Could reach Destroy's avatar, who at the time was floating in the mesosphere) l The Same l Same, except Raieh'tra can reach across several thousands of galaxies (By virtue of being able to target Naux)

Weaknesses: Hackers can pick up his coding and essentially "edit" his level, equipment, behavior, etc., making him much weaker and placing him at a large disadvantage or exerting a primitive form of mind control that partially bypasses his willpower, is somewhat over-confident and holds back to a slight degree, has a limited (but large) pool of Raieh'n to draw from that recharges when not being used l The same as before l The same as before l No longer holds back, takes fights seriously, otherwise as before l Has transcended his previous form, and is no longer subject to hacking

Standard Equipment: Z's primary weapon is the Virtum Aeternam, a longsword that can shift forms into a cane and that can stab and slash through "just about anything that the plot says it can," in his own words. Being made of daamasc, it serves excellently as a conduit for pure, elemental energies, much to The False Envoy's convenience. He also has the Gilgamesh, a mithryl halberd that he uses for mid-range combat. A much larger blade, it can manifest an extending chain attached to it's pommel, allowing him to also use it like a grappling hook and as a whip.

Z also wears his signature beige trench coat almost everywhere he goes. Other than never receiving visible damage due to video game logic, being the medium for his Raieh'tra Crest, and just generally being a trench coat, it has no special powers.

Notable Abilities/Powers:

The Art of Raieh'tra: Allows him control over the sixteen elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Light, Darkness, Time, Gravity, Nature, Void, Good, Evil, Order, and Chaos: by channeling his own willpower and thoughts, as well as those left lingering near him, into raw power known as Raieh'n. This art is extremely flexible, lending him a large variety of versatile effects that he can change on the fly. Some of his signature techniques include:

Geistblade: Swipes sword upwards, creating a slash-shaped wave of radiant, light blue good energy that can cleave through multiple buildings with ease.

Sword Nova: Executes and upwards, ultra-fast sword swipe that carries opponent into the air with him, then follows with a spinning attack that releases two rings of holy energy, knocking the opponent away.

Gungnir: Throws Gilgamesh forward on a chain. If it hits an opponent, he impales them and quickly drags them back to him. If it misses or is blocked, a second button press pulls Z to the location where the Gilgamesh stopped.

Isacoslash: Moves at such speed he appears to vanish, then reappears behind the enemy, delivering twenty instantaneous slashes. Enemies without a very high Luck score will always get hit by at least half of the slashes, regardless of their speed.

Seraphim Tear: Flicks downwards with his off-hand; after a short delay, a comet of good energy barrels to the ground at a slight forward angle, exploding into blue fire that spans multiple city blocks on contact with something.

Autumn Breeze: Holds the sheath of the Virtum Aeternam, glowing with wind energy, in a backhanded stance, readying a counterattack. Should a melee attack meet him, he evades it and dashes upwards and past the opponent, stabbing them in the back of the neck with the now-sheathed Virtum Aeternam, knocking them to the floor.

Silver Wind: A blindingly fast series of attacks with the sword that concludes with a straight kick that launches enemies away.

Spirit in Mithryl: Quickly sweeps the Gilgamesh in a circle on the ground, tripping enemies. It is quick and cannot be blocked.

Ghost Clock: Summons an orb of time energy. Enemies and projectiles within a certain radius of the orb are slowed; this slow increases based on how close to the orb it is.

Argent Void: Holds his land forward, creating a glyph of holy energies in the space in front of him. Enemies that touch the glyph are thrown backwards and damaged, and projectiles that hit it are reflected.

Unwinding: Conjures several sets of orbiting rings of temporal energy resembling orreries in a random pattern in front of him. After a short delay, they explode in a random order. Should this attack land on an opponent, Z may immediately activate Attack Up instantaneously.

Attack Enhance: Increases physical damage dealt by target for the next 12 seconds.

Defense Enhance: Reduces physical damage taken by target for the next 12 seconds.

Speed Enhance: Enhances speed of target for the next 12 seconds.

Attack Reduction: Reduces physical damage dealt by target for the next 12 seconds.

