In marble form

The universe created by Azure sha-barracuda. It is the home of the many characters created by Azure sha-barracuda. Technically, to this world it is a marble while to the beings who inhabit it. It is a universe as big as ours. It continues expanding as I continue creating new ideas for it.


It is unknown where, when or how this verse came to be but it is known that it was discovered in an ancient cave by archeologists. They were unaware of what it was. But they then saw in it the various planets and stars and galaxies in it. So they attempted to (stupidly) break it open but were sucked in. After that, it was never seen again by humans. Mainly because people figured it would result in no one ending up missing.


The archeologists were transformed by the cosmic energy of the universe and transformed into omnipotent beings. These beings had many amazing powers which they used to keep this universe safe from any and all threats. They are unknown to the inhabitants of zaitropolis themselves but nonetheless they prefer to keep their existence hidden. They live in a palace of gold, diamonds and silver on a star. They all sit in 4 thrones and watch over the universe.