Zaraba Amon was a child who was chosen by fate to wield power and potential which could either save the entire world, or bring about total armageddon. Amon was born the last of an ancient, infamous lineage of legendary warriors, masters of ninjutsu, the art of killing, and supernatural combat techniques, a clan of shinobi who were once known as the greatest family of ninja in all human history. His genes are tainted with forces beyond what any human should be capable of harnessing in their lifetime. Tirelessly, amon wages war against the forces of darkness and evil, one day hoping to tame and subdue the festering power within his body which is both a curse and a blessing, the power he who was chosen by the archfiend dragon, an apocalyptic entity who cursed his bloodline countless centuries ago in the past, who is attempting to make amon it's current earthly vessel, trying to reincarnate itself through him as destiny dictates.

Character Stats

Tier: 8-C | 8-A | 7-A | 6-A |

Name: Zaraba Amon.

Origin: Dead or Alive | Ninja Gaiden

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Classification: Ultimate Ninja | Demon Container | Dragon Ninja

Powers & Abilities: Master of Martial Arts | Master of Swordsmanship | Master of Ninjutsu | Has Many Ninja Arts & Techniques | Demonic Powers | Draconic Powers | Ki Manipulation | Energy Blast Emission | Immense Strength | Immense Speed | Immense Durability | Immense Stamina | Enhanced Senses | Mental Powers | Spiritual Powers | Illusory Powers | Sealing Techniques

Attack Potency: Building Level (He has both body conditioning and training in the use of ki which grants him superhuman abilities not the least of which is massive strength. With his katana's he can cut through concrete buildings and skyscrapers like sticks of bamboo) | Multi-City Block Level (His ninjutsu techniques as well as his energy blasts are capable of releasing explosions on such a scale rather easily) | Mountain Level (By pouring more ki into his ninjutsu or using higher level techniques and transformations, his can easily nuke mountains off the face of the battlefield) | Continent Level (As the power of the archfiend dragon which has cursed his body grows and manifests, he is awarded far more destructive techniques. One such occasion made amon powerful enough to erase all countries in the fictional continent of kaarat in single blast)

Speed: Supersonic+ (His supersonic speed is best shown by his ability to perceive bullets fired from guns as they move towards him, and cut them down before they ever actually make contact with him, a feat awarded to him by his mind, precognitive abilities, and perceptive senses which are all enhanced by his training and buff techniques) | High Hypersonic+ (He can cross considerably immense distances with by enhancing his agility and sprinting with ninjutsu techniques) | Massively Hypersonic+ (He was capable of reaching a number of crisscrossing japan in seconds to do battle against devil beasts) | Relativistic to FTL+ (Releasing the highest peaks of his kujikiri, as well as power granted to him by his dark lineage allows him to defy physics and exceed the speed of light itself)

Lifting Strength: Classk K | Class M | Class G

Striking Strength: Class GJ | Class TJ | Class EJ |

Durability: Town Level | City Level | Small Island Level | Multi-Continent Level

Stamina: Immensely Superhuman | Nigh Inexhaustable

Range: Small Island Level | Multi-Continent Level

Intelligence: Gifted | Genius

Standard Equipment: Ninja Armor | A Number Of Weapons With Supernatural Powers | Standard Ninja Weapons | Katana | Kunai | Shuriken, Etc

Weaknesses: Foes that can overcome, counter, or are immune to his powerset

Key: Base Form | Kujikiri Use | Archfiend Dragon Power

Powers & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Ki Manipulation:

Immense Strength:

Immense Speed:

Immense Durability:

Enhanced Senses:

Martial Arts Skill

Taijutsu Master:


Kenjutsu Master:

Weapons List

Mystic Ninjutsu

The 9 Kujikiri


Notable Feats

Opponents Beat


Strength Feats

Speed Feats

Durability Feats

Intelligence Feats

Notable Battles

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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