Power Reduction: Reduces magical damage dealt by target for the next 12 seconds.

Element Edge: Applies one of the sixteen elements to a single targeted weapon for the next 2 minutes. In addition to applying additional damage of the corresponding element, if may possess additional effects depending on the circumstances.

Hax Proofing: Automatic possesses a degree of resistance against all Hax-class abilities. (Rank E+ l C- l A l Z, depending on level)

Transcendent Form: Upon activating it, the Gilgamesh halberd breaks apart and surrounds a floating Z. After a flash of light, the Gilgamesh disappears, and a Z now armored in mithryl plate mail adorned with beige and deep blue tassets lands on the ground, accompanied by a "Defense Up" visual effect. In addition, the Virtum Aeternam grows into an elaborate greatsword that he still uses with one hand: all of his moves formerly performed with the Gilgamesh are now performed with the sword. Finally, the Vaerpath family crest on the the back of his coat flares up into the symbol of Raieh'n in its purest form, expanding and glowing with violet light even through the armor.

Normally it lasts for 30 seconds at a time, at which point it runs on a cooldown; however, if he uses it when at 40% health or lower, it lasts for the rest of the fight.

In the Transcendent Form, Z gains a massive boost in destructive power, strength, and toughness, and gains access to his ultimate attack...

Ending Blow: What Lies Beyond Infinity

In order for Z to use this ability, he must be in his Transcendent form, and both he and his opponent must be below 35% health. When these criteria are met, the Transcendent form gauge will flash with the Vaerpath crest continuously.

To initiate it, he must land a single quick dash-slash with the greatswordified-Virtum Aeternam.

Upon landing it, Z unleashes an insanely-fast onslaught of slashes, stabs, punches, and kicks that knock the target all over the place, causing massive collateral damage. After continuing this for 12 seconds, carrying the target into space as he does so, Z charges energy into the Virtum Aeternam and releases a massive Geistblade at the opponent before following them to Earth, the armor created by the Gilgamesh turning back into it's halberd form and surrounded by the red energy. As the opponent impacts the ground, seemingly briefly suspended above the ground alongside bits of rubble thrown up from the blast, Z impales them with the Gilgamesh, similar to Link's Ending Blow, driving them through the center of the planet and into the depths of space. The Gilgamesh then dissolves into red light: the symbol of Raieh'n: and traps the very existence of the target, anchoring the opponent in place, as Z "backflips" through space and gathers all sixteen pure elemental energies, now in the form of orbs orbiting him, onto his blade, sheathing it in a white aura of pure power. With a final shout, the now-unarmored Z lunges and stabs the pure-power-enhanced Virtum Aeternam into both the opponent's heart and the exact center of the symbol, creating a tear in the fabric of reality, deleting the enemy's very existence in every single world simultaneously, and creating a massive explosion of light that can be seen from the depths of space and outside of the galaxy.

Note: This attack is a reference both to the famous Falcon Punch and to the final stretch of Z's fight with Naux, at which point he had the whole of his power available. Hence, the scale of this attack.

Key: Level 1 l Quest for Understanding Arc l Earth in Danger! Arc (DeviantArt!Z) l Search for the Key Arc l Confrontation Arc


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Battles:

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 161 lbs.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Turquoise

Main Theme: Kill Real

Combat Theme: Raise Your Fist (otherwise known as "Divine Spirit of Language")

Other Themes: Louder Than A World On Fire, In Courage And Gallantry


- Although he does not look like it, Zayn is actually one-quarter African-American. Kinda like Vin Diesel.

- His favorite drink is an orange mocha frappuchino: this is not due to the Zoolander movie, it is complete coincidence.

- Personal quote: "Awesomewinsauceness!!"

- He seems to have a minor soft spot for penguins.

- Z is a 4th-wall breaker, but only because Magus taught him the technique. The process it took to do so is something he is literally incapable of talking about.

- Z claims to be a dudeist priest, but lacks the actual certifications that prove him to be such: he says it is because the file of him that Magus pulled out of Hero's Path had currently loaned it away for a quest.

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